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“Lock him up.”Lin Qi did not answer him, but looked at the spirit race members and said.

Shi Jing roared, “You Devil, you put on a harmless appearance, but in fact, your heart is extremely vicious! First, you crippled me, and now you want to plot against my brother. My brother will not be fooled! !”

“I’m harmless to begin with,”said Lin Qi.

“My Brother Won’t be deceived by your harmless appearance! You Won’t succeed in your plot! Never! !”Shi Jing screamed loudly.

Compared to his own Mahayana stage cultivation being crippled, he was more worried that his brother would fall into Lin Qi’s trap.

Once something happened to the stone emperor.

Then there would really be no turning back.

Shi Jing prayed that the Stone Emperor would not come, would not be fooled, and would not care about him. He said that the stone emperor would not be fooled, but he was only consoling himself.

“Unknowingly, he crippled a Mahayana stage cultivator. What a terrifying power…”the spirit race members looked at Lin Qi with great admiration.

“It’s just that I don’t know if the exalted immortal can deal with the stone emperor. The stone emperor is one of the top existences among the ten emperors. Ordinary Peak existences are not his match at all.”

“I believe that the exalted immortal will definitely be able to defeat the Stone Emperor!”

Many people in the spiritual race were very worried for Lin Qi.

This was because the battle between Lin Qi and the stone emperor would not be an ordinary one.

Lin Qi possessed half of the scroll of Heaven’s secrets that the stone emperor really wanted, and he had also crippled the cultivation of the stone emperor’s younger brother, Shi Jing, at the Mahayana stage. No matter which one it was, it was enough for the stone emperor to chase after Lin Qi with all his might. The two matters added together had reached the point where they would not rest until one of them was dead.

In his craziest state, the stone emperor’s fighting strength was definitely not something that an ordinary pinnacle cultivator could compare to.

In his craziest state, the stone emperor definitely had the ability to kill a pinnacle cultivator.

“If the exalted immortal had not crippled Shi Jing’s cultivation, perhaps the relationship between him and the stone emperor could have ended peacefully by handing over the scroll of heavenly secrets. Now…”

“I’m a little worried for the exalted immortal.”

Lin Qi rode on the clouds and landed on a nearby mountain with a beautiful view facing the sea. He stretched out his hand and used his mana to open up a temporary cave abode.

Using his mana to form a barrier, he could not even see the existence of this cave abode without using his dharma eyes. Lin Qi settled in and used it as his temporary base.

Sitting cross-legged, Lin Qi seriously opened the scroll of heavenly secrets. He saw a very realistic white nine-tailed fox drawn on it. Under the moonlight, the nine-tailed Fox’s fur glittered and it was very beautiful.

However, this was only half of the scroll of heavenly secrets. There should be something else on the other side of the nine-tailed fox. However, Lin Qi could not deduce what it was.

He opened the heaven’s eye and looked at the scroll of heavenly secrets. In the light, Lin Qi vaguely saw a vortex formed by the light slowly rotating on the scroll.

The vortex should be the secret exploration method of the scroll of heavenly secrets. However, only half of the scroll of heavenly secrets could not really activate the vortex.

After confirming that there were no problems, Lin Qi used his mana to refine this half of the scroll of heavenly secrets and made it his exclusive item.

The moment the scroll of heavenly secrets was refined, Lin Qi naturally sensed the location of the other half of the scroll of heavenly secrets.

Normally, he would not be able to sense it.

However, the other half of the scroll of heavenly secrets was refined by someone and the power within the scroll of Heavenly Secrets was activated. Then, the two sections of the scroll of heavenly secrets would be able to sense each other.

The other half of the scroll of heavenly secrets was in a very distant place in the north. It should be the stone emperor’s imperial city, Canglan City, that the black-armored man had mentioned before.

“Looks like the stone emperor should be looking for me,”Lin Qi muttered to himself.

The stone emperor, who was cultivating in seclusion in this place, opened his eyes at this moment. A puzzled look appeared in his eyes as he waved his hand to open his own half of the scroll of heavenly secrets.

