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Lin Qi could feel that the person was approaching him with some intention of having a battle.

However, Lin Qi was not interested at all.

“Your cultivation is so high that I’ve never seen an expert like you in the entire world.”

“But why haven’t I heard of you before?”

The person did not leave but continued to ask Lin Qi.

“People from the government?”

Lin Qi had already guessed the identity of the person.

“I won’t disturb you as long as you don’t disturb me!”

“Don’t worry. I won’t disrupt the order of this world.”

Lin Qi once again gave the order to leave.

He thought that the man was thinking that he would cause harm to the Dragon Country. After all, the destructive power of a warrior was astonishing, especially a powerful warrior who was even more terrifying and would be restricted by the country.

“Sir, I just want to invite you to have a cup of tea and have a good chat.”

“Since you’re annoyed, can we talk here?”

The man still didn’t want to leave and lowered his posture of speaking.

His appearance was also ordinary. He had short hair that was like needles, a tall and sturdy figure, and his strong body was hidden under the loose sportswear.

Although his name was ordinary, his strength was not simple.

Xu Kai was a warrior of the Precelestial Realm.

Moreover, Xu Kai’s identity was not simple.

He was the team leader of the Special Department of the Dragon Country, which specialized in controlling the Dragon Country’s warriors.

He saw an extremely popular video on the Internet.

It was crazily shared on the entire Internet.

In the video, a man was sitting in the lotus position in the void in the legendary stone tablet of the Divine Firmament Temple.

Only a Saint Core Realm warrior could float in the void.

The sudden appearance of a Saint Core Realm warrior gave Xu Kai a shock.

There were only three Saint Core Realm warriors in the entire Dragon Country.

Two of them were experts from major sects in the world, while the other one was hidden in the secular world.

The destructive power of a Saint Core Realm warrior was comparable to that of a million male soldiers. Xu Kai had never seen that new warrior before, nor had he found any relevant information on warriors in the entire country.

The man in the video was Lin Qi.

Therefore, when Xu Kai saw the video, he immediately arranged for his subordinates to look for Lin Qi.

The Divine Firmament Temple was in the capital, so Lin Qi was naturally in the capital too.

Someone from his subordinates reported.

He saw a young man using the movement technique of leaping onto roofs and vault over the wall.

He ran along the smooth glass wall directly to the top of the capital’s No.1 Building.

That’s right. He ran on the wall.

After he went up the building.

He even floated in the air for a moment.

Although Precelestial Realm Warriors could also fly in the air for a short period.

But they could only maintain it for a few minutes at most.

Moreover, they would be closer to the ground because they couldn’t overcome gravity.

And the man in front of him.

Could run straight up a skyscraper that was hundreds of meters tall, which was the No. 1 Building in the capital.

It could be seen from that.

The level of martial arts of the man in front of him was incomparably profound.

Could it be that this person was a warrior in the Saint Core Realm?

In the special department.

The team leader of the Martial Arts League of the Dragon Country.

Xu Kai personally came over.

“There’s no need to talk over tea!”

“We have nothing to talk about between us.”

“However, lend me your identities if possible.”

“As a reward, I can cripple all the high-level warriors outside the Dragon Country before I leave.”

“From then on, all the countries in the world will bow down to Dragon Country!”

Although his tone was frighteningly arrogant.

But Xu Kai didn’t feel that Lin Qi was boasting anymore.

He also didn’t think that Lin Qi could do it.

Because from what he had guessed.

Lin Qi should be a warrior in the Saint Core Realm.

It could be said that he represented the peak of martial arts in this world.

His combat strength was unparalleled and extremely terrifying.

One person could be comparable to an army of a million.

However, there were also such warriors of the Saint Core Realm in other countries in the world, other than the three in Dragon Country.

After all, there were billions of people in the world.

There were only three of them in the Dragon Country.

Naturally, there were Saint Core Realm warriors in other countries.

Many of the Saint Core Realm Warriors in foreign countries had used lifespan technology to improve themselves.

Such Saint Core Realm warriors were not as strong as those who relied on themselves to improve themselves.

Even so, they should not be underestimated.

After all, they could not fight against the large number.

For example, the United States on the other side of the ocean.

Had 15 warriors of the Saint Core Realm.

That was why they could intimidate the other countries in this world.

They could become the strongest country.

Therefore, no matter how one looked at it, it was impossible for Lin Qi to kill the Saint Core Realm warriors of these countries.

However, Xu Kai did not directly point it out. Instead, he sighed and said, “I appreciate your kind intentions on behalf of the country. However, the world’s structure is certain. Rashly killing these experts will inevitably lead to chaos in the world. We also don’t want to break the world’s peace.”

“Flaunting the power of our country is something that everyone in the Dragon Country yearns for. However, in this era, Saint Core Realm Warriors don’t represent warriors.”

Although Saint Core Realm warriors were powerful, they were not invincible.

They could be killed with missiles.

Even if Lin Qi sneaked into these countries, once the security bureau of these countries detected it, they could directly use missiles to kill him.

That was why he didn’t agree to Lin Qi’s request.

However, through his conversation with Lin Qi.

Xu Kai could feel that Lin Qi wasn’t a madman who ignored the law and did evil things.

Lin Qi wouldn’t destroy the social order of the Dragon Country.

If a Saint Core Realm warrior became a criminal who destroyed the social order, it would cause great damage.

“Of course, a Saint Core Realm warrior isn’t invincible. What about above the Saint Core Realm?”

The person thought that he was a Saint Core Realm warrior.

However, he was not a Saint Core Realm warrior at all.

He was an Earth Immortal who could reverse life and death and control Heaven and Earth!

At this time, Lin Qi had already turned his head back.

That allowed Lin Qi to see Lin Qi’s uncomparable grace even more clearly.

“This young man… is a fallen immortal!”

Xu Kai was shocked by Lin Qi’s appearance.

After Lin Qi became an Earth Immortal, he was at least ten years younger. The originally very handsome Lin Qi’s facial features were even more perfect, conforming to the Great Dao.

After a day of karma, the changes in Lin Qi’s body completely stabilized.

Lin Qi had already completely grasped the realm of an Earth Immortal.

His physical body had been cultivated to a perfect state.

It seemed that his existence was the Dao.

It was the beautiful sacrifice that mankind had always made.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.

Those who believe in the Buddha will think Lin Qi was the Buddha when they saw him.

Those who believe in the immortals will think Lin Qi was the immortal when they saw him.

People who believed in God would think of Lin Qi as a god when they saw him.

“The Saint Core Realm is not invincible. What about those above the Saint Core Realm?”