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“He can actually calculate to this step.

“Can the Columbia Laboratory do such a thing too?” In the darkness, an imposing voice filled with amazement sounded in the conference room in Houston City.

His question was heard by the existences in secret conference rooms across the country.

Columbia Laboratory.

Even in the shadow world, it was also a laboratory with high standards.

Its level of confidentiality had reached the top-secret level.

The research contents of this laboratory were unknown.

It was said that it was located in the hinterland of Mold Country.

It was located 2,400 meters underground with a landmass of 120,000 cubic meters.

After a while.

“Yes, it can do such a thing.” A loud voice replied.

He paused, then said, “But the investment required for the computational resources are very terrifying.

“Instead of investing in such a price, for a mere old gangster, it’s easier to just erase him from the face of the earth.”

Silence returned to the conference room.

Owain City.

Above the old residence that was like daytime under the night sky.

At this moment, another group of densely packed migratory birds flew over from the distance.

Tens of thousands of migratory birds lost their sense of direction due to the high beams.

They began to circle around the old residence too.

The scale of the birds expanded!

Vast and continuous!

The lights of the high beams were completely blocked by the flock of migratory birds.

Like a black cloud pressing down on the city.

It was pitch black.

Under the increasingly oppressive and chaotic sounds, John reined in his personal emotions.

His attention became even more focused.

He lowered his breathing.

His body arched slightly and tensed.

From the beginning.

He had been staring at the migratory birds circling in the low altitude.

Only until now, John could faintly sense that the panic from the dense flock of migratory birds was being suppressed and accumulating.

Also, it had quickly expanded to the extreme.

A single spark could ignite them!

John looked at the Foresee that only he could see.

“December 5, 2020, 10.03 PM and 21 seconds.

“You decided to ignite all of this yourself.

“The same day, 10.04 PM and 9 seconds.

“You walked towards the old residence.

“The same night, 10.04 PM and 13 seconds.”

In John’s eyes.

The absolute safety area calculated by the Foresee appeared beneath his feet.

He just had to follow this safe path strictly.

This was a traditional old mansion. It was built in the center of the old district.

The surroundings around this mansion were relatively chaotic!

John kept brushing past the security team.

It was as if they only needed to raise their hands and gently pull the trigger and a bullet could instantly penetrate or even tear that damned figure apart.

And yet!


They seemed to be forever chasing John’s figure!

John kept approaching the old house.

The surrounding atmosphere was getting more and more nervous as the sky-encompassing birds circled around.

Cars were mobilized.

The rumble of engines kept sounding!

Low growls and roars were transmitted through the walkie-talkies.


In this area surrounded by birds.

No one.

Or rather, no one had the time to notice that the atmosphere had quietly changed under the influence of the migratory birds!

They were gasping for air.

More and more voices keep sounding.

Their foreheads were covered in sweat.

A sense of oppression and heaviness!


“Zone 1, close in!”


“Zone two, close in!”


“Zone three…”

The black cars kept shrinking John’s area.

On a high ground nearby, the pupil behind the scope was watching.

After checking and closing in of the security guards, the spaces where John could be hide became more and more clear.

At this moment.

A black shadow flashed past the scope.

The scope quickly followed after the shadow.

It was a wall.

The sniper held his breath.

He began to put some strength on his finger that was on the trigger.

He glanced at the dark flock of migratory birds.

No one noticed the changes in the flock of birds.

The sound of the engines stimulated these migratory birds that had experienced a bloody migration journey.

The sound of the brakes repeatedly sounding awakened the terrifying memories of the dense flock of migratory birds.

They were reminded of the cars chasing after them along the canyon road.

The curses and roars.

These fairies of the sky were trembling!

Their muscles were trembling.

John grinned.

His chest heaved violently.

His body was soaked in sweat!

Only until now did John notice that there were fewer and fewer areas he could move around.

The calculation ability of Foresee, in the face of imminent danger, helped him find two absolutely safe paths.

So that he could be safe and sound in a truly hopeless situation.

John looked at Foresee.

According to the level of vigilance around the Rayast family mansion, based on his current conditions, even for him, this was the closest he could get.

“December 5, 2020, 10.16 PM and 34 seconds.

“You took off your coat.

“The same night, 10.16 PM and 52 seconds.

“You hold up the hood with the palm of your hand.

“At 10.17 PM and 6 seconds the same day.”

There was a ‘thud’ sound.

John leaned against the wall and retracted his gaze.

He lowered his head.

John took a deep breath.

He noticed there were faint sounds of stones moving beside his feet.

He reached out his hand and leaned against the wall.

His warm skin sensed a vibration.

A motorcade was approaching from the front and back.

John didn’t hesitate to take off his gray coat.

He zipped up the coat a little bit.

Then, he stuck his right arm into his coat.

He pressed his palm against the hood.

John slowly stuck the hood out of the wall.

His palm moved carefully.

The hood was slightly lowered.

It was like he had his head lowered.

Tentatively preparing to leave.

There was a short pause.

The hooded figure began to move rapidly!


A sniper rifle fired!

The high-precision bullet instantly penetrated John’s coat.

White cotton fluttered out.

Behind the scope.

“It hit!”

In that instant.

The black shadow that had been crawling for a long time clenched his fists tightly in excitement.

But following that,

his expression froze.

He looked through the scope and saw the patches of cotton.

He resumed his posture.

He seemed to have sensed something.

He stopped.

He looked up.

He looked at the sky that was covered by the birds.

It was unknown what he saw, but his pupils suddenly constricted.

The dense flock of migratory birds began to riot!


A gray eagle-like ferocious bird with open wings swooped down from the flock towards the residence that was as bright as day!

Its claws were sharp and fast.

As it flew out from the flock of birds, they were quickly captured by pairs of eyes!


Another dull gunshot rang out.

He saw the eagle-like ferocious bird being instantly torn apart.

Feathers and flesh scattered in the air.

The real loss of control had begun!

The dense flock of migratory birds circling low in the sky started rioting!

Ear-piercing bird cries filled the air!

Then, the birds kept diving down one after another, crashing towards security glasses on the ground.

Under the light, in the old residence.

The door was closed immediately.




A series of crisp sounds could be heard!

Those were small birds that kept knocking against the glass above the door.


Cracks appeared on the surface.

Reinhart in his gray coat walked out of the inner room.

He looked at the two pieces of glass above the door.

He saw that the two pieces of glass were smashed into pieces!

A sparrow-like bird crashed into the house like a headless fly!

It kept knocking against the wall.

The gray-feathered bird landed beside Reinhart’s feet.

Reinhart looked down.

He sized up the bird.

He saw that this bird wasn’t dead yet.

Its wings were still flapping.

It seemed like it wanted to fly up.

Reinhart’s eyes flickered.

For some reason, the words of a gamer he met in a game this morning suddenly appeared beside his ear.


“Isn’t it just some money? Why would I be afraid of you?

“I won’t be bullied by you!

“Did you see my game nickname?

“Die for freedom!

“I shall fight for my freedom today!

“Playing a game and still being so cautious. You’re really trash!

“I’m about to rebel, what can you do about it?”

Reinhart looked up.

He looked at the Night God statue in the central room.

His expression was gloomy.

He raised his leg above the struggling bird.

He crushed down his leg heavily!