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He didn’t dare to say too much or ask too many questions.

The more he knew, the more dangerous it would be.

Victoria’s middle-aged driver reminded himself.

In the silent night.

He took a deep breath.

In his mind.

He kept recalling the scenes from the previous night.

In a dark room with a bright computer screen.

“The car accident at the Enjing Road intersection.

“The young lady of the Alexander Corporation burned in the fire.

“The explosion that the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, Stansen, experienced.”

The middle-aged driver’s eyes widened.

His pupils also dilated rapidly.

His face was pale and he looked flustered.

A cold light hit his cheek.

“Mr. Kieran.” When he saw John again, John smiled and called him.

At that moment.

Kieran’s body trembled, his hands and feet cold.

It was as if he had seen the smile of a demon.

It was as if he had fallen into an icy pit.

He reached out to turn the steering wheel and the car drove away from the intersection.

At the side of the road.

The light of a street lamp shone right in front of Kieran’s eyes.

He was dazed for a while.

Then, he immediately jolted awake.

His entire back was instantly drenched in a cold sweat.

“Leave as soon as possible according to the original plan.

“On the road out of the garage, remember to open the car window…”

Kieran felt that John’s voice at the time was filled with rationality and coldness.

His thoughts were in a mess tonight.

He felt like he had been involved in some huge event.

All that was left was fear and trepidation.

He slapped his cheek lightly.

He calmed himself down.

Immediately after.

Kieran followed John’s description.

He raised his hand and switched on the mood light in the car.

As usual, he looked at the silent and deserted road outside the windshield.

At this moment, he deliberately pulled at his collar.

He revealed a stuffy and hot expression.

He reached out and wound down the car window.

The slightly cool wind blew in and he seemed to feel much more comfortable!

“At the intersection with the street lamp, you feel a little stuffy and hot.

“You pulled at your collar wounding down the car window.

“Remember to close the car window as soon as you feel slightly cooler.” Mr. John’s cold voice sounded in his ear.

He then left the Lotte villa district and integrated into the city.

Kieran didn’t know that in that period of time just now, he had brushed past death.

After leaving Victoria’s Villa, the car Kieran was driving was being watched by several pairs of eyes.

The car window rolled down.

When the car rolled past the slowing zone again, it could be determined that the space in the trunk of the car was empty.

The night was pure.

Outside the villa.

In the blind spot of a surveillance camera.

John and Victoria stood side by side.

At a spot half a step behind them, Hamlet’s face was emotionless.

He stood solemnly.

His pair of eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s.

He looked around cautiously.

After looking for a while, his eyes would cautiously look at John’s back.

Since they were outside.

And it was a time of life and death.

Hamlet naturally took on the role of a guard.

Although Brother John was definitely much stronger than him, this small matter of keeping guard definitely had to be completed by him, a subordinate.

The other two were females.

There was nothing much to say.

Salefani was beside Hamlet.

She held a palm-sized tablet in one hand.

The fingers on her other hand quickly swiped across the screen.

Lines of codes appeared on the screen.

“A few days ago, I deliberately exposed a flaw.

“I let Alexander capture my trace,” John said to Victoria.

There was a slight pause.

Then, he continued, “After the incident with Rayast, many people have their eyes on me.

“The composition of these people might be extremely complicated.”

Victoria turned to John.

There was terrifying power hidden under his well-proportioned and muscular body.

At this moment, he had one hand behind his back.

His distinct eyes were fixed on the distant villa.

“Therefore, I want to borrow Alexander’s hand to temporarily step back from the light and move into the dark.

“In other words, our next actions will be done in secret.”

John turned to meet Victoria’s gaze.

“Only by hiding in the dark can I see more clearly,” John said coldly.

His eyes shone with wisdom.

“It’s a pity about your villa.” John apologized again to Victoria.

At the same time, it was also a form of nostalgia for this villa that he had stayed in during the past few days.

“Rayast died tonight.

“Alexander will go crazy.

“I wonder what method he will use to find trouble with us.”

After saying this.

A deep smile appeared in John’s eyes.

In the quiet villa district at night.

Something unexpected happened!

The roaring sound of an engine came from the road ahead.

An SUV that looked like a steel behemoth rushed over in front of John and the others.

“Goodbye, my dear villa.”

This time, John looked at the villa and spoke.

As soon as he finished speaking.

There was a loud bang.

The dark green SUV crashed into the underground garage of Victoria’s Villa.

More than ten seconds later.

A stumbling middle-aged man ran out.

He seemed to be drunk.

The moment the middle-aged man left the garage, he ran into the distance in horror.

“Today’s Lotte Villa District seems especially quiet.”

John glanced around the villa district.

He said meaningfully.

“En.” Victoria nodded.

Clearly, the influential people living in this villa had obtained some information in advance.

They tacitly left first.

John’s appearance, for the upper-class society of Owain City, was like the sword of Damocles that was hanging above their heads.

No matter what their stand was.

Their lofty gazes, while overlooking Owain City, didn’t want to see an uncertain factor like John.

As soon as John finished speaking.

The ground beneath his feet began to tremble slightly…


A dull explosion sounded in his ears!

Then, flames shot into the sky, dying the entire sky red.

John, Victoria, Hamlet, and Salefani turned around immediately and held their breath as they looked at the distant villa.

The intense shockwave shattered the glass in the entire villa!

The villa was shaking and crumbling!

A ferocious and twisted fire that could devour everything enshrouding the entire building!

No one would have a chance to escape in it.

John watched this scene expressionlessly.

Victoria’s eyes widened.

Her arm was trembling, and her breathing was hurried.

Hamlet clenched his fists.

Salefani’s figure was silhouetted against the firelight.

Her face was pale and looked very thin.

“Mission completed!

“No one escaped from the villa.

“Report, according to the test, the power of the explosion is enough to reduce all the living beings in the villa to ashes in an instant!”

The explosion of just one car definitely couldn’t reach such a level.

From the looks of it, there should be some special explosive in the car.

In the night.

Around the villa under the raging fire.

Pairs of eyes were watching.

Reports kept sounding.

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