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“This disciple is willing to go,” said Lin Qi.

The Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi waved his hand, and phantoms appeared in front of the Great World of Zixia. The scenery changed, and a few figures gradually appeared.

There were mortals and demons among these figures.

There were Daoist priests, monks, elders, children, human entities with tiger heads, pythons, and other entities.

There were ten figures in total.

Although Lin Qi did not know them, he could see the unkind look and viciousness in their expressions.

“The Great World of Zixia is a world of its own. Billions of living creatures live in it, with the level of Heaven Immortal as the limit. Normally speaking, Heaven Immortals will ascend and leave the Great World of Zixia.”

The ten figures slowly rotated in front of Lin Qi as Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi spoke.

“But the great sinners will be bound by the energy of sin in the Great World of Zixia once they reach the Heaven Immortal Realm. They were unable to escape. These ten people are the Heaven Immortals who have committed heinous sins. They are now ruling the Great World of Zixia.”

“Are they harming the living beings in the Great World of Zixia?” Lin Qi asked.

“That’s right. There are ten countries in the Great World of Zixia, each ruled by these ten great sinners, known as the ten emperors.”

The primordial master said, “And I want you to kill these ten sinners when you cultivate in the Great World of Zixia and free yourself from the Great World of Zixia.”

“This disciple is willing to go. But, master, why didn’t you settle it personally or send other disciples?” asked Lin Qi.

“Have you ever wondered why Heaven Immortals were legends when you were in the mortal world? Almost no one has seen them. Now that you have become a Heaven Immortal, do you think you’ll have difficulty in returning to the mortal world?” asked the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi.

Lin Qi thought for a moment.

It was easy for Lin Qi to return to the mortal world at his level now.

Why did he rarely see Heaven Immortals in the human world since it was easy for them to get back there? It almost made them a legend!

“The world operates according to its laws. Great Divine Technique practitioners who interfere in the affairs of the lower levels will break the laws. It’s not that they can’t interfere. There’s no need for them to do so.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi slowly explained, “I can free the Great World of Zixia with a thought, but there’s no need for it. That is the law of the Dao of Heaven. It operates according to nature. You’re different from others, as Heaven Immortal. You can involve in the affairs of the Great World of Zixia without being affected at all.”

“This disciple understands,” Lin Qi said.

“You can go now.” The golden light in Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi’s hand shone brightly. He had opened the Great World of Zixia.

Lin Qi bowed to the Taiyi master as a disciple. Then, he circulated his mana and entered the Great World of Zixia.

“You have to think about me if you encounter any danger. I will bring you back to the Golden Light Cave in Mount Qianyuan at once.” Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi’s voice reverberated in Lin Qi’s mind.

“Thank you, master!” Lin Qi said gratefully.

The Golden Light in the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi’s hand slowly dimmed. The Great World of Zixia closed during this process. Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi closed his eyes. At the same time.

Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi’s avatar that he left in the purple space walked through the phantoms. Finally, his gaze stopped at the highest position.

There, a phantom similar to Lin Qi was slowly condensing.

Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi did not need to open his dharma eyes to see the sky-high light that erupted from Lin Qi’s body. It was a dazzling light that the other 96 phantoms could not compare to.

“Disperse. That is a talent that is difficult for others to learn. Leaving it here will not help the future generations much. Instead, it will cause them to suffer a great blow and destroy their humanity.” Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi’s clone sighed and gently waved his hand.

Lin Qi’s phantom disappeared into thin air in the purple space.

In the Great World of Zixia.

Lin Qi had transmigrated in from the golden light condensed by the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi. The place was similar to the mortal world and was one of the countless small worlds.

However, the laws of Heaven and Earth were weak there. The Heaven Immortal Realm was the maximum realm one could cultivate in that world. No one could reach the True Immortal Realm there.

Even reaching the Heaven Immortal Realm was a difficult step. There might not be one being who could cultivate to the Heaven Immortal Realm in hundreds of thousands of years.

Lin Qi flew in the sky and looked at the land below. Everything was normal. However, the closer he got to the ground, the more he felt that something was wrong.

The creatures there were living in pain, being forced to perform slavery and torture.

Lin Qi saw countless creatures were enslaved, suffering from no hope.

“This is Senior Zixia’s place of enlightenment. I wonder where Zixia’s divine technique and purple feather fan?” Lin Qi opened his heavenly eyes.

He looked through the entire Great World of Zixia.

But he could not see the Zixia’s divine technique or the purple feather fan.

“That’s normal. Countless seniors at the rank of Gold Immortal have come here to ask questions, but the purple feather fan is still here, and no one had found it. It must be difficult to find it.” Lin Qi said to himself.

He slowly approached the ground.

“How dare you slack off?”

A tall figure in black armor whipped an old man who was already skinny as if he would starve to death at any moment. He shouted angrily, “It is your lifelong honor to serve Lord Shi Jing! How dare you slack off!?”

The whip with thorns created hideous wounds on the old man’s back. The old man fell heavily to the ground under the force of the whip and, unable to get up.

“Get up!”The black-armored man came over and kicked the old man angrily.

The old man was on the verge of death. How could he stand up?

“You’re good-for-nothing.”

A hint of hatred flashed in the eyes of the black-armored man. He said, “Make him ascend.”

A few lower-status men came over and helped the old man up before throwing him into a cave.

A huge blurry figure ate up the old man’s corpse inside the cave. It was an enormous bird that ate up the old man. The people there called that ascension.

“Is there anyone else who dares to slack off? You will be like him! Those who want to die, line up and stand out!” The black-armored man shouted.

Everyone was working in fear.

The most worthless thing was the lives of these slave workers in that place. Even a piece of ore was countless times more precious than their lives.

The black-armored man looked around, but no one dared to stand out. The black-armored man withdrew his gaze in satisfaction. He turned around and was about to take a step forward when he suddenly stopped.

A person had silently appeared behind him. He did not know when he came there. It shocked the man with armor. He hurriedly took a step back and subconsciously scolded, “Who are you? What are you doing behind me?”

The man in black armor looked at the person seriously after he shouted.

He saw a handsome youth. The young man was the most handsome person he had ever seen in his entire life.

“Who are you?” the man in black armor asked.

“Answer my question, or you’ll die soon.” Lin Qi said calmly.

The man in black armor suddenly widened his eyes, and he was angered. “Bastard, you are seeking for death! I don’t care who you are. I’ll whip you if you dare to speak to me like that!”

The black-armored man raised his hand that was holding the whip.

However, he was unable to swing the whip. His hand froze in the air as someone had petrified him.

He wanted to shout for help.

He was shocked to discover that he could not say a word!

The black-armored man was even more shocked to discover that everything around him had frozen. Everyone had stopped moving on the spot. There were even stones that froze in mid-air.

The time and space froze.

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