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A gray coat had just been hit by a high-precision bullet.

Pieces of cotton drifted in the air.

At this moment, John was wearing a long-sleeved dark hoodie.

His hands were in the pockets of his sweater.

He lowered his head and walked out of a dark alley.

Outside the alley, it was no longer the area blocked by the Rayast Corporation.

John had just walked out.

He looked up and saw that at an intersection ahead, a dense crowd was looking towards the distant old residence.

He quietly squeezed into the crowd.

He turned around to look.

It was a scene filled with a holy feeling.

It was like the scene in the religious scriptures.

A dense flock of birds circling low in the sky.

In the sky and on the ground.

Beams of dazzling light shone from the high beams.

The old residence was highlighted in the dazzling light.


Raging flames enveloped the antique wooden building!

Birds flew towards the fire like moths and crashed into the flames.

John noticed that there were many photographers in the crowd.

They focused their cameras on the distant scene.

They kept pressing the shutter.

‘What an incredible ability Foresee is.’

John still had his hands in his front pockets.

His eyes focused on the building caught in flames and surrounded by the migratory birds.

His eyes flickered.

He exclaimed in his heart.

All of the steps were unbelievably precise.

Despite all the steps was up to him to implement and push forward.

To be honest, for many of the details, John couldn’t understand them.

He was the master of this ability.

However, when he thought about it carefully, he still felt a creepy fear.

In the huge city.

The usually high and mighty officials seemed very quiet at this moment.

All kinds of existences were waiting for the result.

In the night.

Not long after.

An ambulance sped out of the raging fire.

At this moment, the firefighters were nervously doing their job.

There was no time to put out the fire.

They had to save the people first.

Many people were focused on the person in the white ambulance.

In front and behind the ambulance.

The nervous and solemn convoy would either open a path or follow as guards.

In front of the medical building of Owain City First Hospital.

A top medical team waited anxiously.

The ambulance stopped.

A doctor sat beside the old man.

CPR was being carried out continuously.

An oxygen mask was placed on the old man’s nose and mouth.

“He’s gone.

“The main reason is suffocation from the thick smoke.

“And because of his age, his cardiopulmonary function has severely declined.

“Let’s inform the patient’s family.”

An old man died after futile attempts at resuscitation.

Rayast’s determined time of death was 2.29 AM on December 6, 2020.

In the underground circle of Owain City.

The old godfather, Rayast, who had been building his prestige for nearly half a century, died.

Ding Ling Ling!

Ding Ling Ling!

Ding Ling Ling!

In the increasingly dark night.

A piercing phone rang.

It sounded in one villa after another.

“The sky is going to change.”

Many people had mixed feelings.

They couldn’t help but feel emotional.

Owain City, financial center building.

The cold moonlight shone through the glass.

It shone on Victoria’s lost face.

Orianna, the female secretary, dressed a professional attire, hurried in.

“Mr. John is here.”

Orianna walked over to Victoria.

She bowed and said in a low voice.

After a pause, she added, “He’s in the elevator.”

Hearing this, Victoria thought of the scene she saw on the screen just now.

And the latest news from her subordinates.

Victoria shuddered.

She was once again filled with fear for the approaching John.

Victoria adjusted her breathing.

She tried to calm herself down.

She looked at Orianna and replied, “I understand.”

“Bring Mr. John in,” Victoria said.

She watched Orianna leave.

Victoria felt an inexplicable sense of panic.

She suddenly added, “Remember to be respectful!”

Not long after.

John appeared before Victoria.

In Victoria’s eyes.

John touched his forearm.

“It’s getting cold at night in Owain City this season.” He said the first thing he said upon meeting her.

John met Victoria’s gaze.

“My coat was destroyed by the sniper under that old bastard Rayast.” He explained lightly.

Upon hearing this explanation and seeing this action, in Victoria’s heart, the god-like image of John instantly melted.

She smiled in relief.

“Let me make you a cup of tea.

“I have some pretty good tea leaves in my office.”

Victoria got up and opened the bookcase behind her.

“Alright, thank you.” John nodded.

Owain City, Rayast’s old residence.

The lights from the high beams had been turned off.

The migratory birds in the sky had already dispersed.

A burnt smell came from the house.

The fire was also put out.

The Owain City Police Headquarters had locked down the old residence.

Detective officers in white gloves cautiously investigating every inch of land.

Victor and the young man with thick dark circles under their eyes and wearing a black robe came too.

The secret service officers and criminal investigation experts from the surveillance room walked into the house.

Their gaze slowly swept across the burnt courtyard.

Victor opened his nose and sniffed the air.

It didn’t smell bad.

There was even a pleasant wood smell.

Victor looked at the half-burnt wood building.

Occasionally, he would see some black and yellow wood.

He reached out and touched it gently.

He looked down at his fingers.

The wood was of extraordinary value and was of a very expensive variety.

At this moment, most of them had been reduced to ashes.

“What a pity.

“Perhaps this is the final destination of capitalism.”

Victor sniffed carefully again.

He smelled meat.

He looked around.

He could see many roasted birds lying on the ground.

He strode across the yard.

He stepped over something charred.

A crisp crack sounded beside his ear.

As Victor stood by the door, preparing to cross the threshold, outside the courtyard blocked by the polices, a few other figures with good temperament walked in.

Victor seemed to have noticed something.

He frowned.

Not far away.

The young man with thick dark circles under his eyes was also sizing up these unfamiliar guests.

The young man with the dark circles retracted his gaze.

He took the initiative to approach Victor.

“The shadow world.

“More and more big shots are starting to pay attention to John.” His hoarse voice sounded.

“Looks like he’s famous in the shadow world too.” Victor nodded.

Although the shadow world was still largely under the control of the government, most of them still followed the rules that had been established over thousands of years.

It was also the rule that conformed most to the principles of nature.

The weak were prey to the strong.

Both Victor and the dark circles young man looked at the central room.

A very cruel scene was depicted here.

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