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Before leaving.

John looked at the search box in front of him and typed in two questions.

The first question was: “How can I ensure my own safety for the next day or twenty-four hours?”

Then came the second question: “How can I ensure that I don’t expose my identity in the future?”

Numerous paths slowly opened before John’s eyes.

He carefully skipped through the steps in each path.

He put on an ordinary gray coat.

“I’m going out for a while,” John said to Hamlet, who was practicing his fighting skills in the courtyard.

As soon as he finished speaking.

He put on his hood, lowered his head, and walked out of the side door.

On the third floor of this village building.

Victoria, who was sitting by the window reading a book, looked up.

A pair of clear and beautiful eyes watched John leave.

The side door closed.

A lock of hair fell across her forehead.

Victoria tucked the ends of her hair behind her.

A large smile appeared on her beautiful face.

Following John and feigning death to escape was the craziest thing she had done since she had lived to 28 years old!

But all the same…

Victoria felt unprecedentedly relaxed.

It was a sense of freedom as if she had just escaped from prison.

“My family must be going crazy, right?” Victoria chuckled and whispered to herself.

She shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

She lowered his head again and started reading.

John sat at the window seat in the last row of the bus.

He kept his hands in his pockets, keeping a low-key appearance.

He looked out of the window and pondered over something.

He reviewed the recent events in his mind.

First, it was about ‘his fake death’.

After checking the identity information of the ‘charred corpse tissue cells’, the Owain City Police Headquarters and the hidden forces were still doing some detailed background checks.

John’s demon-like intelligence and terrifying computational ability caused many people to find it hard to believe that such an existence would end up like this.

Many people had also imagined John’s ending, but all of those scenes they imagined were accompanied by huge dramatic scenes and a huge pile of resources!

But now…

When more detailed and detailed investigations were presented to all parties, everyone could only accept it!

John, who had calculated everything, only made a slight mistake.

It was just this fleeting moment of carelessness that was captured by his enemy!

And thus lost his life.

John grinned and a trace of mockery flashed past his eyes.

Before moving into the dark, John had followed the path in Foresee and set up detailed conditions for faking his death.

All the clues he had left behind pointed towards that tiny mistake.

He stopped thinking about it and continued to review the second matter.

At this moment, the car was slightly bumpy.

He extended a hand from his pocket and placed it on the back of the chair in front of him.

John looked at the paths in Foresee.

After Rayast encountered the accident, the difficulty in carrying out the steps needed to deal with Yongen and Johnson increased.

From that time, it could be seen that the vigilance in their hearts was infinitely magnified.

But after John died.

A chain reaction appeared in all the paths again.

“Death’s Scythe is about to be raised again.”

John’s eyes lit up as he muttered.

“The third thing.”

While thinking about this, John’s expression showed caution, seriousness, and surprise.

It was related to the consideration of the Dawn Association.

This was only a name he thought of randomly while he was showering one day.

Under the influence of the Foresee, it actually showed signs of gradually becoming real.

From Salefani then to Hamlet, and now to Victoria, these were all following the steps in Foresee.

Step by step, they would enter the ancient and mysterious ‘Dawn Association’.

From now on, John had to truly perfect and compile the existence of the Dawn Association.

Only then could he prevent everything from collapsing.

This was a huge project.

John reached out and rubbed the sides of his slightly swollen and painful Dayang Acupoint.

He looked at the densely packed paths in Foresee and his eyelids kept twitching.

And these endless steps were the process of implementing and creating the ‘Dawn Association’ in the shadow world!

Amongst them were the structure and history of the Dawn Association.

It also included creating the imitation of ancient ruins in different regions.

The end of these paths was the ultimate secret, the Dawn Association, that lay across human history!

The bus stopped at the side of the road.

John didn’t hesitate and plunged into the busy city again.

Not long after.

John appeared in the corner of the arrival hall at Owain City International Airport.

He was waiting for someone.

A neuroscience doctor who had returned from the empire which the sun never sets.

“Name: Promia

“Age: 35

“Potential Rating: 8 points

“Description: Ph.D. in the neurology department at the University of Medicine in Houston, Harvard University.

“He had the research experience of a neuroscience research institute.”

In the description, John looked at the long string of academic papers, magazines, and reports.

His gaze finally settled on a line of text: “With Promia as the core, establish a neurobiology medical laboratory.

“Research direction is neurophysiology and cell neurobiology.

“He’s an important component that can wake up your girlfriend Alice.”

A long time ago.

John had searched for the talents needed to treat Alice.

That was when this Promia appeared in John’s vision.

John had also been waiting for the moment of his return.

John took a deep breath.

He looked up at the front of the arrival hall.

On the huge screen, there was information about the arrival of the various flights.

There was something wrong with John’s emotions at this moment.

It was filled with an urgent desire and also a little nervousness about gaining and losing something.

From the moment he was released from prison.

John had been enduring.

Today, he was finally taking the first step in waking his girlfriend Alice.