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Owain City Detective Agency, the gray six-story building.

His mouth opened.

He wanted to gasp for air.

The hairs on his arms stood on end.

Victor from the Mold Country’s security bureau looked at the shocking scene on the screen.

The densely packed birds were circling above the courtyard house shrouded in a huge beam of light.

At this moment.

Victor’s emotion was surging.

He was so frightened that he wanted to cry.

From the monitor screen.

There were also ear-piercing, chaotic sounds mixed with various birds.

It was a scene of chaos, panic, and fear from thousands and tens of thousands of birds.

In front of the long table.

“What will happen when a thousand birds cry?” A female detective wearing gold-rimmed glasses suddenly asked.

The middle-aged man sitting beside the female detective looked at the projection.

He was a little lost in thought.

Hearing these words in his ears, he answered without thinking, “There aren’t just a thousand migratory birds!”

An old psychologist with white hair and beard, who was dressed meticulously, closed his eyes and listened to the sounds coming from the surveillance video.

He suddenly opened his eyes.

It was like he had heard something through the cries of the birds.

His expression was heavy.

His gaze swept past everyone.

Then, he said, “In the face of such a large scale of ear-piercing noise, even we will be affected.

“The reactions that can be directly reflected are being more irrational, violent, and impulsive than before.” The psychologist continued.

In the surveillance room.

Everyone looked at the latter.

They frowned.

They understood the meaning behind the old expert’s words.

The old man was referring to the surroundings of the tightly guarded old residence.

From this moment onward.

There were negative changes that exceeded their expectations.

“This situation…

“Was it also calculated by John?” Sona asked.

Sona who followed Victor to Owain City and was mainly in charge of the computer science field bit her lips.

She looked at the projection.

The incredible scene was filled with a holy sense of religion.

When her voice sounded, there was a sudden silence in the surveillance room.

Everyone’s eyes flickered.

No answer.


They already had an answer in their hearts.

But all of these were too terrifying.

The deeper they thought about it.

It made them more afraid of John.

After a long while.

From a corner.

“That’s most likely the case.” A hoarse and deep voice replied.

The young man with thick dark circles looked up.

“I’ve been thinking.

“What was John’s intention in issuing a death threat to all parties?

“There’s some progress now.” The young man’s tone was heavy and said word by word.

In front.

On the screen.

The old house that was shrouded in the dark cloud of birds was gradually filled with panic.

The young man with thick black eyes took a look and continued, “If this scene decides the death of Rayast.

“Then the death threat was to ensure that before all of this happened.

“It’s to intimidate the Rayast Corporation.”

In front of the long table.

Victor took a deep breath.

He listened seriously.

He pondered over these words.

“Or rather, the death of Reeves, the second-in-command of the Rayast Corporation.

“It’s also to pave the way for tonight.” The young man’s tone was cold.

“It’s also because of the repeated intimidation and pressure.” The young man raised his voice.

His arm was trembling.

He licked his lips and let out a long breath.

Then, he continued to explain his guess.

“Before John appeared.

“And when John first appeared.

“That’s why the Rayast Corporation has such an unprecedented defensive reaction.

“Just a little bit of movement.

“Then, in the darkness, they turned on the high beams that turned the place into daytime!

“The more panic they have, the less they dare to turn off the high beam lamp.”

His words were getting louder and louder.

“It’s also because of these high beams that have resulted in this scene of birds waiting above the old mansion, covering the sky and covering the earth.” Then, he said something explosive!

As the young man’s last words landed.

In the surveillance room.

All criminal investigation specialists and special service agents.

Their bodies trembled at the same time.

Goosebumps appeared all over their bodies.

Everything was interlinked.

All of this was within John’s calculations.

Owain City.

The old residence was lit up like daytime in the night.

Hearing Reinhart’s words, the existence at the godfather level in Owain City, Rayast, gripped the walking stick tightly with his dry palm.

His cloudy eyes looked up.

He looked at the dense flock of waiting birds circling overhead.

In his ears.

It was chaotic and disorderly, and the sounds of waiting birds were very annoying.

Rayast breathed heavily.

After a long while.

Rayast slowly let go of his walking stick.

His expression also calmed down again.

“Okay!” He replied.

With Reinhart’s help, under the cover of the birds overhead, he slowly walked into the old residence.

This place where he walked into was the central room of the house.

In the middle of this room, there was a statue of the Night God enshrined in there.

In front of the Night God statue, there were incense burners, fruit offerings, and paper gold ingots.

Three candlesticks were burning with flames.

Rayast pushed Reinhart’s hand away.

He walked piously to the statue.

He took out three pieces of sandalwood from the drawer.

He lit the sandalwood in front of the candlestick.


Rayast bowed respectfully to Night God.

He inserted the three sticks of sandalwood into the incense burner.

After doing all of this.

Rayast returned to the house.

He closed his eyes and rested.

Behind him.

Reinhart stopped in his tracks.

No emotion showed on his face.

Similarly, he had no intention of kneeling to the Night God.

Reinhart placed one hand behind his back.

He followed behind Rayast and walked into the house.

Outside the old residence.

In the shadow, John’s eyes were distinct in black and white.

He then carefully observed the birds in the sky.

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