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It was late at night.

Victoria half pulled on her skirt.

She hurried after John.

Her cheeks were rosy behind the veil.

There were beads of sweat on her slender neck and delicate collarbone.

At this moment.

Her eyes were very bright, looking very happy.

When they came out of the building, the rain had stopped.

A cool breeze blew past. Victoria shuddered and touched her fair arm.

“Put this on first.” A gentle voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

She then noticed that John had stopped walking.

He draped his black suit over Victoria’s shoulders.

As for himself, he was just wearing a washed-out white shirt.

Victoria’s hand was suddenly being held.

She followed behind John, walking on the sidewalk beside the main road.

John didn’t think too much about it.

He was just showing concern for the future members of the Dawn Association.

His heart now was filled with the desire to save his girlfriend Alice.

He thought about nothing else.

On both sides.

From time to time, the lights of cars would flash.

Victoria was panting in small mouthfuls, her heart pounding.

She had been following John these past few days.

Witnessing one incredible scene after another.

Now, they were able to walk calmly in this city and wouldn’t be noticed by any relevant existences.

In fact, even when he brushed shoulders with Johnson, at that moment, Johnson’s attention would definitely be attracted to something else.

John glanced at Victoria as if reading her mind.

He released Victoria’s delicate palm.

His steps seemed to be stepping on a certain point in time.

After her hand was released, Victoria’s heart felt strangely empty.

There was no time to think.

“This is a top international metropolis.

“There are 15.3 million people living here.

“It’s so huge that the humans living here are like tiny ants.” She heard John said.

Victoria watched John’s back.

“As long as there are loopholes, I can capture them.

“And coincidentally, there are no perfect procedures in this world.” John turned to Victoria and said.

“They’re here.”

John looked away. Behind Victoria, a white van slowly stopped.

The lights between the cities occasionally brushed Hamlet’s cheek.

He sat in the back row.

John studied Hamlet with satisfaction.

After half a month, today, under the precise training of Foresee, the changes that had happened to Hamlet were transformative.

The curves on his arms were distinct, and the bulging muscles were like solid bricks.

His shiny bronze skin was obviously a result of sunlight testing.

‘He has already become a qualified shadow.’

John felt around with his fingertips.

At this moment, he saw something in the rearview mirror beside Hamlet.

His expression paused.

It was a pair of eyes that were staring at him without blinking.

After noticing the refraction in the rearview mirror, the eyes moved away quickly like a startled deer.

John looked away.

He looked at the Foresee that only he could see and pursed his lips.

‘Foresee has schemed against the human heart once again.’ John whispered in his heart.

Foresee would calculate the optimal solution to achieve the target.

Capturing Victoria’s favor had become a part of the steps before John even realized it.


‘I have actually realized that.’

John shook his head and removed the cover he placed in his heart.

December 22, 2020, cloudy day.

In the morning, past 8 AM.

John was wearing a gray coat and a hood.

He left the three-story building.

The curtains with the windows were pulled open.

Victoria’s clear eyes stared in the direction John had disappeared.

She looked up.

She glanced at the cloudy sky.

Under her hand, her knuckles were hard and white.

Victoria knew that they wouldn’t be staying long in the self-made house near the sea for long.

It was also at this moment that the half-naked Hamlet finished his punching routine.

Putting on his clothes, he left the courtyard quietly.

Inside the gray six-story building.

The surveillance room that used to be filled with a large number of people seemed deserted now.

The young detective, Sona was still here. On her fingertips, lines of codes were running past like flowing water.

The ordinary-looking middle-aged man, Victor, was carefully flipped through the investigation documents.

The last person was the young man with thick dark circles under his eyes.

He was doing research on John, starting from the first accident John caused.

Victor took a sip of the tea.

“Anthony.” He looked away and shouted at the young man.

“Has the higher-ups give you an ultimatum?” Victor asked.

“Yes.” The young man replied in a deep voice.


“December 24th.”

“What time are you leaving? I’ll send you off.”

“December 24, 11.59 PM and 59 seconds.” The young man clenched his fists and said.

Even at the last second of the ultimatum, he wasn’t willing to leave early.

As soon as he finished speaking.

The young man continued his work, concentrating on deducing and calculating the logic of John’s actions.

A few minutes later, he stopped again and turned to look at Victor.

“What about you?” He asked.

“I’ve been urged too.

“I’m a little better than you. We can wait until after Christmas before leaving.” Victor shrugged and smiled bitterly, then replied.

Everyone else had left.

Only the few of them withstood the pressure from the higher-ups and investigated carefully for another half a month.

Now, the higher-ups had given them an ultimatum.

Although from the fact that they obtained, John was really dead.

However, they didn’t want to believe it.

This was a young man who had brought countless possibilities to them.

It left them in a deep shadow.

This young man who brought suffocating fear seemed like he would really never appear again.

John did have a lot of negative impact on the detectives and the experts.

But he hadn’t really hurt them.

Those whom he led into their deaths

were all people who committed all kinds of crimes when they were alive.

Because of various conflicts, when social justice could no longer execute them, John stepped forward faintly.

Now, Victor and the others instead missed those days when John was still around.

Victor took out a cigarette and sniffed at it. He hesitated.

“This time here, I’m caught with a smoking habit,” Victor said.

The surveillance room became silent again.

Owain City Financial Center Building, which was 530 meters tall.

John suddenly appeared on the top of the building.

The cold wind hit his face.

John shoved his hands in his pockets and walked to the edge of the building.

His distinct eyes looked down at this top-notch nationalized city.

He looked at Foresee: “December 24, 2020, 21.00 PM.

“You will seal off all the passageways that they can use to leave the city.”

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