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Owain City Police Headquarters.

“We might all have fallen into a mistake.

“We think this action of releasing the death threat was to counterattack.

“It’s an arrogant and willful performance.

“In the portrait of John’s personality.

“There is indeed such an evaluation.

“John is extremely dangerous and has a strong desire for performance.” The young man with thick dark circles under his eyes suddenly said in a deep voice.

“But there’s another problem.

“That is, even though John has a strong desire to perform, every important move he makes all have their own meaning.

“He won’t do anything meaningless.

“A person with such abnormal computational ability like him must have calculated the situation.

“And those of us who received the death threat USB drive, although we don’t seem to be related to his mission and isn’t his target to attack, we are very likely already in his trap.” The young man’s tone became even more solemn.

In the surveillance room.

Everyone looked at the young man.

Hearing the young man’s words, Victor seemed to have thought of something.

His left hand habitually started to twist the hair on his forehead.

His body gradually tensed up.

The dark-eyed young man paused.

Then, he said heavily, “What I mean is…

“Is John’s death trap a major trigger in his attempt to create the next accident?

“Was it the first domino in his operation?”

His words were like a clap of thunder.

It exploded in the hearts of everyone.

They all felt a strong sense of suffocation.

What kind of method was this?

John was actually silently calculating all of them and making them part of the force creating the accident?

“What will it be this time?

“What kind of role have we become?”

At this moment in Owain City.

For the tens of millions of ordinary people, it was a winter evening and the setting sun was infinitely good.

But for some other people.

It was like the eve of a storm, dark clouds were descending upon the city.

A dull sense of panic almost swallowed everything.

In the financial center building.

He sat on the sofa opposite the desk.

“Help me rub my head.” He suddenly said to Victoria.

When facing John, her domineering side disappeared in the blink of an eye.

She removed her gold-rimmed glasses and placed it on the desk.

She reached out to tie up her long black hair.

It was tied into a ponytail.

Then Victoria walked up behind John.

Her slender fingers gently massaged John’s temples.

John closed his eyes comfortably.

At this moment, his entire body felt numb.

It was as if he was soaking in a hot spring.

John was a little nervous now, but most of his emotions were excitement.

The scene that he could vaguely see through Foresee was only a faint fantasy in his mind.

Even so, he could feel the vastness and magnificence of it!

“Billions of migratory birds migrate globally every year.

“Of the eight migration paths, three will pass by the Mold Country.

“That’s what we call the flying bird path.” John suddenly inexplicably said.

Victoria listened intently.

She wanted to figure out what John meant.

There was a distant, tragic note in John’s voice.

It spoke of a bloody reality.

“The flying bird path in Mold Country is filled with killing intent.

“These fairies in the sky, when they flapped their wings and pass by, what awaits them is a huge net that covers the sky and earth.

“The flying bird path has become the bloody road of no return for the migratory birds.”

John’s breathing that was originally even quickened.

Suddenly, he stopped and didn’t speak anymore.

Time passed second by second.

John suddenly opened his eyes.

Before leaving the office,

he stopped again and turned to Victoria.

He said meaningfully, “The bloody path of the migratory birds is engraved with the biological habitual truths of life.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned and left without hesitation.

Victoria walked to the floor-to-ceiling window.

She looked down at the city that was still brightly lit in the night.

At this moment, her cold eyes suddenly looking towards a certain part of the city.

She saw that far away in Ovi City, there was an entire road filled with high beams.

The bright lights began to disappear one after another.

Under Victoria’s gaze, a dim region that crossed the entire Owain City appeared.

A flock of migratory birds that blotted out the sky flew over!

The massive number of migratory birds were following the dim path.

Victoria watched the scene intently.

Her panting became hurried.

The words John had said when he left appeared in her mind.

Her body began to tremble.

She didn’t know what would happen.

Victoria walked back to her desk and sat down.

She watched the screen monitor at the old house of Rayast.

John disappeared into the night.

He stood with his hands in his pockets among the crowd.

Like many ordinary people, he looked up at the birds flying in the sky.

Muscular figures were soaring freely in the sky.

At least at this moment, they were free.

On another road that ran through Owain City,

the high beams were switched off.

And the old residence where Rayast lived was along this dim path.

John walked into the shadows with the hood on.

He looked at the old house from afar.

The area within a thousand meters of the old residence was completely covered in shadows.

For an area within 3,000 meters, at every interval, a patrol car would pass by.

Security guards in black suits watched every move outside carefully.

This formation was as if they weren’t even going to let in a fly.

At this moment, John didn’t know that in a city two thousand-three kilometers away from Owain City, at the Mold Country’s heart, Wei Jing City, there were people watching this scene from afar too.

They were located in conference rooms in different places.

The screen in the middle of the conference room kept lighting up.

What appeared on the screen was Rayast’s house.

Low voices would occasionally sound.

“What will happen?” A dignified voice sounded.

“I hope you won’t disappoint us.” His voice was hoarse.

“You actually gathered us together to see this scene.

“How many years has it been since something like this has happened?

“It seems like you do indeed value him very much.”