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News of Reeves’s accident, after a short period of silence, quickly spread throughout the upper-class circle of Owain City.

It alarmed everyone who was paying attention to John!


Victor and the others were still following behind John’s car.

After hearing the news about Reeves in their earpiece, Ore, the Secret Service agent who was driving the car slammed on the brake.

The screeching sound of brakes exploded in the night.

In the dim car, Ore turned his head.

He looked at Victor and Detective Fritz in the car.

The three of them were slightly dazed and didn’t know what to do.

Tonight, the impact on them was the strongest!

This was because they had been with John all night.

They had been staring intently at all of John’s actions.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that they were treated like the monkeys in the zoo by John.

They were all fooled.

They even subconsciously became John’s accomplice in killing Reeves.

Victor hugged his head in pain.


He felt suffocated.


The absolute sense of powerlessness almost devoured him!

It plunged him into a dark abyss.

In an inconspicuous villa in Owain City.

Yongen answered a call.

He looked at Johnson in silence.

“Reeves is dead.

“Another car accident.

“It’s at the Thut Intersection on the periphery.” After a while, he then said. “And my man was the one driving the truck that killed him.”

Yongen received a video message on his phone.

He clicked on the video.

At the intersection.

A video of the accident happening to Reeves appeared.

Johnson finished watching the footage.

This was his first time directly observing the entire process of an accident.

Johnson’s expression wasn’t as hot-tempered as before.

His mouth opened and closed again.

“Is this really related to John?” Johnson asked weakly.

John was clearly under their gaze, he was only wandering the city all night!

An old house with the traditional style of Mold Country.

Rayast, who had planned to rest, was woken up.

He looked at his panicking subordinate who had rushed in.

Rayast sat up.

He looked at his subordinate with cloudy eyes.

“What happened?” He asked in a deep voice.

The flustered young man gulped.

“Sir Reeves had a car accident!” He fearfully said.

As soon as he finished speaking.

The temperature in the bedroom suddenly dropped.

It almost reached the freezing point.

The aura around Rayast became very dangerous.

It was as if he had returned to the time when he was young and wanted to conquer the world.

“What happened?” Rayast’s tone was stiff and cold.

In the quiet city.

John glanced at his watch.

He yawned.

“I’m sleepy.” Then, he said lazily,

John squinted.

“Let’s go back.

“Turn right at the next intersection and drive into the underground parking lot of the mall.” He looked at the steps in the path and said.

“Okay!” Hamlet replied.

This entire night, he didn’t know the meaning of John’s actions.

However, he had no intention of asking.

Since he had decided to follow John, he wanted to completely trust Brother John.

Moreover, Brother John hadn’t done anything wrong to him.

Instead, he taught him many martial arts.

He could sense that Brother John was sincere to him.

“Starting tomorrow, lead Salefani along in your training,” John said whatever he thought of.

“He’s gone!

“Damn it!

“They ran away!”

Late at night.

In a certain square in Owain City.

Beams of powerful flashlights illuminated the mall.

Not long after.

There was a snapping sound.

Rows of street lamps in the entire mall were switched on.

The crowd that had followed John and Hamlet previously searched the buildings.

They searched the shops one by one.

They didn’t dare to be careless.

If they really let John escape from under their noses, not only would they be ashamed, they would also be failing to complete the mission given to them by the big shots.

The anger of these big shots wasn’t something that they could withstand.

Thut Intersection.

Cars of the police station sealed the scene of the traffic accident.

Bloom, the old detective, had also rushed over.

Wearing white gloves, he examined the traces around the accident.

He noticed the dashboard camera in the car.

His eyes flickered.

Then, he removed the memory card from it.

“We checked the information on this truck.

“It’s a carrier of Owain City Construction Corporation.

“This place is on the route of this truck.

“So there’s nothing wrong with this truck itself.” Then, he said to Victor.

Bloom waved the memory card in his hand.

He looked in the direction of their car.

Bloom and Victor were about to walk into the car.

However, they suddenly stopped.

They saw that at an intersection not far away, one black car after another and a coffin car in the middle of the convoy slowly drove over.

Soon, they surrounded the entire intersection.

“It’s going to get chaotic.” Bloom’s eyes flickered and softly said.

In a narrow car, pairs of eyes looked at the scene in the dash camera.

The slightly plump middle-aged man drove the truck slightly in violation of the rules.

He was an experienced driver too.

He knew what kind of technique could slightly cross the line.

Time continued to pass in the upper left corner of the screen.

They could see that at 12.21 AM and 19 seconds, not far from the intersection ahead, the truck suddenly began to accelerate.


The sound of impact exploded.

The scene in the dash camera stopped.

Victor reached out and pulled the progress bar back.

It stopped at 12.21 AM and 19 seconds.

“Something must have happened at this timing.

“Before this, the speed of the car didn’t change at all.

“From here on, it suddenly sped up.” Victor twirled a lock of hair on his forehead and said in a deep voice.

This dash camera could only see the situation outside the car and not inside.

“If he went at the normal speed.

“Even if the signal light malfunctioned.

“This traffic accident won’t happen either.

“Even if we take a step back and take it that the two cars still collided.

“It would just be a light scratch.

“There won’t be such a serious consequence.

“We have to find this driver,” Victor said again.

Something pushed forward the chain reaction of this event.

This was really familiar to them.

It was similar to the events that John was involved in previously.

It could be said to be exactly the same.


It was destined to be a sleepless night for many.