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“It has been confirmed.

“Identification information was determined from the cell tissue left in the explosion.

“Identification of the four victims.

“They are:


“Male, 19 years old. From Lina Village in the Carter District of Owain City.


“Female. 29 years old. From the Electric City.


“Female, 28 years old. The eldest daughter of the Wei Family in Houston.

“As well as…”

The air was filled with the smell of disinfectant.

In a white medical laboratory.

A female doctor in a white coat and black-rimmed glasses walked to Victor and the dark circles young man.

She flipped through the information in her hand.

Then, she reported coldly, “John.

“Male. 28 years old. From Owain City.”

The sky lit up brightly on December 6.

The weather today wasn’t very good.

A thick haze filled the air.

In the busy city.

Even the ordinary residents

could also faintly sense that the atmosphere was different from before.

Some sensitive people stood behind the glass walls of the office buildings and carefully observed the police cars hurrying through the city, as well some strangely acting black sedans.

Today, not only was the sky black, even the city was filled with all kinds of darkness.

There are many parties brewing plans across the city.

More and more information was captured.

After the fire at Rayast’s old house.

The explosion that happened in the Lot villa also received a complete review.

John was really dead.

He was silently buried in the explosion or sea of fire.

The person who was buried with him was the top goddess of Owain City.

Victoria, who established the Victoria Corporation single-handedly.

Different news spread wantonly in the upper-class circle of power in Owain City.

Owain City.

Near the suburbs of the South Side.

This was the location close to the sea.

The layout of the buildings here was a little chaotic.

They were mostly rural self-made houses built by the villagers.

One of them was a three-story village house.

On both sides were high walls made of concrete.

On one side was a three-meter-tall iron door.

Behind the house was a river.

Near the wall was an old tree with a towering crown.

The courtyard belonging to this house was very large.

John and the others changed into a white van on the way.

It stopped in a corner.

John led the other three and appeared in the courtyard.

He looked around gently and said, “Let’s live here for the time being.”

The door of the three-story village house was closed.

John turned on the incandescent light.

“There are many people watching us.”

He started with this sentence.

As soon as he finished speaking,

he looked first at Hamlet and Salefani.

After a slight pause, he said in a deep voice, “During this period of time, I will assign all of you new advanced missions.

“You guys must improve yourselves as fast as possible.”

Then, John seemed to have sat up straight, his expression dignified and his eyes focused.

“I received news that not long from now, the organization might test you guys.”

Hearing John’s words, both Hamlet and Salephine looked visibly nervous and expectant.

When they joined this ‘organization’, they were already mentally prepared.

There would definitely be a day where their abilities would be tested.

Because Brother John had already mentioned that the investigation period was equivalent to the internship period.

Their expressions were solemn and sincere.

“I understand!” They nodded heavily and replied.

They were trying to guess the identity of the person John was talking about.

They took it for granted that Brother John was hiding from the world this time not because he wanted to avoid the attacks of Alexander and the others.

Instead, it was to pay more attention to the movements of the various parties in the shadow world!

Victoria sat across from John at the octagon table.

When she heard the words “organization test”, she felt inexplicably nervous and her eyes flickered.

Then, she suddenly understood.

An existence as intelligent as John couldn’t be as simple as he looked.

If she combined John with an ancient secret organization in the shadow world, then everything seemed real and reasonable.

Round Table Association.

Black Deity Group.

Erie Club.

It was as if the answer was already coming out.

Victoria couldn’t stop wondering about John’s background and position.


John’s organization might be the oldest existences in the Mold Country’s shadow world.

The Dracula Family.

Intense excitement and nervousness engulfed her body.

The Dracula Family had a long history.

Two thousand years ago.

In the shadow world, the Dracula Family formed the scientific system for the cognitive world!

Victoria’s breathing gradually fastened.

She thought of something.

Victoria had seen some secret information in her family.

She knew that among the Dracula Family’s four advocates, Heaven Knowing means mastering the laws of nature!

It was the supreme law of Heaven.

Even in the shadow world, he was still a high and mighty existence.

As for John…

Victoria reviewed the events that had happened over the past two weeks.

All the accidents were created by John by pushing the laws of nature!

John sat at one side of the table.

The sometimes excited and sometimes secretive Victoria, looked at John quietly, although she pretended to be silent.

John noticed the changes in Victoria’s expression.

He could roughly guess what she was thinking.

“Miss Victoria.

“I hope to invite you to join our Dawn Association.”

John looked at the steps in the Foresee.

Immediately after, his expression showed sincerity and piety as he said in a deep voice.

Beside him, Hamlet and Salefani also had the same expression.

They looked at Victoria with dignity, holiness, and piety.

“The Dawn Association was born in ancient times.

“It hopes to bring light into the world for all living beings.

“Humans have been living in prosperity for 25,000 years.

“Only the most recent 4,000 years are meaningful.

“So what have humans done in the past 250,000 years?

“We hide in the cave and sit around the bonfire.

“Fear everything we don’t know.

“Those explanations about how the sun rises.

“The natural disasters that wreak havoc in the world.

“We all call them gods and demons.

“And pray to them for forgiveness and salvation.”

John looked at the copywriting in Foresee and fabricated a secret organization that had both past and future.

The precise calculation in Foresee this time also made up for the reason why no one knew about the Dawn Association.

Under the gaze of Victoria, Hamlet, and Salefani, John continued in a deep voice, “The Dawn Association mainly guides the world of mankind from 4,000 years ago.

“It led mankind from simple thoughts to wisdom.

“And in this current era, the age of the lawless, the Dawn Association is about to enter the secular world again!

“Miss Victoria…

“Please allow me to introduce myself to you.

“I’m the Arbiter of the Dawn Association.”

Hearing John’s words, Victoria’s mind reeled.

There was a lot to John’s words.

It was related to the traces in the shadow world.

‘Has the Dawn Association also determined that this era is a lawless world?

“Is that why it’s entering the world again to save the world?’

Victoria began to believe that even in the inner world, there was also an ancient organization that was hidden in the deepest depths.

Her heart pounded rapidly.

She felt like he had been involved in the greatest secret of human history!

Starting from the heart of Mold Country, Houston City,

numerous secret conference rooms lit up.

“John’s dead?” A dignified voice sounded.

“You were wrong this time.” Another teasing voice sounded.

“I can only say that this is all John can do. He can only end here.

“So what if he’s dead?”

The matter regarding John was casually dismissed.

The conference room then began to discuss the real issue for this meeting.