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Owain City Police Headquarters.

In the gray six-story building.

Everyone was still discussing.

“According to the logic of John’s actions.

“The death of Reeves from the Rayast Corporation can only be considered the beginning of a major event at most.

“Why was the first person he attacked Reeves?

“We might as well make a bold guess.

“His next target.

“It’s very likely the underground spokesperson of the East District, Rayast.”

When Victor said these words, his eyelids twitched and his heart raced.

When he glanced down the stairs.

His words stopped abruptly.

His expression instantly froze.

His eyes were fierce and terrifying.

Following Victor’s eyes, everyone also noticed that someone had walked in.

“Is that person a subordinate who often follows John around?

“What is he doing here at this time?” They whispered and asked each other questions.

Ore, the young Secret Service agent, trotted along.

He pushed the door open and walked to the surveillance room.

“Captain Victor.

“The one called Hamlet said that his Brother John asked him to deliver something.

“It’s a black USB drive.” He said while panting slightly.

He opened his hand.

He showed a small USB flash drive that was made into a black pendant.

Immediately, everyone looked over.

On the back of the USB drive was a sinister-looking ‘skeleton’ carving.

Because of the warm actions of Suo Na just now,

a warm atmosphere was brought into the surveillance room.

But now, instantly, there was silence again.

All eyes froze.

Pairs of brows furrowed.

They were all holding their own coffee cups.

and quickly walked back to their seats.

Sona tested the USB drive.

“There isn’t any problem.

“It’s just an ordinary USB drive with a storage space of 2G.” She looked up at everyone and said.

“Let’s see what’s inside,” Victor said gloomily.

She tried to connect the USB drive to the equipment.

She didn’t manage to connect the USB drive into the port several times in a row.

She was really too nervous.


Sona took a deep breath.

Only then did her hand stabilized.

The mouse clicked.

In this quiet surveillance room.

The sound was exceptionally clear.

There was only one link in the USB drive.

After taking some precautions, Sona clicked on the link.

One surveillance video after another appeared.

It appeared on the page in front of everyone.

It occupied the largest surveillance video location.

It was an old house in the traditional style of the Mold Country.

There was a building on each side, surrounding a spacious courtyard.

In the remaining smaller surveillance footage, they displayed the courtyard from different angles.

Other than this, there was nothing else in the USB drive.

In the surveillance room.

Everyone was silent and focused on the scene in the surveillance video.

Old detective Bloom showed a pondering look.

“This looks like Rayast’s house.” A moment later, he said in shock.

After his voice sounded, everyone frowned.

After the Reeves incident, John sent them this USB drive that recorded the surveillance footage around the old house of Rayast.

The meaning was self-evident.

“Death threat!” Detective Blitz said in a deep voice.

This was a counterattack that suited John’s personality.

Giving his enemies a taste of their own medicine.

The pain that he and his friends had to endure, he wanted to repay them ten or a hundred times over.

Since those big shots disregarded their dignity and harmed his friends, then John would have to slap them in the face again.

He wanted to tell them that he was coming for their lives.

This small USB drive seemed to be a keepsake from the Grim Reaper.

Foreseeing the death of this big shot, Rayast.

Everyone in the room looked at each other.

They couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat.

Several young police officers even fell to the ground.

Rayast was the leader of half the city.

John even dared to provoke him like this and even threatened to kill him.

Then what about these small detectives?

They were still investigating him at his moment and going against him.

Would they also be targeted by this fierce wolf?

What if John wanted to get rid of them too?

Owain City, central business district, Alexander Corporation Building.

Hamlet, who was wearing a gray coat,

barged into the dazzling hall.

His footsteps landed on the marble floor.

His figure seemed to be at odds with the surrounding scenery.

Numerous gazes were filled with disdain and curiosity as they studied Hamlet with a smile.

“Give this USB drive to Alexander.

“Tell him it’s from John.”

Hamlet stood at the front desk.

From the corner of his eye, he saw the security guards watching him.

He looked away.

He looked at the receptionist again.

He opened his palm.

There was a black USB stick with a ‘skull’ carved on it.

He placed it in front of the front desk.

Hamlet turned and hurried away.

The word ‘John’ was no stranger to the Alexander Corporation.

This name was taboo here.

The news was reported layer by layer.

News quickly reached the ears of Alexander.

In the villa.

Alexander saw the same surveillance video on his computer.

The projection screen lit up.

The figure of the old man, Rayast, holding the dragon-headed walking stick in his hand appeared in front of Alexander.

What Alexander could see was that on the computer screen beside the Rayast, it was also displaying the same surveillance footage from different angles.

Rayast’s old eyes looked at Alexander viciously.

“Looks like John’s next target is this me.” He interrupted Alexander from speaking and said in a deep voice.

Rayast leaned heavily on his walking stick.

“How dare a kid who hasn’t even grown out his hair do such a thing?

“I’d like to see how he’s going to kill me.” Every word came out of his mouth viciously.

“Master Rayast.

“I’ve already sent my security team to your place.” Alexander didn’t say anything else and said respectfully.

“Master Rayast.

“My men have also found John’s residence.” Alexander paused, then said.

In Victoria’s office in the financial center building.

John stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and looked out.

After a long while, he suddenly looked back at Victoria and smiled.

“Tonight, let’s watch a big show.”

Victoria was sitting at her desk.

On her computer screen, it was also a scene of the surroundings of the Rayast family mansion.

In front of John’s eyes was a path from Foresee that recorded everything coldly.

“December 5, 2020, 5.43 PM and 20 seconds.

“You asked Hamlet to send the same link to the various parties in Owain City.

“At 5.47 PM and 39 seconds the same day, everyone was shocked.

“Same evening, 5.51 PM and 27 seconds.

“The old house of Rayast received unprecedented attention.”

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