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When John appeared at Owain City International Airport, manpower shuffling appeared in the Owain City Police Headquarters.

In the gray six-story building.

In the surveillance room, the criminal investigation experts were packing their things.

Victor was the captain of the first special task force team sent by the Mold Country Security Bureau.

He was wearing a black knitted sweater and holding a cup of tea.

He leaned against the window and looked at the entire surveillance room.

The follow-up investigation regarding John wouldn’t be ending anytime soon.

But for the special investigation team that was mainly chasing after John, they could already be disbanded in batches.

He picked up the teacup and drank a mouthful of tea.

He glanced out of the window.

The scene was that of the end of the winter, the withered trees, and the desolation…

“You should feel better.

“After all, he’s such a terrifying guy.”

Victor tried to comfort himself.

At this moment.

A hoarse voice suddenly sounded in the surveillance room.

It attracted Victor’s gaze.

It was the old detective, Bloom.

He had already packed up his items into a large cardboard box.

The box contained his teacup, pen, and information.

Bloom placed his right hand on the cardboard box.

His gaze swept across the companions who had only gathered in the room for a short duration.

“Although I know that everyone has already signed a confidentiality agreement, the old tend to be long-winded.” Bloom started with these words.

During the investigation time in this surveillance room.

Although it hadn’t been long, Bloom clearly looked much older.

He paused for a second and continued, “I have to remind everyone.

“Not only do we need to keep John’s matter absolutely secret.

“Also, everything related to John must rot in our hearts.”

When Bloom said this, his expression was very serious.

He was an old detective who had worked for a lifetime.

He had some vague contact with matters in another circle.

Therefore, Bloom sensed that there were many things involved in this matter.

The slightest mistake could result in a calamity for ordinary people.

Hearing Bloom’s words, the group of criminal investigation experts nodded and responded.

“Also, I have something else to say.”

Then, under everyone’s gaze, Bloom placed his feet together with a ‘pa’ sound and stood up straight.

He tidied up his clothes.

His expression was unprecedentedly solemn.

Bloom saluted respectfully to everyone.

He only put his hand down after a long while.

His hat was taken off and placed on his chest.

“I’ve already submitted a retirement application to the higher-ups.

“I’m very grateful to be able to fight alongside everyone for the past two weeks!” With reddened eyes, the old detective said in a deep voice.

Initially, according to his age and experience, he should be able to work for at least two to three more years.

But after experiencing ‘John’, the fire in Bloom’s heart dissipated!

John became a nightmare for the old detective, Bloom.

The surveillance room was bustling with people a few days ago.

Now, it quickly became empty.

“When are you leaving?”

Victor lit a cigarette and looked at the young man with dark circles under his eyes.

The young man was silent.

After a while, he looked up at Victor.

“I’m not leaving!

“I don’t believe he’s dead just like that.”

John was like a dazzling firework.

In an instant, he attracted the attention of many people in the shadow world.

However, he also disappeared in an instant. He had reached his ending.

Hearing this, Victor took another deep puff.

Then, he replied, “I’ve also applied to stay. I want to wait a while more.”

About 50 kilometers from the Owain City Police Headquarters, which was located in the center of the city.

At the Owain City International Airport.

John stood behind the pick-up crowd in a gray coat and hood.

Not long after.

A refined middle-aged man wearing gold-rimmed glasses and a suit appeared.

He pulled along a suitcase and walked out with a shoulder bag on his back.

He walked towards John and brushed past him.

After the middle-aged man walked past, John suddenly turned around and followed behind the middle-aged man with his head lowered.

“Hello.” John suddenly shouted as he stood against the wall in the corridor.

After a pause, he said, “Promia.”

Not far away.

The refined-looking middle-aged man stopped in his tracks.

He looked at John in confusion.

In Promia’s eyes, the hooded young man was very strange.

The young man’s hand came out of his pocket and he opened his palm toward Promia.

Between his thumb and index finger was a round metal ball.

The young man released his grip.

The metal ball fell to the ground.

Promia looked at the metal ball instinctively.

The ball rolled on the ground to the next intersection.


A young man raised his foot and stepped on the ball!

He staggered!

However, he didn’t fall.

He took a few heavy steps forward.

He reached out and grabbed the railing tightly to prop himself up!

At the same time, there was an umbrella in the side pocket of the young man’s backpack.

It rushed out of his bag.


The umbrella opened in midair.

Promia looked up at the strange-looking young man in the corner.

The young man smiled brightly at him.

“What an odd fellow.”

Promia pulled his suitcase toward the escalator.

He walked to the front of the escalator.

He noticed the slowly descending umbrella.

The umbrella landed on top of a running child.

The cup in the child’s hand was knocked off.

Promia didn’t see very clearly, but the drinking water in the cup should have been overturned.

The electrician who was repairing the circuit slid to the ground!

A terrifying scene occurred!

The people saw that the escalator carrying hundreds of people on it stopped in an instant!

“Hello, Promia.” Behind the elegant middle-aged man, the young man in a gray coat had approached again and shouted.

Promia shuddered.

Goosebumps appeared on his back.