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John looked away, smiling.

He walked to the table in the dining room.

John looked at the delicate little steamed buns on the white porcelain plate.

“You even know how to cook?” He smiled and asked.

Salefani’s delicate face reddened slightly.

“I’m just a little interested in cooking.

“I experimented and learned on my own.

“Please forgive me if the food isn’t good,” she said timidly.

She lowered her head shyly and touched the hem of his apron.

Seeing this, John’s smile grew wider.

Even Hamlet, who had always been very serious, seeing Salefinne like this, couldn’t help but laugh too.

After breakfast.

John sat on the sofa near the French window.

He read the information Victoria had collected.

These pieces of information were basically all information regarding the underground spokesperson, Rayast.

Only a small portion of it was information on the important figures under the Rayast Corporation.

“As expected of the old godfather.”

John flipped through pages after pages.

Many of Alexander’s introductions appeared in front of John.

He was also considered one of the few pillars of support for the Rayast Corporation.

Reeves, the target of the recent accident, was also in this information.

Many words were used to introduce him.

John paused.

He stared at it for a long time.

He took out a page that contained some information and pressed it against his palm.

When it was almost noon.

John changed into a gray coat.

He merged into this busy and international metropolitan city.

According to the steps in the ‘Foresee’.

John appeared in different places.

This time.

John didn’t deliberately expose himself again.

Instead, he became even more cautious.

The day quickly passed.

December 4, 2020.

It was close to the time to start the action that would push the first domino in killing Rayast.

There was only one day left.

Owain City, East District. Near an old district.

An old house with the traditional style of Mold Country.

“Master Rayast.

“I feel that something is amiss.” An old man not much younger than Rayast frowned and said towards Rayast.

“I think someone is investigating you.

“My subordinates went over to investigate who they are, but they gained nothing.

“They have hidden very well.” The old man continued.

Hearing the words of the old man beside him, Rayast paused almost imperceptibly in drinking his tea.

His eyelids twitched.

After Reeves’s accident, Rayast felt uneasy too.

At his age, he believed slightly in ghosts, fate, and stuff like that.

‘Could it be that the heavens can’t stand what I did when I was young?

‘So it sent John to take away my life?’

The uneasy Rayast’s expression was somewhat dark.

“I understand,” Rayast replied in a deep voice.

December 5, 2020.

The time left to push the first domino action really started its countdown.

Only less than 24 hours were left.

In the morning.

John woke up in his bed.

He stood barefoot by the window.

He looked out the window at the sky.

The weather was clear and cloudless.

After breakfast.

John walked into Salefani’s studio.

He got Salefani to download an old online game for him.

Its name was ‘Siege’.

This was a ‘war between nations’ type of game.

John obtained a game account with the nickname ‘Die for Freedom’.

It was a high-level account.

He switched on the voice chat.

John was wearing earphones and manipulating the mouse.

His gaze was focused on the steps in the Foresee.

He smiled.

His tone was filled with ruthlessness as he spoke according to the steps in Foresee.

“Isn’t it just some money? Why would I be afraid of you?

“I won’t be bullied by you!

“Did you see my game nickname?

“Die for freedom!

“I shall fight for my freedom today!

“Playing a game and still being so cautious. You’re really trash!

“I’m about to rebel, what can you do about it?” John’s tone was intense as he kept scolding.

In the room.

Salefani looked at John strangely.

This was the first time she had seen John in such a state.

There seemed to be a hint of cuteness in his unrestrained manner!

John cursed happily for a while.

Then, he logged out of the game account.

John glanced over his shoulder and saw the strange look Salefani was giving him.

He didn’t explain too much.

He just stretched his back.

“I haven’t played games in a long time.” Then, he smiled and said.

This was his way of doing things.

He never liked to explain.

After all.

The matter regarding Foresee was his absolute secret.

Even if he died, he wouldn’t expose this secret.

Also, there were also some things that if he said too much, it wouldn’t be a good thing for his subordinates.

The more they knew, the easier it was for them to be target by others.

Time passed second by second.

The sky gradually darkened.

The afterglow of the setting sun seemed to dye the entire city in its color.

In the suburbs outside the city.

People could begin to be able to see large flocks of migratory birds flapping their wings with the red setting sun as the background.

At the top of a building.

John looked at the edge of the city from afar.

He looked at the dark patches flying towards the city.

“They’re here.” He shouted excitedly in a low voice.

In the magnificent and beautiful blood-colored setting sun.

A young figure wearing a hood walked out from the corner.

He looked up at the Owain City Police Headquarters.

He stopped in his tracks.

Then, he walked into the police station.

In the gray six-story building.

The young Secret Service agent of the Mold Country’s security bureau, Sona, had brought two large bags of coffee with her.

She pushed the door open with her right foot.

“I bought some coffee. Everyone, come and get a cup!” She looked at everyone and said.

At this period of time, it was already deep winter.

Owain City also seemed a bit cold.

Cups of steaming coffee were held in the hands of the people here.

There were two cups left on the long table.

Sona looked around the room.

Then, she picked up the two cups of coffee.

Sona placed a cup of coffee in front of the young man with thick dark circles under his eyes.

“Have some.” She smiled and said gently.

The young man seemed to be thinking about something.

“Thank you.” He just glanced at Sona and replied lightly.

Sona took a cup of coffee and walked to the window.

“Brother Victor.” She stood in front of Victor and called out.

Victor looked out of the window.

On the red horizon, migratory birds kept flying past.

He retracted his gaze and took the cup.

He felt the warmth from the cup.

“Thank you.” His voice was hoarse as he replied.

“I keep having a bad feeling recently.” Victor sipped his coffee and said.

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