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The Spirit Clan were even more shocked the moment they saw the young man. There was no power fluctuation on the young man’s body, just like a mortal.

Only real mortals and those who had surpassed the Mahayana Realm would give them such a feeling.

Auspicious clouds flowed beneath the handsome young man’s feet, indicating that he was the one above Mahayana Realm.

He was an existence who had surpassed the Mahayana Realm and reached the top of the world!

The earthquake and tsunami just now should have been done by that young man. It was hard to imagine how did the young man create such a terrifying earthquake and tsunami.

The Spirit Clan did not discover any aura from this young man that made them feel disgusted.

He was not a brutal person like the ten emperors.

He was a Heaven Immortal who was qualified to be called an immortal.

“All hail to the Immortal.”

The Spirit Clan on the surface of the sea suddenly saluted Lin Qi in unison.

Countless Spirit Clan came to the surface from beneath the sea and saluted Lin Qi as well.

“All hail to the Immortal!”

The voices of the Spirit Clan rang out across the sky.

As a Heaven Immortal, and the one who didn’t have any evil energy circulating him, Lin Qi was qualified to accept their salutation and wouldn’t cause any negative effects.

He reached out his hand, and the surface of the sea was split open. The incomplete painting scroll at the bottom of the sea was exposed in the air. Then, it shook a little before floating in the air and turned into a stream of light that flew toward Lin Qi.

He took the incomplete painting scroll with his hand, but no one from the Spirit Clan stopped him. They had no single thought of stopping him. The Spirit Clan believed that Lin Qi had the right to take the incomplete painting scroll.

“Immortal, this is called the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret. It is a treasure that we have guarded for many years. We wait for the one with fate and destiny to take it. Now that you have come, our mission is complete,” a spirit in an elderly life form said.

“Oh? Did you guard it under someone’s order? Who ordered you?” Lin Qi was stunned. He descended from the clouds and landed on the ground, looking at the elderly spirit.

“Under the orders of the spirit’s ancestor.”

The elder answered respectfully. He said, “Our Spirit Clan was born in ancient times. Our Spirit Clan’s life was born under the blessing of fate after the spirit ancestor attained the Dao. Lord Spirit Ancestor left three scrolls, saying that there will be a destined one who will come to get the scrolls. He wants us to protect them and wait for the destined one.”

“Attained the Dao? The Spirit Clan was born after the spirit ancestor attained the Dao because of destiny? Could Senior Zixia be that the spirit ancestor?”

Lin Qi seemed to understand some of the situations. “What method do you use to distinguish the destined one?”

“Those who have reached the top, and the Spirit Clan does not have any feelings of repulsion to him. Then he’ll be the destined one,” the elder of the Spirit Clan replied.

“I understand.” Lin Qi understood.

Those who had reached the Heaven Immortal Realm would ascend and leave the Great World of Zixia. They would be plagued by evil energy if they stayed. Thus, those who had reached the Heaven Immortal Realm here would never become the destined one no matter what.

Those who met these conditions must be people who came to the Great World of Zixia from the outside world.

They were Daoist Spiritual Master Zixia’s juniors.

“How many destined ones have there been in the past?” Asked Lin Qi.

“Hmm… Immortal, you are the only one that I’ve met so far,” said the elder of the Spirit Clan.

“That’s normal.” Lin Qi nodded slowly. “Only Golden Immortals come here to comprehend the Dao. Not even a being will come after dozens of tribulations. It’s normal for them to be ignorant of what happened in the past.”

One Tribulation was 120,000 years.

It would be incredible if someone from the Spirit Clan could remember what happened hundreds of thousands of years ago.

“Do you know where the other scrolls are?” Lin Qi asked.

“I only know the whereabouts of the other half of the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret you are holding. I don’t know where the other two scrolls are.”

The elder of the Spirit Clan replied, “The other half of the scroll was taken away by the Emperor Shi three thousand years ago. Although the spirit race tried their best to resist, they were still no match for the Emperor shi who had reached the Heaven Immortal Realm.”

