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4.30 AM.

The police station was brightly lit.

All the police officers in the various departments received an emergency call.

Cars with sirens and police lights drove into the night.

In the gray six-story building.

The fourth leader of the Alexander Corporation, Alexander, and Reinhardt, the fourth leader of Rayast’s group was here.

Victor found an excuse and invited them to the police station.

Victor and the young man with dark circles under their eyes hurried into the surveillance room.

“Bloom, you’re in charge of Alexander.” Victor looked at Bloom and said.

He paused.

Then, he looked at the mellow middle-aged psychologist and said, “Santiago, you’re in charge of Reinhart.”

For this inquiry, Alexander wasn’t their main target.

Reinhart was.

He opened the projector screen in front of the long table.

The scene in the reception room was presented to everyone.

They saw that Alexander’s expression was dignified, and his eyes were constantly on his phone.

Information kept flashing on his phone page.

At this point of time where Rayast accident had just occurred,

Alexander’s reaction didn’t attract much attention.

In the other half of the screen was Reinhart.

He was wearing a gray coat, had a calm expression, and a deep temperament.

He closed his eyes and waited quietly.

In the interrogation room.

With a snapping sound, Santiago’s fingers stopped snapping.

The middle-aged psychologist, Santiago, stared at the hypnotized Reinhart in front of him.

Reinhart’s expression was no longer as calm and deep as before.

Instead, it revealed a completely opposite expression of ferociousness and terror.

“I’ve been following him since I was 18 years old. I’ve been following him for an entire 35 years!

“I fought for him at least half of his empire!

“Damn old thing!”

Reinhart slammed his fist on the table.

“Look here.”

He lifted his long coat in anger, revealing a gunshot wound on his abdomen.

“And here!



His spine had a scar that was as crooked as a centipede.

The most dangerous part was the knife wound that was only a few inches away from the heart.

“This injuries and the bleed shed were all for him!” Reinhart growled.

“But what about him?

“I am always just a shadow! A shadow!” His hoarse voice suppressed an extremely angry roar.

Reinhart walked out of his state of venting and returned to normal.

He suddenly chuckled.

“I was playing an online game during the day. During that time, someone reminded me.” Reinhart said.

Victor, the young man with thick dark circles under his eyes, and the hearts of the criminal investigation experts all tightened.

“He? Who is he?”

“A gaming netizen’s nickname is ‘Die for Freedom’.”

“What did he tell you?”

Hearing the question.

Reinhart’s expression became noticeably lighter.

He imitated John’s tone in the game.

“Isn’t it just some money? Why would I be afraid of you?

“I won’t be bullied by you!

“Did you see my game nickname?

“Die for freedom!

“I shall fight for my freedom today!

“Playing a game and still being so cautious. You’re really trash!

“I’m about to rebel, what can you do about it?” Reinhart said these words one by one.

His body was trembling in excitement.

“He has said what’s on my mind!

“Every word he said struck a chord in my heart!”

Reinhart continued to narrate what he had done in the old residence.

He was the one who personally lit up the house to send Rayast to death.

The interrogation room fell silent.

In the surveillance room.

Around the long table.

Secret service agents from the security bureau and more than ten top criminal investigation experts from the Owain City Police Station, after hearing the entire story, all fell silent.

“John’s research on each of them is too deep.

“Just a few words are enough to trigger enough psychological hints.

“Such psychological cues will be amplified in the corresponding environment!” The old psychologist broke the silence and said.

“What kind of existence is John?

“He calculated in creating the situation of the migratory birds flying at low altitude.

“He even saw and calculated the changes in the human heart.

“He connected all of this together.”

Old detective Fritz’s gray hair fell to the ground.

He seemed to have aged a lot.

He looked up at his colleagues blankly.

“As long as anything goes wrong in one segment.

“This incident wouldn’t have been pushed to such an end.

“Which means all of John’s calculations are flawless.

“Every single detail is directed towards the final result of forcing Rayast to die.” The female detective wearing gold-rimmed glasses said.

In front of the long table.

Victor, a middle-aged man in a black coat, held his head with both hands and started panting.

John’s action of making use of Reinhart’s hand to eliminating Rayast was something he never expected.

He didn’t dare to think deeper into the scheme.

The deeper he went, the more terrified he felt.

Victor felt his eyes closing.

In the darkness.

He saw John’s penetrating eyes.

He was watched by those eyes.

It was like Medusa’s eyes.

He couldn’t move!

He couldn’t break free!



Next to Reinhart’s interrogation room.

The phone beside Alexander’s hand suddenly rang.


“He was just here to cooperate with the investigation in the first place.

“So Alexander’s personal actions weren’t prohibited.” A police officer said and turned back to look at the screen.

Alexander answered the call.

They saw that after responding to a few words, Alexander asked, “Are you sure?”

Alexander’s voice suddenly rose in pitch.

Joy appeared on his face.

Laughter exploded in the room.

This joyous laughter attracted the attention of everyone in the surveillance room who had fallen into fear.

At the same time.

Ring! Ring!

An ear-piercing sound rang in the surveillance room.

The young Secret Service agent, Sona, answered the phone.

It wasn’t sure what she heard, but Sona’s pupils constricted.

An incredible look appeared on her face.