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In the cold night.

On the 40th floor of the financial center building.

Victoria poured John some tea.

She sat back in her seat.

Her eyes wandered a little as if she wanted to say something.

After a long while.

Victoria took a deep breath.

She said, “I know I shouldn’t ask too many questions.

“But I just can’t figure it out.

“How on earth did you do that?

“Is it convenient for you to reveal a little to me?”

The moment she asked this question,

Victoria regretted it.

Her body tensed up, and her well-proportioned and slender fingers intertwined with strength.

Her knuckles turned white.

“Do what?” John drank a mouthful of tea and asked.

After a short pause.

John put down his teacup and stood up.

He walked to the floor-to-ceiling window.

Overlooking this charming and vast city.

His lips curled up.

“If you’re asking about the accident that happened to the old godfather of the underground circle in the eastern district of Owain City, Rayast.”

John looked up into the distance and squinted.

From this position, he could only see the sky.

A dim bird path crossed the city.

He said to Victoria with his back facing her, “This is probably karma and fate.”

Even if some things were openly agreed on, John couldn’t admit it no matter what.

Silence returned to the office.

Only the row of sidelights was on.

The light was dim, warm, and comfortable.

Victoria held the phone in front of her.

The chat window on the screen was a dark gray private social media app.

Numerous messages flashed past her eyes.

It was unknown what she saw.

Victoria lowered her breathing.

She licked her red lips.

She looked up at John, who was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

Then, she retracted her gaze.

At this moment, outside this office.

All the major circles in Owain City were in an uproar.

They were unable to sleep at night!

This night, this city.

It should be called Nightless City!

“Have you done what I instructed?” John suddenly asked.

“The delivery has been completed.

“Even without me, the company can still operate smoothly.” Victoria immediately responded.

Owain City, Rayast’s old residence.

The fourth-in-command under the Rayast Corporation.

Reinhart was wearing a gray coat.

His expression was reserved and low-key.

He looked at the head of the Alexander Corporation, Alexander, who was rushing over.

“You still dare to come out?” He stiffly said.

Alexander stood beside Reinhart.

“I’m the one who caused trouble for Master Rayast.” He replied with a sad expression.

Reinhart looked at Alexander.

“From today onwards, I shall rule the east district.” His eyes were burning as he said in a deep voice.

Alexander didn’t respond.

After a long while.

He finally lowered his head and nodded.


There was only one word.

With that, he looked up at the half-burnt house behind him.

Alexander noticed some of the staff.

His gaze changed slightly and he frowned.

Inner residence.

Victor slowly scanned the house.

The wooden framework of the house was charred.

However, it was mostly intact.

Inside the room, under the walls.

They were many charred black birds.

Some of the birds seemed to still be alive.

Their wings twitched from time to time.

The Night God statue’s eyes were wide with anger, as usual.

Victor stuffed his hands in the pockets of his windbreaker.

He looked at the central room.

His gaze focused.

Time seemed to flow backward.

The half-burnt house kept recovering.

Sandalwood was burning in front of the statue.

Outside the house, waiting birds were charging in.

The house was quiet and empty.

Victor suddenly turned around.

He looked at the door frame.

In his eyes.

The completely shattered glass became whole again.


A dull thud sounded in his ears.




It was as if they were tired of living.

Birds crashed into the glass one after another.


Numerous cracks gradually appeared.

Victor’s gaze shifted.

He saw the dizzy bird crash in the room.

Trajectories appeared in the air.

It knocked over the candlestick.

Then, it landed on the curtain and carpet with its wings that were on fire.

From the marks in the house, Victor recovered the scene.

The young man with thick dark circles stood beside Victor.

“Wrong.” The young man looked at Victor and suddenly said.

In the darkness of night in Owain City.

A black car drove quietly into the garage of the Lotte villa.

John didn’t get out of the car immediately.

Instead, in the darkness, his fingertips kept knocking on his leg.

He asked, “Is it ready?”

“In the afternoon, it was transported in by a vehicle transporting food.” Victoria nodded and replied solemnly.

“Alight the car,” John said again.

“Leave as soon as possible according to the original plan.

“Remember to open the car window on the road out of the garage.”

Before getting off of the car.

John looked at the honest-looking middle-aged driver and reminded him.

After saying this, he stopped talking.

He turned around and strode out of the garage.

He pushed the door open and walked into the villa.

In the classical-looking living room.

Hamlet was expressionless and had a murderous aura.

He waited quietly in his black coat.

Salefani seemed very nervous, her hands clenched tightly.

“Begin setting up,” John said as soon as he entered the house.

From the cold storage of the villa, body tissue that was similar to the bodies of John and the others was placed in different places.

This was clearly the arrangement John had learned of through Foresee.

He had already informed everyone to prepare for this.

John looked in front of him.

Numerous steps that only he could see appeared.

“December 6, 2020, 4.21 AM and 19 seconds.

“You returned to the villa in Lotte.

“What you don’t know yet is that

at this moment, you have already been targeted.

“The same morning, 4.23 AM and 13 seconds.

“You began to place human tissue similar to your own that carries your blood and cells in the villa.

“4.25 AM and 26 seconds the same day.

“You prepare to leave.”

“Let’s go.” John glanced at the time on his watch.

“I’m sorry.

“This is your mother’s house, but it’s going to get damaged,” John said to Victoria apologetically.

Victoria pushed a lock of hair back from her forehead.

Her skin was slightly red.

“It’s fine. When we return, I’ll look for the insurance company to compensate.” Her eyes shone with excitement as she replied.

John glanced over at Victoria, Hamlet, and Salefani.

Then, he said, “Let’s go.”

The three of them had different expressions.

Although Hamlet was as cold and serious as ever, his slightly trembling eyelashes, eyes that were shining brightly, and the clenched hands behind his back all showed how excited and nervous he was.

Salefani was more afraid and flustered.

Victoria, on the other hand, felt the excitement of a young lady secretly escaping to play.

Under the night sky.

The four of them quietly left through the secret back door that was prepared beforehand.