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Hearing someone calling his name, Lin Qi snapped out of his daze.

But soon, he was stunned.

In front of him was a towering skyscraper.

On top of the skyscraper were three huge words, “Tower of Reincarnation”.

Lin Qi remembered that he was working overtime at the company. He laid on his desk and rested for a while because he was a little tired.

Why did it become such an unfamiliar world the moment he opened his eyes?

Beside him, a plump guy saw Lin Qi’s dazed expression. He waved his hand in front of Lin Qi and asked, “Are you okay, Lin Qi?”

“Are you nervous? Hey, what’s there to be nervous about? Your comprehensive assessment results are usually better than ours. You will be doing fine in this reincarnation test.”

Lin Qi was even more confused.

What was this Little Fatty talking about? Why did he not understand what he meant at all?

Moreover, Lin Qi was sure that he did not know him at all.

Just as Lin Qi was filled with doubts, he suddenly felt an intense pain in his head, as if he had been pricked by a needle.

An unfamiliar memory surged into Lin Qi’s mind.

After a moment, Lin Qi understood.

He had actually transmigrated?

The owner of this body was also called Lin Qi.

He was a student from Class 8, Grade 12, Jiangcheng High School.

The Little Fatty next to him was his deskmate.

The reason why he was standing under the Tower of Reincarnation was that they were going to participate in the reincarnation test.

This world was very similar to Lin Qi’s previous world at first glance, and they could be very developed.

But in fact, this world was completely different.

This was a magical world where everyone was reincarnated.

Every resident of this world had to receive a school education.

They would learn various skills, such as finance, fighting, science, medicine, and so on in school.

It was not just like in Lin Qi’s original world where simple English, Math, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry were taught.

After every student learned these skills, they could survive in any world.

The goal was to be reincarnated.

The residents of this world could be reincarnated to other worlds through the Tower of Reincarnation, and they could obtain different resources from these other worlds.

In the world of modern urban, they could earn a lot of money and strive at ease in the business world.

In the world of technology, they could obtain more advanced science and technology, and realize the leaps and bounds of the technological development of this world.

In the world of Wuxia, one could break the limits of the human body, leap over roofs and walls, smash rocks with one punch, and unlock the mysteries of the human body.

In the world of Xianxia, one could join an immortal cultivation sect, learn immortal spells, live forever, ride on a flying sword, and roam the universe.

In the primitive world, one could find undeveloped resources, as well as creatures that disappeared in the long river of history of this world, which would greatly promote medicine.

In the world of magic, they could learn how could one enter the mysterious magic academy and hook up with a magic girl wearing a magic robe.

Different worlds had different civilizations.

One had to master different skills to be able to survive in these worlds.

That was also the reason why the school would do everything possible to let the students learn these skills.

Of course, this world was able to reincarnate the entire population, so it naturally had more profound knowledge.

But the knowledge would not be made public to ordinary people.

Only a small number of upper-class rulers or those who monopolized a large amount of wealth could enjoy the knowledge.

This was a seemingly civilized but crueler world.

And the original owner of Lin Qi’s body was the lowest class of this world.

Although he was an excellent student who mastered all kinds of skills, his family was very poor.

The resources that he could enjoy were very scarce, so he studied very hard.

He hoped that he could become a reincarnator in this reincarnation test.

After having these memories, Lin Qi waved his hand.

The little fatty, Wang Ran heaved a sigh of relief. “Great to hear that you’re fine. Let’s go. We have to get in now.”

Lin Qi nodded and followed the team into the Tower of Reincarnation.

The Tower of Reincarnation represented the highest achievement of civilization in this world, and it could connect countless worlds.

Every city had a Tower of Reincarnation.

The first reincarnation of every person in this world was free.

The first reincarnation was very crucial, almost deciding whether a person could become a reincarnator.

Only one day would pass in the real world no matter how much time had passed in the reincarnated otherworld.

According to the achievements made in the reincarnated otherworld, the Tower of Reincarnation would give corresponding points. If the points were too low or if one died unnaturally in the otherworld, they would be judged as failing the test.

And if one passed the test, they would become a reincarnator.

Not only would they be able to enjoy a large number of cultivation resources, but their social status would also increase in a straight line. Every reincarnator was incomparably powerful and possessed unimaginable abilities.

Reincarnators were the elites of this world or even the ruling class. They could use the Tower of Reincarnation at their own will.

They controlled all the resources of this world and monopolized the wealth of the world.

After failing the first reincarnation test, they could still come to the Tower of Reincarnation to continue their reincarnation. However, the cost of each reincarnation was extremely high. It was simply not something that an ordinary person could afford. Even some wealthy families would find it difficult to bear the cost.

Therefore, for most people, they had only this one chance.

If they succeeded, they could become reincarnators. If they failed, they could only become an ordinary person.

They could become a gear to maintain the operation of this society.

Therefore, every student who came to the Tower of Reincarnation for the first time had a nervous look on their face and a nervous heart.

The original owner of Lin Qi’s body was the same.

Although he usually performed very well in all the tests, he was still nervous when he was informed to take the test.

Besides, he had heart disease. After a few days of being nervous, he suddenly had a heart attack and died.

It was just in time that Lin Qi had transmigrated into him.

Lin Qi did not feel nervous about transmigrating.

After all, he did not have any attachment to his previous life.

He had worked in society for many years and could not even afford to buy a house with his underpaid salary.

He drove a broken used car and did not even have a girlfriend.

Since he had transmigrated to this world, it made Lin Qi feel relaxed and excited, which he had not felt for a long time.

Lin Qi looked up and saw that the men and women in front of him were nervous.

“Students from Class 8, Grade 12, Jiangcheng High School, come to me.”

A staff member in uniform shouted in front.

“Everyone, line up and come here to receive the reincarnation mark!”

Thus, everyone obediently lined up in a long line.

Lin Qi was also in the line.

That was his first time participating in reincarnation, so he was very curious about everything.

The staff member took out something that looked like a seal and stamped a golden mark on each student’s palm.

“Xu Tian, spent 500 reincarnation points to choose reincarnation identity, wealthy family.”

“Zhang Zhaotong, spent 1,000 reincarnation points to choose reincarnation identity, wealthy family.”

“Li Hu, spent 1,000 reincarnation points to buy a super serum. It can be used in the otherworld. It can greatly strengthen the physical quality, and you can have a strong combat ability after implying it.”

“Yang Ming spent 50 reincarnation points. Chose the identity, handsome young man.”

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