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In the middle of White Cloud Avenue.

A half-filled van was moving along.

A middle-aged man with a beard and a diagonal scar at the corner of his eye was in the van.

A fierce glint flashed in his eyes.

He looked at the intersection not far away.

Two headlights could be seen.

The earpiece beside his ear reported the movements of the car clearly.

He had one hand on the steering wheel.

With his other hand, he took out a bottle of white wine with high alcohol content.

He gulped it down.

He reached out again and wiped the corner of his mouth wantonly.

His cheeks gradually turned red.

He grinned.

A fierce expression appeared on his face.

The car was moving very fast.

In the blink of an eye, he was approaching the intersection.

In the middle-aged man’s mind.

the scene that would happen a few seconds later had even appeared in his mind.

His hands gripped the steering wheel tightly.

At this moment.

A loud screech of a car braking sounded.

The scar-faced man had no time to react.

The van, like a huge beast, charged through the intersection.

It was about to rush off the highway.

The middle-aged man’s eyes widened.

He panted heavily.

The tense muscles under his feet weren’t listening to his orders.

However, he still instinctively stepped on the brakes heavily.

However, it was too late.

With a loud bang, down the highway, the truck fell to the ground.

In the black sedan.

Hamlet’s back was drenched in a cold sweat.

He turned to John, who was sitting in the back.

John remained calm, his expression normal.

He was casually picking off the filth in his fingernails.

Owain City, the residence of the East District’s underground manager.

An old house with the traditional style of Mold Country.

“You can go back now.” Rayast gripped his walking stick and looked at the middle-aged man whose position was only beneath him and said in a deep voice.

The middle-aged man was about to say something.

Outside the door.

A young subordinate hurried into the room.

He whispered something in Rayast’s ear.

Rayast took a document from his young subordinate and flipped through it.

He casually put the document aside.

But at this moment, his right eyelid twitched.

Hence, he picked up the document and handed it to the middle-aged man.

He said, “Be careful to avoid these parts when you go back later.”

Regarding John’s matter, Rayast didn’t want to get involved.

In the beginning, he didn’t care about that young man at all.

But as the investigation progressed, this old godfather felt that there was something strange about this young man.

Whenever he thought about John, he would have a bad omen.

Therefore, unless it was necessary, he really didn’t want to come into contact with this person.

But being in his position, this wasn’t something he could ignore just because he didn’t want to participate in it.

Rayast watched the middle-aged man leave.

His’s heart was inexplicably devoured by a bad feeling.

His head hurt even more.

In the garden of Alexander Villa in Owain City.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The middle-aged butler in a black suit, Walker, walked into the living room with a teacup in his hand.

He knocked on the door that was open.

Alexander, who was in a gray robe, glanced at Walker.

Then, his gaze returned to the laptop in front of him.

On the laptop was a blurry scene.

The blurry scene was moving.

The middle-aged butler poured Alexander a cup of tea.

Just as he was about to pass the teacup to Alexander, there was a piercing sound.

Alexander stopped moving.

He looked at the screen.

Without any warning, the car John was in slammed on the brakes.

Two arc-shaped tire marks appeared on the ground.

Immediately after, at the intersection, a loaded van seemed to have lost control.

It charged forward rapidly.

Alexander’s body stiffened.

He looked at the screen fixedly and said nothing.

The middle-aged butler, Walker, held the teacup in his hand.

His eyes flickered as he looked at the black car.

In the night.

At a crossroad.

Detective Fritz, who was with Victor, opened the car door and jogged over.

He hurried toward the loaded van.

The heavy container had already fallen to the ground at this moment.

As he approached, a strong smell of gasoline assaulted his nose.

Detective Blitz jumped to the front of the car.

The unconscious middle-aged driver, who was reeking of alcohol, was dragged out of the car.

Victor took out a cigarette.

He wanted to light it for himself.

Just as he was about to take out his lighter, a cold wind blew past.

He shuddered.

He reached out and punched himself in the chest.

Why did he do such a foolish thing at a time like this?

How could he light a cigarette at the scene of a gas leak?

Instantly, Victor seemed to have aged several years.

Ever since John appeared in front of him.

His life had been completely disrupted.

His mind was constantly being led along.

Until today, it seemed like he even lacked basic considerations.

It didn’t fit his status as a detective who had been working for decades.

His smoking addiction was a result of tracking down John last time.

He got addicted during that time.

Victor originally didn’t smoke.

Now, he also began to carry a pack of cigarettes around.

“How did you do it?”

Victor walked over to John’s car.

Seeing John roll the window down, he asked in disbelief.

“Probably because God doesn’t want to see me go find him yet.”

John looked relaxed.

He even made a joke.

As soon as he finished speaking.

John rolled the window back up.

He told Hamlet his destination.

Hamlet immediately started the engine.

The car turned from the intersection to another direction.

Victor looked at the car leaving.

He inhaled the cool evening air deeply.

Then, he shook his head heavily.

In the beginning, the cars from Alexander Corporation, Johnson, Rayast, and President Orne and other cars that belonged to other big shots were following secretly.

But at this moment, the cars stopped hiding.

In the driver’s seat.

Victor looked at the cars follow after John.

His brows furrowed tightly.

He didn’t know what John was exactly trying to do tonight.

Why did he put himself in front of everyone’s sight?

Based on the killing intent these old fellows had for John, no matter how powerful his capability was, it would also be very difficult for him to escape.

Leaving Rayast old house, Reeves got into a black Mercedes.

In the eastern part of Owain City, Reeves, who was recognized by many as the successor of Old Master Rayast, was talking on the phone.

Over the phone, his subordinate was reporting to him about John.

The car plunged into the night.

“Go from Thut East Road.”

Reeves focused on the information the old man handed him.

Then, he looked up.

He looked at his driver and said softly.

This eliminated all possible routes that John had taken and might have taken.

This route even deviated from the original route by a large margin.

He chose the safest path.

“Yes!” The driver in the black suit replied.

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