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In front of the Night God statue, the soles of Reinhart’s leather shoes turned red.

Rayast, wearing a Chinese suit, walked out from the inner room with his walking stick.

His cloudy eyes scanned the chaotic hall.

His gaze then shifted to the foot of Reinhart.

At this moment, outside the house.

Muffled sounds rang out one after another.

“What’s happening outside?” Rayast asked in a deep voice.

“The people outside must have alarmed the birds.”

Reinhart’s expression returned to its reserved state.

He bowed slightly and replied respectfully.

At this moment, another gray crane-like bird crashed into the house.

“Master Rayast, please return to your room,” Reinhart said with concern.

Rayast’s eyelids twitched.

He clenched his walking stick tightly under his palm.

He turned and went back into the house.



Reinhart stood with his hands folded.

His eyes flickered.

He just stared quietly at the birds that kept banging at the various places in the house.

He saw a gray bird flapping its wings and flying past the candlestick in front of the statue.

The flames at the end of the candlestick swayed gently.

Reinhart stared at the fire for a while.

He then retracted the light.

He looked at the trajectory of the bird’s landing.

It was the corner where the curtain and the plush carpet met.

He lowered his head, his expression normal.

Outside the old residence.

Making use of the chaos, John turned around and plunged into a small road, and began to leave.

In the night.

The old residence was lit up like a white house.

There were tens of thousands of birds circling above the old residence.

They continued to crash downwards.

From the various places nearby, more and more people were watching.

Owain City Detective Agency, the gray six-story building.

“John is unable to go near Rayast’s old residence?

“Also, there shouldn’t be any transportation equipment nearby that can threaten them around the old residence.”

Victor touched the hair on his forehead.

The fingers of his other hand kept knocking on the table.

“With just these birds, it’s far from enough to cause any substantial damage to Rayast.”

Victor frowned.

He looked up.

In the corner of the long table.

The young man with thick dark circles under his eyes seemed to be thinking about something.

In the villa of Alexander Corporation.

Looking at the scene in the surveillance video.

Alexander got up and walked around his desk.

He called one number after another.

He received some news.

Knowing that John wouldn’t be able to go near the old residence again, he exhaled slightly.

On Alexander’s computer screen, on one of the screens where the surveillance camera was pointed towards the old residence.

The door to the central room suddenly opened.

Reinhart, who was wearing a gray coat, walked out.

He cautiously closed the door again.

Reinhart walked to the middle of the courtyard to look at the chaotic scene.

In fact.

Retracting the time back to a few minutes ago.

In the old residence.

Reinhart, who was standing quietly in front of the red-faced Night God statue, was looking at a bird on the ground a few steps away from him.

He kept looking for a long while.

Then, he suddenly moved.

Reinhart picked up the struggling bird.

He turned to look in the direction of the broken glass.

Narrowing his eyes, his expression vicious, he tightened his grip on the bird.

Then, he walked to the candlestick of the red-faced Night God statue.

He spread the bird’s wings and placed them on the candlestick.

The flames burned its wings.

The candlestick was knocked over and oil flowed onto the red table.

The flames instantly lit up!

Reinhart gripped the bird whose wings had been lit.

Following the trajectory of the broken glass.

He gently placed the bird in the corner under the curtain that connected to the plush carpet.

He informed the Old Master he was going out and then left the house.

Reinhart stood in the yard.

He saw a few more birds charging into the house.

Rayast sat with his eyes closed.

His ears were filled with dull and chaotic sounds.

Not long after.

A burning smell suddenly reached his nose.

Rayast opened his eyes and walked towards the central room.

His white hair was let down.

Panic appeared in his originally calm expression.

He saw that the red wooden table where the statue of the Night God was enshrined had been lit.

The curtains around the room were also burning brightly.

Several burnt birds were crashing around in the room and brought the flames to one spot after another!

This house was a traditional building in Mold Country.

Even the building materials were mostly wood materials.

It was a standard wooden structure.

Rayast glanced at the candlestick that had been knocked down in front of the Night God statue.

Images of it being knocked down by a bird appeared in his mind.

There was no time to think.

In the billowing smoke,

Rayast coughed and hurried to the door.

When he wanted to pull the door open, Rayast’s expression immediately changed.

He reached out and knocked on the door.


There was a loud knocking on the door.

The sound of the loud knocking was overshadowed by the sound of the birds circling low in the sky.

In the residence.

The flames grew larger and larger.

The old Rayast inhaled a large puff of smoke.

He leaned against the door and sat on the ground.

He choked and coughed desperately.

His body was trembling.

Rayast looked around the room.

The red flames continued to spread.

He struggled to get up.

Phone calls kept coming in.

Soon, the flames in the old residence attracted the attention of the people outside.

All over Owain City, one by one, the surveillance cameras saw the burning old residence.

Their eyes widened.

There were tens of thousands of birds circling in the sky.

They were stimulated by the fire!

The birds were like moths flying into the fire.

They kept charging into the house through the broken glass.

Owain City Police Headquarters. The gray six-story building.

In front of the long table.

Everyone stood up.

They looked gloomily at the burning house on the screen.

The countless birds above the house seemed to be flying around the flames.

“Where did these flames come from?” Old detective Bloom asked in surprise.

Owain City, financial center building.

Victoria looked at the old residence that John had never really approached but had suddenly caught fire.

Her red lips parted, wanting to make a sound.

However, no matter how many emotions she wanted to express out, she couldn’t.

She swallowed hard.

In the villa of Alexander Corporation.


“A bunch of trash!”

Alexander was extremely uneasy.

He smashed whatever he could see with his eyes.

He held onto his phone and kept scolding.

Then, he started panting heavily.

Alexander walked to his desk.

He looked fixedly at the house shrouded in flames on the screen.

He was terrified.

Shock appeared on his face.

At this moment, Alexander didn’t notice that not far behind him, the middle-aged butler, Walker, was looking at him strangely.

In an ordinary villa.

Johnson and Yongen saw the suddenly lit old residence.

The two of them looked at each other.

They felt their mouth turning dry.

“What happened in the old residence?” Johnson took a deep breath and asked.

“Is this the end of Old Master Rayast, a person who held great power for most of his life?”

Yongen was a little dazed.

It should be known that in the underground circle of Owain City, Rayast was the well-deserved godfather.

If it weren’t for the fact that Rayast had handed over half of the underground empire to him back then, the underground circle of Owain City now should be completely controlled by Rayast.

The heart of Mold Country, Houston City.

In a secret conference room.

The important figures from the Shadow World looked at the lit house.

The existences in front of the screen also seemed a little quiet.

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