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At night, in Owain City.

In a low-key villa.

A vicious look appeared on Johnson’s face.

He stood up and paced around aimlessly.

He took out a golf bag from the side.

He pulled out a golf club.

He held the club with both hands.

Then, he smashed it towards a person-tall vase.

“Even if he is Satan, I’ll make him die today too!” Johnson said angrily and ruthlessly.

At Orne’s house.

Orne, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, woke up from his bed.

He put on his coat and walked to the study.

“Greetings, Master.” The young secretary bowed and called out to Orne.

Sitting in a mahogany chair, Orne closed his eyes and listened to his secretary’s report.

“So, who exactly is John’s target for tonight?”

Orne frowned slightly.

Time continued to pass.

John was still wandering around Owain City late at night.

12.21 AM and 19 seconds.

John looked away from Foresee.

He called the number that he had already entered on his phone.



“I’m not anyone you know.

“I’m not finding you for anything

“Don’t hang up yet.

“I just wanted to remind you to be careful.”

“Take the right-hand lane.

“It’s best to maintain the speed of the car at about 60 kilometers per hour.

“If it exceeds a hundred kilometers per hour, it’s easier to encounter danger…”

John said something incomprehensible into the phone.

Then, he hung up.

Southeast Road.

A heavy red truck full of gravel was moving smoothly.

In the driver’s seat was a fierce-looking middle-aged man.

He cursed and hung up.

He glanced at the speedometer.

The speedometer pointed to around 60 KM/H.

The middle-aged man spat outside the window fiercely.

He looked at the road beside him, which didn’t have many cars.

On the long road, the cars were sparse.

It made the road appear even wider.

At the intersection not far away, the green light was about to change!

He stepped on the accelerator and sped up.

The speed of the car kept increasing.

The heavy truck filled with goods speeded through the night.

It was like a huge cannonball wanting to destroy all the obstacles in front of it.

In the distance, the green light flashed.

The slightly fat middle-aged man stepped hard on the accelerator again.

Thut East Road.

In the black Mercedes-Benz. Reeves kept answering the phone.

He listened carefully to his subordinate’s report.

He only knew that John was leading a large group of cars behind him.

They kept circling.

The scene was quite spectacular.

As Reeves listened, he used a black marker

to mark on the map all the routes John had taken.

He looked at the map.

His eyelids suddenly twitched.

Reeves suddenly realized something.

It was unknown if it was a coincidence or not, but all the routes that John had taken seemed to have faintly surrounded Old Master Rayast’s old house from a great distance!

As a result, this Thut East Road was the only ‘gap’ in the circle!

Reeves looked up.

He looked at the distant intersection.

At this moment, the traffic light at the intersection turned green.

He wanted to say something.

“There are more than six thousand traffic lights in this city.

“There are more than ten thousand routes.

“Sometimes, the procedures to control these traffic lights will inevitably go wrong.”

John sat in the car.

He suddenly looked in a certain direction.

Ding Ling Ling!

Ding Ling Ling!

Ding Ling Ling!

All over Owain City.

Phones suddenly rang one after another.

“I’m not…

“I’m not wrong…

“It’s the green light.”

Thut Intersection.

The red heavy truck smashed the black Mercedes into pieces.

The Mercedes-Benz car had been decapitated.

Meanwhile, the truck’s gravels were splattered everywhere.

The middle-aged truck driver, whose head was covered in blood, gasped for air.

He stared, staring up at the traffic light overhead.

He shouted loudly in a crying voice.

He staggered out of the truck.

He looked at the front of the truck.

He looked at the car that was as fragile as a toy.

All the windows in the car were shattered beyond recognition.

The car itself had been broken into two.

Blood was dripping from its surroundings.

In the back seat.

The rear window split open.

Pieces of gravel shot into the car like bullets.

The interior of the bus was like a chaotic gravel field.

The middle-aged truck driver slowly approached the Mercedes.

Through the window, he saw a human figure.

He was probably an adult man and was now covered in blood.

The body’s movements were very weak now.

He wanted to test if the person in the car was breathing.


The middle-aged man opened his bloodshot eyes.

His eyes suddenly looked at the truck driver.

The truck driver staggered backward.

Then, he fell to the ground.

He was the driver of a construction company under Yongen.

He had seen Reeves from afar before.

The eyes of this man covered in blood looked exactly the same as the Reeves he had seen before.

“Trouble! I’m big trouble!”

The slightly fat middle-aged trucker stood up.

He looked around and ignored his truck.

He plunged into the night.

The time was 12.35 AM and 15 seconds.

A police station in Owain City received a traffic accident police call.

After a short while.

Inside the gray six-story building.

The phone rang.

At the long table, Sona quickly answered the call.

She heard the contents of the call.

She felt a chill run appear from her feet and casually crawled towards her spine.

The hairs on her arms stood on end too.

She screamed.

The young man with thick dark circles under his eyes, old detective Bloom, and everyone else in the surveillance room looked at Sona.

Sona took a deep breath.

“There was a traffic accident at Thut Intersection.” She looked at everyone and said in a deep voice.

With that, she controlled the computer in front of her with both hands.

She projected the surveillance footage to the screen in front of her.

The surveillance cameras at the intersection a few minutes ago were pulled out.

The process of an accident due to a mistake in the ‘signal light’ was presented to everyone.

“The middle-aged man in the car is the second-in-command of the Rayast Corporation, Reeves,” Sona explained.

A file on Reeves appeared on the side of the screen.

The surveillance cameras at the road junction and the surroundings were also pulled out.

It was repeatedly played.

The young man with thick dark circles stood up immediately.

He walked in front of Sona and leaned over.

His slender and well-proportioned fingers kept typing on the keyboard.

The entire programming system of the city’s traffic lights was invaded by him instantly.

His gaze skimmed through the lines of codes.

The young man’s breathing became heavier until he was panting.

He suddenly extended his hands.

He slammed the keyboard!

“There is a system flaw in the signal light program.

“This flaw appeared a long time ago.” The young man with the dark circles looked up. He looked at everyone in the surveillance room and said.

The young man looked at the screen again.

He looked at the black sedan in the surveillance footage.

“John only left this path for Reeves.” He muttered to himself with a desolate expression.

This was too terrifying.

It was beyond everyone’s comprehension.

John merely led the crowd around the city.

But just like that, he had determined the life and death of some people.