He discovered that he could sense the location of the other half of the Heavenly Secrets Painting Scroll.

“I can suddenly sense the other half of the Heavenly Secrets Painting Scroll. The heavenly secrets painting scroll can only sense each other when it has been refined. What happened in the Great Gulf? who refined the Heavenly Secrets Painting Scroll?”A look of doubt flashed in the Stone Emperor’s eyes.

He immediately opened his heavenly eye and looked towards the Great Gulf.

He saw that the great gulf was enveloped by a gray fog. His heavenly eye was actually unable to pass through the fog. This was something that had never happened before in the entire Zixia great world.

“The Great Gulf has been covered by the Heaven’s legacy scroll? There are other peak powers there? Who Is It? who dares to come to my territory and compete with me for my opportunities?”Displeasure flashed in the stone emperor’s eyes.

There was a peace agreement between the ten emperors.

Therefore, the stone emperor believed that the opportunities in his territory were almost certain if he let Shi Jing go. As the emperor, he maintained the highest level of mystery.

In the end, it was almost certain, but it just happened to be one-tenth of that.

“I won’t be underestimated, right? Even if we are both supreme experts, I am at the middle stage of the Heaven Immortal Realm. How can an ordinary supreme expert dare to provoke me? Could it be that I have kept a low profile for many years and my strength has been forgotten by others?”The stone emperor narrowed his eyes.

His body suddenly became blurry.

Then, it dissipated bit by bit.

This was an afterimage that gradually disappeared. Stone Emperor’s true body had already appeared in the sky several thousand li away.

“All of you, retreat into the sea. A great battle is about to break out here,”Lin Qi came out of his cave abode and warned all the spirits.

The spirits retreated into the sea in an orderly manner. The Great Bay became empty, leaving only Lin Qi sitting cross-legged on the mountain peak. It was as if he was comprehending the Dao, looking like an immortal.

“Exalted Immortal, you must be careful. The strength of the stone emperor is not as simple as an ordinary peak,”the spiritual race elder warned before retreating.

“I know what to do,”Lin Qi said.

Lin Qi entered the Golden Light Cave on Qianyuan Mountain and became the disciple of the primordial immortal. He cultivated the sun and Moon Qigong and immediately ascended to the Heaven Immortal realm.

How could an ordinary heaven immortal be compared to him?

In the same realm, there were also differences in strength, and there was a huge gap between them.

These unorthodox people cultivated some kind of cultivation technique. How could they be compared to the disciples of Mount Qianyuan?

In the outside world, would a peak heaven immortal unorthodox person dare to provoke a primordial immortal disciple at the initial stage of the Heaven Immortal Realm? It was not that they were afraid of being retaliated, but the matter in front of them might not even be resolved.

Shi Huang and the others.

It was not just unorthodox people.

They were also unorthodox people who were burdened with great sins.

They were unable to obtain the true opportunity of the Zixia great world, nor were they able to ascend and leave the Zixia great world. When they came into contact with the true wondrous techniques, they were firmly restricted.

It was even more unorthodox of the unorthodox paths.

It was like the scroll of heavenly secrets.

Even if they were to obtain the great sins, they would only be able to obtain the scroll of heavenly secrets. They definitely wouldn’t be able to obtain the opportunity within.

Unless they cultivated to primordial immortal level, it was absolutely impossible for them to forcefully obtain the opportunity left behind by Daoist Master Zixia.

The clouds in the distance were in a state of chaos. A gust of violent wind blew away the layers of clouds. A black mist that blotted out the sky was coming over from the horizon, causing the Great Bay to be bright and clear, and quickly ‘night’.

“Fellow Daoist he fang, you entered my territory without even greeting me, and you still dare to Snatch My Opportunity? Do you think that I, the stone emperor, am easy to bully?”A voice rumbled across the Great Bay, the stones on the ground thousands of miles away trembled slightly under the voice of the stone emperor. He was truly angry, and his voice contained surging mana.

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