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In the green brick courtyard.

An old tree rose from the ground.

Rayast, who was wearing a black Chinese tunic suit sat in the courtyard straightly.

He casually leaned his walking stick on the table.

Boiling tea.

Playing chess.

The person who accompanied Rayster in playing chess was a person whose status was only below that of Alexander and Reeves.

The number four person, Reinhart.

His hair was gray.

His temperament was low-key.

He was wearing a gray outfit.


He was the person who had followed Rayast the longest.

Like a shadow.

When it reached 9 PM, the Owain City city administration continued to order the lights to be off.

At this moment.

An excellent aerial camera overlooked the city from the sky.

A very shocking scene could be seen.

At night, in the huge top international metropolitan city, Owain City.

Three obvious dim paths appeared in the city.

A flock of migratory birds followed the dim path.

They shuttled through the city.

Photographers from all over the world excitedly recorded the magnificent wonders of human civilization!

Noticing that the light above and around him had dimmed.

Rayast, who was fiddling with a black chess piece, stopped.

He sized up the changes.

“They said it was to make way for the migratory birds,” Reinhart explained.

Rayast nodded.

He looked into the distance.

Vaguely, he could see a huge flock of waiting birds.

They flew along this dim path.

They blotted out the sky.

He felt slightly oppressed.

Rayast frowned.

Outside the old residence, in the shadows.

John didn’t move.

He just waited quietly.

Around 9.23 PM.

He saw the first batch of birds that were mainly composed of geese and swan.

They flapped their wings and flew to the area above the old residence.

They didn’t fly very high.

John lowered his breathing, excitement showing on his face.

He carefully sensed this exciting scene.

Right beside his ear.

The sound of wings flapping filled the air.

There were also the various sounds of the birds.

John didn’t move.

He only lowered his eyes and stared at the Foresee that only he could see.

“December 5, 2020, 9.36 PM and 17 seconds.

“The second batch of waiting birds was about to arrive.

“The same day, 9.37 PM and 25 seconds.

“You plunge into the night.

“The same day, 9.38 PM and 11 seconds.

“You started your secret operation.

“The same day, 9.40 PM and 32 seconds.

“Your figure is captured by surveillance cameras.”

John glanced up at the watch on his wrist.

Without hesitation, he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

He lowered his head and left the shadows.

According to the trajectory of Foresee.

John’s figure began to slowly approach the old house where Rayast was.

Three minutes and seven seconds.

John’s figure was captured by the people in the surveillance room.

Alarms sounded.

It was instantly transmitted to the bodyguards around the old residence.

The atmosphere became filled with killing intent!

Orders began to be issued.

“The same night, 9.43 PM and 52 seconds.

“You broke through the various layers of protection.

“You’re constantly approaching the old residence.

“9.45 PM and 21 seconds the same night.

“You are hidden in another trajectory under the shadows.”

John panted.

His eyes were focused on the steps in the Foresee.

The changes around the old house of Rayast attracted the attention of many parties.

Owain City Police Headquarters.

The gray six-story building.

“John wants to sneak in?

“What’s he planning to do?


“He’s a lunatic!”

Around the long table.

People kept shouting.

In the villa of Alexander Corporation.

Alexander looked at the screen.

He looked at the changes around the old residence.

Among the security teams, there were even mercenaries who had been stationed in war zones abroad.

No matter what, John wouldn’t be able to get close to the old residence.

Other than that, it was also impossible for large vehicles to enter the restricted area.

The sound of his fingertips knocking on the table was dull.

“On the lights!

“Turn on the lights!

“I want this house to be as bright as day.” A hoarse voice exploded on the walkie-talkie.

As his words landed.

There was a snapping sound of the switch.

Beams of highlights were instantly switched on above the traditional old mansion!

All the shadows and corners were banished by the light.

They only saw that the surroundings of the old residence were as bright as day.

The security guards were nervous just now.

But now, like snow under the sun, their nervousness instantly melted away!

Owain City Financial Center, office on the 40th floor.

Victoria focused on the screen.

The old residence was illuminated by a huge light.

Under such light, anyone who tried to approach the house would be discovered immediately.

In an ordinary villa.

Johnson looked at the surveillance impatiently.

“This old man is really afraid of death!” Johnson looked at Yongen and scolded angrily.

“According to his preparations now, even if we throw him into the war zone, he will still be able to live well,” Johnson said.

As his words landed.

Her face turned rosy.

His mouth opened.

The unease he felt from seeing Reeves in the car accident had disappeared a lot.

Under sufficient power and caution, John couldn’t even approach him.

Just like how he couldn’t approach Rayast at this moment.

At this moment.

Something unexpected suddenly happened on the screen.

The sky was filled with migratory birds.

They followed the dim light and flew above the old estate.

Immediately after.

These densely packed birds that were in the sky

seemed to have lost their sense of direction.

The hurried and frantic chirping of birds sounded one after another.

And then…

Birds started to appear continuously and surrounded the top of the house.

They were circling low in the sky.

Outside the old residence.

Everyone looked up.

They could only see the top of their heads.

It was covered by a dense array of birds.

Countless birds were circling around.

In the courtyard.

Rayast and Reinhart stood up from the stone table one after another.

They looked seriously at the birds above them.

“Why don’t you go back to the house first?” Reinhart requested in a low voice.

Various parties were observing the scene here.

They all saw this shocking scene, which caused one’s scalp to go numb.

In the night, the traditional old residence was lit up by the lights like it was daytime.

Above the old residence.

There was a dense flock of migratory birds that blotted out the sky.

They were circling continuously at a low altitude.

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