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The young Secret Service agent, Sona, hung up in a daze.

Victor, the young man with dark circles, old detective Bloom, and Detective Fritz, their eyes all looked nervously at Sona.

At this moment.

They even held their breaths.


Or rather, recently.

All sorts of chaotic events happened one after another.

It made everyone feel increasingly helpless and indescribable.

Sona swallowed.

She first glanced at Victor who was sitting at the long table.

“It’s a call from my hometown.” Then, she said nervously.

Hearing her mention his hometown, the expressions of everyone in the monitoring room changed.

“A colleague from the Intelligence Department said.

“Just now.

“There was an explosion at No. 18 of the Lotte Villa in Owain City,” Sona said quickly with a serious tone.

Victor’s eyelids twitched. He leaned forward.

After the young man with dark circles under his eyes heard that the so-called Lotte Villa had exploded.

His attention was obviously diverted.

Sona took a deep breath.

Then she said word by word, “According to sources, four people in this mansion were killed in this explosion.

“One of them was the one who caused this accident at the old residence.”

She couldn’t help but stop. She found it difficult to continue speaking.


It was like a sudden clap of thunder.

It instantly shocked Victor and all the other criminal investigation experts!

Their first reactions were all disbelief!

What kind of person was John?

Incredible intelligence!

Arrogant as a demon!

He was a young man who had always planned everything perfectly!

The young man with thick dark circles under his eyes suddenly raised his head.

He stared intently at the projection screen.

The Chairman of the Alexander Corporation, Alexander, was laughing wildly.

The young man’s breathing became rapid and his body trembled.

“A colleague from the Intelligence Department is currently investigating.” Sona paused for a second and continued.

Inside the gray six-story building.

The atmosphere became tense.

At this moment, reversing the time slightly back.

Under the night sky.

The mansion worth more than 130 million Mold Yuan burned in the flickering flames.

The flames danced like demons.

It devoured everything greedily.

John looked away from the building.

Once again, he looked at the mansion in the core city area.

At this moment.

His mood was somewhat gloomy.

After staying in a place for a long time, some feelings would develop and some attachment would be left behind.

In the past few days.

John had read books meticulously in front of the classic French window.

He also wrote furiously in the studio.

He wrote down one formula after another.

Under the morning sun, he ate the breakfast that was meticulously prepared.

He also became stronger from his training. Sweat rolled down his face and onto the ground in this place.

He exhaled lightly.

The light in John’s deep eyes retracted.

“This is the third time in half a month.”

“This is the third time I’m being chased to the next place like a stray dog,” John murmured.

His tone was filled with self-mockery.

With that, John turned and looked first at Victoria.

Then, he looked at Hamlet and Salefani behind him.

A hint of warmth flashed past his eyes.

“Next, we can take a good look at this city and this world.”

John paused.

Immediately after, a thick, dazzling, and ostentatious smile appeared on his face.

A strong sense of confidence showed on his face.

“Now, the upper hand is in our hands!

“From now on, we will be in the dark, and the enemy in the light.”

“Let’s go.” John continued.

He stopped talking.

He then moved onto the path that was planned by Foresee.

Not far away, the red glow of the fire occasionally landed on his cheek.

Two black vans drove into the city.

All the surveillance cameras along the way were edited and replaced.

John and the others seemed to have become ghosts in this top-notch modern city.

Gradually leaving the city.

5.15 AM.

Central District, Lotte Villa.

The raging fire was about to be extinguished.

However, this No.18 villa had already turned into ruins.

In front of the villa.

Victor stood side by side with the young man with dark circles under his eyes.

They looked around.

In front of the villa at night.

A large number of people were standing and waiting.

Most of them were wearing black suits and had cold expressions.

There was an unusual temperament about them.

Even if Victor closed his eyes, he could even smell their scent.

They were people from the shadow world!

In the past few days, more and more of the big shots in that circle

had noticed John.

Noticing this scene, Victor sneered.

He hated and even loathed the shadow world.

And he loathed those high and mighty figures even more!

The higher-ups in that industry were less humane.

They would treat everything as their chess pieces.

They went in to take a look.

The last flames were extinguished.

Victor and the young man lowered their heads.

They walked towards the ruined villa.

A strong pungent smell entered their noses.

They sized up the ruins.

There was only a rough framework left.

Almost everything was erased by the explosion and the raging flames.

Investigators from the Owain City Police Headquarters as well as the investigation team from the Mold Country’s security bureau were carefully searching for clues.

In the place where the living hall originally was, four charred corpses covered in white cloths appeared before Victor and the dark-eyed young man.

Both of them were silent and clenched their fists.

The young man took a few steps forward.

He squatted down.

His white-gloved hand gently lifted open the cloths covering the charred corpses.

When he passed by one of the corpses, he paused.

His gaze was fixed on the corner of the clothes that hadn’t been burnt!

The young man removed the white cloth.

The corpse no longer looked human.

Even the tissue cells in its body had been burnt to nothingness.

But from the general outline, in the young man’s eyes, the charred corpse began to slowly fuse with John’s figure.

The young man looked up at Victor.

He saw an ordinary-looking middle-aged man who also showed intense unwillingness and final hope!

Both Victor and the dark-eyed young man didn’t wish that someone as intelligent as John

would disappear with such an ending.

Even if they weren’t qualified to compete with John.

Even if John became their nightmare.

But they still didn’t want John to appear in front of them in such a state!

Victor’s eyes turned red.

The young man with the dark circles stood up.

He lowered his head and pursed his lips.

The acidic young man’s eyes also started to well up with tears!

He wasn’t willing…

He was really indignant!

He was roaring in his heart!

They weren’t sure why they had such complicated feelings for John.

On one hand, they were enemies.

On the other hand, they also felt a sense of acknowledgment towards John.

However, the heavens were jealous of talented people.

Or perhaps it could be said that humans were jealous of talented people.

After all, he had provoked a big shot who had ruled over Owain City for decades.

He even killed those capitalists one after another.

That made sense.

Ever since John appeared in their eyes with a bang,

his outcome had already been decided.

He would be erased from this world forever.

No ruler can accept the existence of a powerful but unmanaged person.

Not to mention that his own experience had caused John to hate those rulers.

Therefore, he wouldn’t be allowed to hop around for too long.

Even if he was lucky enough to survive this ordeal.

He would also die in the next attack.