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December 22, 2020, cloudy day.

There were two and a half days left until Christmas Eve, less than 72 hours.

It was almost noon, and the heavy rain started to fall.

Mountain City, which was close to Ovi City.

Knock! Knock!

In front of Room 402’s door.

John looked up at the sign above him.

Then, he took off his hood, raised his hand, and knocked on the door forcefully.

Not long after, he heard footsteps and replies from the inside.

“You are?

“Oh, I remember you!

“You’re Mr. Walker’s friend. Please come in.

“Mr. Walker brought the child out to play. He should be back soon.” The middle-aged woman in plain clothes studied John, then said quickly.

With a gentle expression, John changed into his slippers and walked into the living room.

Sitting on the sofa, he noticed an old book that was often flipped over beside his hand.

He picked it up and flipped through it. John’s brows raised slightly. It was a Buddhist scripture.

This middle-aged butler of Alexander was a very capable person.

He was also ruthless enough, or else he wouldn’t have been trusted.

Handling dirty things for his master one after another.

“Everything has its laws, like a dream or a bubble, like dew or lightning, it should be done according to the principles.” John softly read out a sentence from the Buddhist scripture.

It was pouring outside the window.

In the house, John carefully read the Buddhist scripture.

He really hadn’t expected this.

This ordinary-looking, middle-aged man with a friendly expression but a ruthless and cold heart actually liked this mysterious Eastern scripture.

Could it be that there are some profound mysteries within it?

Just like that, John read the scriptures softly.

Although the contents were difficult to understand, he read it with relish.

Soon, John was immersed in it.

He had almost forgotten everything in the outside world.

His mind was calm, as if he had forgotten his purpose for coming here.

Until the door opened again.

John pressed the Buddhist scripture against his hand and looked towards the door with interest.

“A friend?”

Not far away, Walker’s voice that had an obvious change in emotion could be heard.

His footsteps were hurried.

Soon, Alexander’s middle-aged butler, Walker, appeared in front of John.

At the same time, he looked at John.

Walker’s pupils constricted and his body went limp. He staggered backward.

He leaned against the shoe cabinet.

The child, as well as the nanny, all went inside their rooms. Walker sat beside John.

“You’re really not dead.” He forced himself to calm down and said.

“It’s raining outside, yet you still played outside with your child.” John didn’t respond. He just glanced out the window and said.

“We were playing in the mall nearby,” said Walker.

“Have you been returning more frequently recently?”

“It’s because of your influence on Alexander.”

Walker drove the car back to Owain City.

John was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Alright, drop me here.” At the side of a pavement, John suddenly said.

Before getting out of the car, through a gap in the seat, he picked up a strand of hair that he had dropped into his palm.

Then, he opened up the black umbrella and watched as Walker’s car left.

“Name: Johnson

“Age: 48

“Potential Rating: 7 points

“Description: Top butler-like talent.”

Although the description was very short, the potential rating was enough explanation.

This Walker was actually also someone worth recruiting.

The car disappeared from view.

This was the middle-aged butler of Alexander.

He was an important node in Foresee.

Retracting his gaze, John held the umbrella and studied the slope beside the road and the tunnel ahead.

He looked up.

His clear eyes took in the road and slope in front and behind him.

Rain fell on the surface of the umbrella and flowed down.

A curtain of water appeared before John’s eyes.

December 22, 2020, 3.21 PM.

South Sand District, near the Lotte estuary. The three-story house in the village.

John walked through the side door and into the courtyard.

Victoria was reading by the window on the second floor.

She immediately noticed John’s figure.

On her cold face.

In an instant, a smile as beautiful as a lotus flower bloomed.

In front of the building.

John looked into Victoria’s eyes and nodded slightly.

“Name: Victoria

“Age: 28

“Potential Rating: 9 points

“Current Ability Rating, 1 point.

“Description: She can help you take charge of an entire commercial empire.”

After their recent interaction, Foresee’s evaluation of Victoria’s potential was marked at 9 points.

For a very long time to come, this could be the highest potential rating talent that John could find.

John walked into the three-story house.

He stood outside Salefani’s studio and knocked on the door.

After getting an answer, he pushed the door open and walked in.

It was even bigger than the studio in the villa.

The entire wall was filled with screen monitors.

Salefani was monitoring an important location in Owain City that John wanted her to pay attention to.

“I need you to help me screen some people.”

John looked at the screen monitors and placed his palm on Salefani’s shoulder.

3.37 PM and 29 seconds.

Owain City, Huadu District, an old neighborhood.

A small house, a two-bedroom apartment.

In the dimly lit living room, the Moon God was enshrined there.

A thick sandalwood fragrance surrounded the house.

An old lady, with her hands together, muttered in front of the Moon God.


“Mom!” At this moment, excited shouts suddenly came from the room.

Immediately after.

A lady in her thirties in pajamas ran out.

“I managed to snatch two tickets to Marka City.

“A round trip for two people, I only spent 430 dollars in total!

“Just nice, the two of us can go together the day after tomorrow. Don’t you like to pray to the Moon God?

“I remember that in Marka City and its surroundings, there are many ancient buildings!” The lady in her thirties said with a flushed face.

3.41 PM and 29 seconds.

Owain City, Carter District.

In a dirty single apartment.

In front of the cold light on the computer screen, there was a fatty wearing thick glasses.

A look of delight appeared on his face.

He looked a little excited.

Immediately after, he started coughing violently.

His hand clutched his chest tightly.

After a long while, his breathing became much smoother.

The three-story building.

John looked at the series of codes on the screen in front of Salefani, his eyes burning.

This era was the era of big data.

Everyone, when using the Internet, had unknowingly left behind footprints that had already formed an entire database about them.

There were many treasures hidden on the Internet.

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