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The black-armored man’s head was in a daze, and all he could hear was a constant buzzing sound.

Freezing time and space, stopping time… Had he gone mad, or did the young man in front of him have such a great ability?

“You… you…” the black-armored man’s pupils contracted, and he felt boundless fear. “Senior, please say it if you want to tell me something. You don’t need to attack me.”

“Tell me, what is this place? Where is your emperor?” Lin Qi asked.

“This is a refined iron mine!”

The black-armored man immediately answered Lin Qi and said, “Our emperor has always lived in Canglan Imperial City. I’ve never been there. I only know that it’s in the north, far north. It might take a few months for them to travel.”

“What do you mine refined iron for?” Lin Qi asked.

“Forge weapons! Armors!” The man in black armor answered honestly.

“Weapons? Armors? This world is ruled by ten emperors. Do you still need weapons?” asked Lin Qi, puzzled.

“There is no war between the ten emperors, of course.”

The man in black armor answered honestly, “We forge weapons and armors to fight against the Spirit Clan!”

“I don’t know what that is either. No one can explain it clearly. I only know that the Spirit Clan will usually wait for any heavenly and earthly treasures or any prosperous land. I heard that at the end of the world is the ancestral land of the Spirit Clan. However, that is only a legend. The ten emperors have already overturned the end of the world and discovered that the world is just a circle. We will be just encircling the world, and there’s no end of the world.” said the black-armored man.

“Now that you are mining these irons to forge a weapon, which Spirit Clan are you going to fight against?” asked Lin Qi.

“Sir, how did you know that we are fighting against the Spirit Clan?” The black-armored man was shocked.

Mining irons and forging weapons did not mean that they were using them to fight against the enemy at once, right? He did not expect Lin Qi to know about that.

He just saw that they were so eager to mine and guessed that they were in urgent need of refined iron ore.

“Answer the question.” Lin Qi’s voice was cold.

The black-armored man was shocked. He quickly said, “We mine refined iron ore, forge weapons, and transport them to the gulf. Rumors said that a large number of Spirit Clan are discovered in the gulf, and a great war is going on! The gulf is in the east, about a month’s journey. We have a requirement on the number of weapons each month. We’ll all be punished if we don’t meet the requirement!”

“How large is the scale of the battle?” Asked Lin Qi.

“I’m not sure, I only know… that Lord Shi Jing is participating in this battle. Lord Shi Jing is the strongest man under our emperor, the only King!” said the black-armored man.

Lin Qi raised his eyebrows. “It seems worth a trip.”

Since he could not find the Zixia Divine Technique and the purple feather fan, he would first complete the task that his master had given him and deal with the problems of the ten emperors.

“Senior, I have answered all the questions truthfully. Can you let me go?” The black-armored man asked.

“When did I say that I would let you go?” Lin Qi asked.

The man in black armor was shocked. He remembered what Lin Qi said and answered him truthfully.

The man in black armor turned into dust in a split second.

“The evil energy in your body is so heavy. How could I let you go?” Lin Qi snapped his fingers, and the frozen space-time returned to normal. Lin Qi had already left the mine.

No one in the mine realized that time had stopped. They were still working hard. Someone realized that the guard had disappeared after a while.

The guards that could be seen everywhere were gone!

A cloud appeared under Lin Qi’s feet. He flew on the cloud, and arrived at the front line of the intense battlefield, the gulf in the blink of an eye.

He saw countless black lines moving toward the gulf. Those were teams transporting supplies, with hundreds of thousands of transport vehicles, weapons, armor, food, and other supplies.

The gulf was filled with dazzling power. Countless low-level spells exploded upon impact. One could see beams of light illuminating the sea and the sky from the horizon.

The battle was intense, but it was a low-level battle.

The highest realm was only at the Mahayana Realm.

It was like a game to Lin Qi.

Lin Qi opened his heavenly eye and looked at the battlefield. He immediately saw the reason for that battle. Countless Spirit Clan surged to the surface of the sea and fought fiercely with the humans on the surface and shore. The reason was a damaged painting scroll under the sea.

Although it was a damaged painting scroll, it did not rot all year round at the bottom of the sea. Only heaven’s eyes could see the divine energy lingering on it. It was a divine item.

It was rare to see a divine item in the Great World of Zixia.

“Since you all want this item, why don’t I join in?” Lin Qi smiled and extended his hand towards the surface of the sea.

The entire battlefield shook. Countless people fell to the ground. Even those who could stand were shocked by the earthquake.

“Why is there a sudden earthquake?”

The humans on the shore were shocked. No one could continue fighting in such a violent shake. The tense battlefield had won a temporary peace because of that.

A man in silver armor in the sky stared at the ground in shock. He was the strongest person on this battlefield. He was at the Mahayana Realm, the commander of the humans, and the only king of this place, Shi Jing.

The sudden earthquake also shocked him. He had a feeling that this was not an ordinary earthquake, as a Mahayana Realm cultivator. There might be a great mystery behind it.

“Could it be the Spirit Clan? Damn it! We have to obtain the Scroll of Heaven’s secrets. We cannot retreat.” Shi Jing clenched his teeth. “Everyone, don’t be afraid. Use your power to stabilize your posture and continue to fight!”

Shi Jing’s pupils suddenly contracted.

A rumbling sound suddenly came from behind him. A force that even he was afraid of suddenly appeared. He turned his head abruptly and saw a tall wave surged and blocked the sun. It was a tsunami. Shi Jing had never seen such a terrifying tsunami. It was as if the entire world’s seawater was surging towards them.

“Ha!” Shi Jing roared and circulated his power. A Mahayana Realm power barrier appeared in front of him.

The tsunami shattered Shi Jing’s barrier easily. An unprecedented impact landed on Shi Jing’s body.

Shi Jing’s Mahayana body was fragile. He spat out blood and was engulfed by the wave.

There was no need to mention the others if even the Mahayana was like that. The entire battlefield was swept clean by a huge wave and entered true peace.

It did not affect the Spirit Clan much. They had no evil energy on them, so Lin Qi would not harm them.

Those transparent creatures that looked like humans, the so-called Spirit Clan, all revealed a human-like astonishment. They stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do.

No one had expected that an intense battle would end in such a strange way.

It was as if the will of nature was pushing for peace.

The Spirit Clan sensed something and couldn’t help but be startled. They all raised their heads to look at the sky.

A handsome young man stepped on auspicious clouds and slowly appeared.

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