“Is Emperor Shi the emperor of this territory?” Lin Qi asked.

“Yes. Emperor Shi is the elder brother of the Mahayana Realm cultivator who was swallowed by the waves just now,” the elder of the Spirit Clan replied.

Emperor Shi wanted to gather the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret and seize these great opportunities.

“Emperor Shi is indeed ambitious.”

Lin Qi shook his head, “The Scroll of Heaven’s Secret should be one of the three scrolls left behind by Senior Zixia. How dare these sinners to try to get them?”

“Immortal, Emperor Shi is ruthless and powerful. He is also in the Heaven Immortal Realm. Emperor Shi will come looking for you with this half of the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret in your possession,” said the elder of the Spirit Clan.

“It doesn’t matter. I will handle it. The Spirit Clan should not get involved.” Lin Qi’s gaze shifted to the Spirit Clan members. He chanted a mantra and cast a spell. The injuries of the Spirit Clan members rapidly healed.

Not only that, they were stronger now.

As the saying went, when a man was in court, all his followers were in favor too.

Lin Qi left a portion of his fate to the Spirit Clan to slightly raise the strength of their entire clan.

The Spirit Clan members noticed the changes in their bodies. They realized that it was Lin Qi who did that after they were slightly stunned. They bowed one after another with gratitude and looked at Lin Qi respectfully.

The surface of the sea suddenly made a slight sound at that moment. A figure covered in wounds dashed out. He did not stop and flew straight towards the horizon.

“That Mahayana is still alive!” The members of the Spirit Clan noticed him and exclaimed.

“The Mahayana is indeed tenacious.” The elder of the Spirit Clan was also a Mahayana and wanted to make a move.

All the members of the Spirit Clan were stunned and withdrew their power after a second.

It was because they saw the escaping Mahayana Realm cultivator flying back to the Spirit Clan. He was being pulled back by an invisible force.

“Why are you leaving in such a hurry? That’s not polite.” Lin Qi’s voice rang in the ears of the Mahayana Realm cultivator.

Shi Jing felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar.

A Mahayana Realm cultivator like him was on the verge of tears at this moment.

“Senior, my elder brother is Emperor Shi and also a Heaven Immortal. Please let go of me on behalf of my brother.” Shi Jing begged for mercy.

“How would I know whether you are lying to me? Anyone can say that their brother is at the Heaven Immortal Realm, right?” Lin Qi smiled and said, “Why don’t you stay here and wait with me for two days to see if your Heaven Immortal brother will come looking for you?”

“Okay, okay! My brother will come!” Shi Jing saw hope and quickly nodded.

Lin Qi patted Shi Jing’s shoulder and then sent him to the surface of the sea. He said to the spiritual race, “Lock him up first.”

The Spiritual Clan was about to go up and capture Shi Jing.

Suddenly, they heard Shi Jing Scream.

Shi Jing suddenly screamed in horror, “My Sea of Qi, my power, my cultivation… my cultivation of the Mahayana Realm is gone?”

The Spirit Clan stopped and looked at Shi Jing, who was screaming in shock.

His aura was indeed decreasing.

Shi Jing was almost on the verge of collapsing as he screamed. Finally, he looked at the handsome young man in the sky and screamed, “It’s you! You patted my shoulder just now and took away my cultivation!”

It was more painful for him to suddenly become a mortal than to be killed as a Mahayana Realm cultivator.

“You are a Mahayana Realm cultivator, after all. How can I lock you up if I don’t do that? You can only blame yourself for being too powerful.” Lin Qi said, “Rest assured and wait for your Heaven Immortal brother to come and look for you.”

“You… Are you going to sneak attack my brother?” Shi Jing suddenly realized something.

He had already realized that this handsome young man was a terrifying monster who was friendly on the outside but evil on the inside.

The young man had planned to sneak attack Emperor Shi when he came looking for him!