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Lin Qi looked through the few phantoms that he had the deepest understanding. They were the same. Lin Qi understood some part of the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique. He only needed to practice it.

A throne appeared under the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi. He left a clone in the purple space to protect and guide Lin Qi.

Lin Qi found a place to sit down.

He did not comprehend or cultivate the divine technique.

He called the system, and an image filled with futuristic technology appeared in front of him. Lin Qi placed the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique inside the silver, white, and aqua blue beams. The fusion of the ancient Immortal item and futuristic technology showed a great difference.

[ Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique placed successfully! ]

[ Divine Technique upgrading! ]

[1% — 10% — 30% — ]

[50% — 80% — 90% — ]

[99% — ]

The closer the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique was to the maximum level, the more obvious the changes in Lin Qi’s temperament. His realm rose to the Ascension Realm.

The clone of Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi, who was sitting in the lotus position opened his ancient and deep eyes, and a rare emotion appeared in his eyes.

He was moved.

“Six hours?” Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi looked at Lin Qi with a surprised expression.

Even those who had followed Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi for dozens of tribulations, hundreds of tribulations, or even thousands of tribulations, had never seen Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi in such a state.

It was clear that Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi was shocked.

A being with extraordinary talent should take at least a hundred years to master the Heaven Immortal Divine Technique. Moreover, it had two energies. He had learned the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique, one of the most difficult Heaven Immortal Divine Techniques in hours.

It was like an ordinary person learning a skill and counting it in seconds.

Wasn’t that too unrealistic?

[100% ——]

[ Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique has reached the maximum level! ]

Circles of ripples spread out from Lin Qi’s body after he had mastered the divine technique. It was a normal reaction after he had completed his ascension and reached the level of a Heaven Immortal.

Immortal light surrounded Lin Qi’s body. His body was evolving in the immortal light, which was visible to the naked eye. It was a rebirth, and beams of purple light poured into Lin Qi’s body from the top of his head.

It was as if lotuses were blooming around Lin Qi’s body. Those lotuses were faintly discernible, appearing and disappearing at a relatively fast rate.

All sorts of strange phenomena appeared around Lin Qi’s body for some time.

He ascended.

Purple clouds appeared from the east.

The Five Qi condensed in his mind.

And three flowers bloomed on his head.

It would take Lin Qi at least tens of thousands of years or even longer reach this stage under normal circumstances. It was different if he had a master.

Lin Qi had the system and potential, but he lacked the opportunity to activate it. It was only after Lin Qi was taken in as a disciple under Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi that his potential was truly stimulated, allowing him to enter a period of explosive strength.

Lin Qi had officially stepped into Heaven Immortal Realm.

He ascended to immortality.

Lin Qi would live the same life as Heaven and Earth, immortal and indestructible.

Heaven and Earth were vast.

He could freely roam the six paths and the three realms.

He would become a Heaven Immortal.

He had already obtained freedom.

Lin Qi looked ahead, and his eyes suddenly flashed with immortal light. Lin Qi had been reborn after reaching the Heaven Immortal Realm. He had immortal eyes, and he activated them. He could see all the worlds, and the first thing he saw was the Heaven Court.

The magnificent South Heaven Gate was right in front of him. The heavenly soldiers and generals guarding the South Heaven Gate had also noticed Lin Qi. They saw a sudden appearance of divine energy, and Lin Qi’s gaze was removed. The Heaven Court was honorable, and he could not even look at the South Heaven Gate from afar.

Lin Qi opened his immortal eyes and looked at the Netherworld. The ten halls of the Netherworld, the eighteen levels of Hell, the great sea of bitterness, and the bridge of helplessness.

Souls would pass through the great sea of bitterness before entering the Netherworld. Countless souls would suffer in it, and a terrifying Netherworld ship would lead them to the Netherworld. However, the efficiency was low, and the souls would suffer in the great sea of bitterness for an extremely long time. There might be eighteen levels of hell waiting behind after passing through the great sea of bitterness.

The Netherworld was filled with despair emotions as if there was no hope at all.

“The sea of great suffering does not exist, nor does the eighteen levels of hell exist. Everything is because of their thought. The heart of a sinner reflects all suffering.”

The voice of the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi suddenly rang in Lin Qi’s ear.

“This is the real Netherworld.”

Lin Qi felt his vision blurred. The Netherworld had changed its appearance. There were only ten halls there, and there was no suffering.

“The suffering in the Netherworld is self-inflicted?” Lin Qi asked in surprise.

“The words you write down are a line of words. They wrote down their consequences personally, using their entire lives to write them down,” Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi.

Lin Qi seemed to understand a little of the meaning behind those words.

“How is it? Are you feeling unwell?” asked Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi.

Lin Qi knew that the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi was asking about the “Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique”. He closed the immortal eyes, stood up, and replied, “I’m alright. Everything is normal.”

“Not bad.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi nodded with admiration.

“I see that you are fine, and you are fine. Then it means that you are fine. You completed the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique in six hours, which was the first in history.”

“It must be mainly because of luck,” said Lin Qi.

“You can’t cultivate with normal methods with your talent. Follow me.” Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi waved his hand.

The purple space changed.

Lin Qi returned to the immortal palace and faced the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi again. He saw Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi chanting some mantras. There was almost nothing that would need him to chant a mantra. He could solve almost everything with just a thought.

It meant that what he was about to show was profound and important if he was chanting a mantra.

Golden Light burst out from the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi’s hand, and a world faintly appeared in the golden light. He had opened a space in his hand. It was a world!

“This is the Great World of Zixia.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi waved his hand, and the world in his hand was thrown in front of Lin Qi. The size of this world was large, about two thousand times larger than the planet that Lin Qi was familiar with.

“This is the place where my first disciple, Daoist Spiritual Master Zixia, attained the Dao. Daoist Spiritual Master Zixia broke through to the Taiyi Immortal Realm here, leaving behind a vibrant vitality that made the Great World of Zixia prosperous and resplendent. The ‘Zixia Divine Technique’ that Daoist Spiritual Master Zixia left behind when he attained the Dao, and the purple feather fan that accompanied him when he reached the Taiyi Immortal Realm is in it. They are all supreme treasures.”

“Each of my disciples will be sent to the Zixia great world to comprehend Daoist Spiritual Master Zixia’s Dao when they reach the Golden Immortal Realm.”

“Lin Qi, although you are only a Heaven Immortal, I believe that you are qualified to comprehend the Dao left behind by Daoist Spiritual Master Zixia. I’m sending you to the Great World of Zixia to cultivate.”

Heaven Immortal, True Immortal, Mystic Immortal, Golden Immortal, Taiyi Immortal.

Only the Gold Immortals would be sent to the Great World of Zixia. However, Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi was sending Lin Qi, who was just in Heaven Immortal Realm there.

Was the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi thinking too highly of him?

“Only Gold Immortals will cultivate in the Great World of Zixia. Isn’t it dangerous for me to go in there as a Heaven Immortal?” asked Lin Qi.

“Although Daoist Spiritual Master Zixia’s Dao is left behind there, it was only a Taiyi Immortal’s Dao. The life forms in the Great World of Zixia can only cultivate to the level of Heaven Immortal at most. Other disciples only go there to comprehend and never come in contact with the local life forms.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi said, “However, you can indeed come into contact with the local life forms as a Heaven Immortal. I happen to have a mission for you.”

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