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“That scene just now was… was it a coincidence?”

At the airport, in a cafe near the window.

A 28-inch silver suitcase was placed beside the table.

Dr. Promia, 35.

He looked at the mysterious young man in front of him.

He asked in surprise.

“Before I stop you.

“I noticed the young man.

“I then calculated the distance, weight, and the inertia of his body.

“A while ago.

“On the screen, I saw the surveillance footage of the hall on the first floor.

“I saw workers inspecting the circuit and running children.”

John didn’t answer Promia’s question directly.

Instead, he spewed out some specious information.

His fingers dipped into the lemon water in the glass and drew out several calculations.

John knocked his fingers on the table.

He looked up at Promia, who was staring at him in shock.

He spread out his hands and said, “This is the situation. That’s all.”

Beads of sweat began to appear on the tip of Promia’s nose.

He reached out and adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses.

Dr. Promia, the middle-aged man, began to realize something.

In the field of life sciences and neurology.

He had an extremely solid foundation and extraordinary research.

Although up until now, he hadn’t done anything outstanding.

However, there were also secret research institutes and biological laboratories abroad.

They had all invited him before.

Promia knew that there was another circle in the world.

Or rather.

Promia knew that in the countries and human civilization around the world, especially in the field of natural science, most of the top talents would be invited by that circle.

That place was the truth of civilization, it was a dazzling world!

John looked away from Foresee.

“You don’t have to be afraid. I won’t do anything to you.” He looked at the middle-aged doctor in front of him and suddenly said.

After a slight pause.

John pulled out a bank card he had borrowed from Victoria.

Pressing it under his fingertips, he pushed it toward Promia.

“I want to invite you to study some fields that you want to study and form a laboratory with you as the core.”

John looked at the words in the steps and repeated them word by word.

“There is 100 million in this card. It’s the first confirmation fund for this laboratory.”

All life engineering laboratories were especially costly.

It could easily be billions, tens of billions, or even hundreds of billions.

As long as he could wake Alice up, John wouldn’t care how much it cost.

“By the way, your mother is still waiting for you in the underground parking lot. Don’t let her wait too long.”

John said no more and patted Promia on the shoulder.

Then, he stood up and strode away.

“I’ll contact you again.” John stopped again and looked at Promia, then said.

Behind him.

Promia watched the young man disappear.

Then, his gaze focused.

He looked at the black bank card on the table.

He felt his mouth go dry.

He seemed to be afraid, but also excited.

His hands landed on his lap.

His thighs began to tremble.

John boarded the bus back to South Sand District.

He placed his hand on his chin and looked out of the bus window.

But his attention was actually on Foresee.

In the information about Dr. Promia, based on his theses, research direction, and individual ability, Foresee had calculated his development trajectory.

Before Promia could really develop any results, Foresee had told John to intervene.

“Make use some of Promia’s personality flaws and psychological loopholes.

“From there, control and lead him.

“This is the first laboratory built for Alice’s awakening.

“But it won’t be the last laboratory.”

John looked hopeful.

Back in the village building on the third floor.

John pushed the door open and walked into his studio.

The house was filled with paper records and formulas.

It was like a dense array of deductions about everything in the world.

John sat down at the table.

He pushed the pile of data beside him to the other side.

His fingers pinched his brow as he pondered.

After a long while, he looked up.

Feigning death this time had brought him some real opportunities.

But there was one thing he had to take note of.

Once John attacked Alexander, Johnson, or Yongen, any one of the three, this would immediately alert the other two.

John didn’t want to waste the chance obtained from faking his death than to wait again for another long time.

He also didn’t want to suddenly appear again before he could observe those lofty existences.

He held the pen in his hand.

He slowly wrote down the names of these three people.

Using lines, he connected their names together.

At this moment.

John looked down, his eyes flashing. An idea struck him.

“Hu!” He took a deep breath.

He suppressed the violent emotions in his heart.

John looked at the Foresee in front of him and searched in the dialog box.

“How to commit a perfect crime to push for the deaths of Alexander, Johnson, and Yongen at the same time?”

Clicked to confirm.

Very quickly, numerous steps were accurately and coldly refreshed into his eyes.

John looked at the steps which advanced in stages.

There didn’t seem to be too many emotions on his face.

However, there was a terrifying sense of oppression in his temperament.

The steps were very complicated.

However, it was this concealment from faking his death that gave John the chance to push forward an accident to kill all three of them.

This would be a huge chain reaction that involved an entire city!

“This punishment is more like a high precision show.”

John licked his lips, his brows rising.

His expression was arrogant, wild, and his breathing was deep.

“After moving into the dark, under the huge night sky, for the people of the Shadow World, I shall give them another dazzling and exciting performance.”

John’s fingers knocked on the table.

“There’s not much time left for me.

“But there are too many things to prepare before I start the plan.

“After this incident, I might really step into the inner world.

“What exactly is waiting for me in the inner world?”

After a long while, the night darkened and John was called out of the room.

From the living room to the courtyard of the house.

He saw Victoria, Salefinni, and Hamlet were already gathered together.

A barbecue rack was set up in the middle of the courtyard. Hamlet was paying attention to the heat.

Victoria and Salefani held a can of beer in one hand and a roasted chicken wing in the other.

Seeing such a happy scene, the suffocating pressure on John’s shoulders seemed to decrease slightly.

He smiled in gratification.

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