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December 21, 2020, rainy and cold.

It had been two full weeks since John disappeared.

It was as if everything had returned to normal.

Owain City, the core CBD area.

At the crossroad between the financial center building and the Alexander Corporation building.

Looking down from the sky, two figures holding a black umbrella each walked out of the subway tunnel.

They walked to the zebra line, and at that moment, the red signal light came on.

The black umbrella on the left raised slightly, revealing half of John’s cheek.

He looked at the 38th and 39th floors of the financial center building.

“Just like that, your family gave the Victoria Corporation you created to Johnson.” Then, he turned his head and said.

Over the past few days.

Hidden in the dark, John observed the changes in the different circles in Owain City.

After repeatedly confirming John’s death, Johnson began to come out of the shadows.

Using the name of the York Family, he entered the social circles of Owain City.

He was very high-profile and knew how to interact with others well.

He would attend cocktail parties and visit the elites of Owain City.

During this process, Victoria’s family, the Wei Family in Houston City, also sent people to Owain City to take over Victoria Corporation.

White jade-like arms were revealed from under the black umbrella.

“This is to please the York Family.” Victoria also looked up at her former office and sneered.

After their words landed, there was silence.

There were office workers in suits and leather shoes who looked like elites jogging to the back of John and Victoria.

At this moment.

From the direction of Alexander Corporation, three identical models and styles of black Mercedes drove steadily past them.

John’s clear eyes watched the motorcade leave.

After the motorcade disappeared, he smiled.

The green light came on.

John and Victoria followed the flow of people as they walked through the zebra line.

After the surrounding office workers in suits and leather shoes left,

“Which of the three cars do you think Alexander is sitting in?” John approached Victoria and asked in a voice only she could hear.

“Or perhaps…” Seeing Victoria’s gaze, John smiled and went on, word by word. “He isn’t in any of these three cars?”

In the Foresee that only he could see.

Although a new turning point had appeared, because of John’s influence, Alexander was still extremely cautious when traveling nowadays.

“Let’s go.

“Let’s go to the next place.” John stopped in front of the Alexander Corporation building and said to Victoria.

“En.” Victoria nodded slightly.

Over the past two weeks, John had made many arrangements.

Until recently, Victoria could sense that this kind of foreshadowing and preparation seemed to have begun to pile up to the extreme.

Owain City’s most prosperous district, CBD, Lotte Town, Owain Club.

Luxurious cars stopped outside the elegant main entrance of the club.

Well-dressed socialites and gentlemen alighted from the cars from time to time.

A high society cocktail party was about to be held here.

There was a long red carpet and classical oil paintings hung on the walls of the corridor on both sides.

Victoria was wearing a Baroque-style dress.

In front of her face was a black hollowed-out veil.

Beside her.

John was wearing a fitted black suit.

“Wait a minute.” Victoria suddenly called out.

John stopped and turned to her questioningly.

“You didn’t tidy up this spot.”

Victoria took a step forward in her wine-red high heels.

She almost came face to face with John.

She reached out and dropped her hand directly beside John’s collar.

She smoothed down the slightly asymmetrical collar and said.

Victoria, who was wearing high heels, was about 1.78 meters tall.

John only needed to look down slightly to see her cheek behind the veil.

Her skin was stained with a rosy color like agate.

When she saw his gaze, her long eyelashes trembled slightly and her eyes avoided his.

John and Victoria walked to the third floor where the cocktail party was being held.

Standing at the intrinsic railing and looking down, the place John was seeing was the center and main venue of tonight’s distinguished cocktail party.

The people down there were drinking together, looking amorous, gentlemanly, and elegant.

“Johnson’s here.”

John, his hand on the railing, noticed the middle-aged man surrounded by the crowd.

“There are three days left until Christmas Eve.

“I heard there was an even grander cocktail party in the center of Owain City on the night of Christmas Eve?” John turned to Victoria and asked.

“This event is held every year, but the ones attending are basically the young generation of the various families.” Victoria nodded and said.

In the past years, she would also receive invitations, but she had never been there.

As soon as she finished speaking.

Victoria seemed to have thought of something and remained silent.

This half a month was very fruitful and quiet.

For a while, she didn’t even want to change this current lifestyle.

John smiled as he looked at the center of the cocktail party.

Not long after.

Classical music filled the hall.

The crowd began to dance lightly.

John looked away. He looked at Victoria and made an inviting gesture, extending his hand to her.

“Can I have a dance with you, Miss?”

Victoria looked taken aback, then pleasantly surprised.

Without hesitation, she placed her hand on John’s palm.

With a large smile, she replied, “Of course, my pleasure.”

A faint smile adorned John’s face.

The lights were warm.

At the third floor of this place, in an inconspicuous spot, John half put his arm around Victoria’s waist and began to dance.

Outside this extremely extravagant cocktail party.

In the busy city of Owain City, it was still raining.

It gave the ordinary people living in this city a sense of congestion and humidity.

Normal people had their own normal lives.

John was originally a member of the masses.

Actually, from the bottom of his heart, he hated cocktail parties.

This was the place where the so-called high society people indulged in pleasure.

The people who were participating in this cocktail party, to a certain extent, were the enemies of the masses who had worked hard.

Because capital will always be the enemy of the people.

John had lived in the orphanage since he was young.

The elderly in the orphanage taught him to be thrifty.

Telling him that splurging was wrong.

However, at this timing.

Since Foresee asked him to attend this cocktail party, he naturally wouldn’t give up on this opportunity.

Those who achieve great things don’t bother with trifles.

Ovi City, Mountain South District Police Detective Headquarters.

Five years ago, a young detective here had handled John’s transportation case.

He was also the first person to notice that something was wrong with Neil’s accident.

After tidying up the documents, he looked at Detective Fritz, who was sitting by the window, looking slightly dazed.

This was how his Brother Fritz had been since he returned here half a month ago.

The young detective didn’t know what had happened.

“Is John dead?”

The young detective also heard some news.