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Circles of black light circulated around the body of the stone emperor. His eyes could shatter the soul of a Mahayana stage cultivator. With a raise of his hand, the Earth would shake.

However, the stone emperor did not attack Lin Qi directly because he was not facing a Mahayana stage cultivator. Instead, he was facing a person at the absolute pinnacle who was at the same level as him.

He was watching, trying to see who dared to ruin his opportunity and which one of the ten emperors was it.

At the same time, he was also considering other possibilities, such as whether it was someone who had just reached the pinnacle. If it was someone who had just reached the pinnacle and had a good attitude and was willing to return the scroll of heavenly secrets, the stone emperor could consider letting the other party go. Otherwise, it would not be difficult to kill a person who had just reached the pinnacle.

His eyes saw through the darkness and saw Lin Qi’s handsome young face.

The stone emperor could not help but be startled.

The stone emperor could see that this was not an illusion, youth retaining technique, rejuvenation, or appearance brought about by cultivation. It was a true appearance.

A person who had cultivated to the pinnacle in his youth!

The stone emperor’s expression became solemn.

In the entire history of the Zixia great world, he had never heard of such a young pinnacle.

“Fellow Daoist, aren’t you going to say something about snatching my opportunity?”The stone emperor asked.

Lin Qi sat on the peak of the mountain and said calmly, “The scroll of heavenly secrets is useless to you. Judging from your sins, you simply can’t grasp it. Give me the remaining half of the scroll of heavenly secrets. I don’t have any sins, let me grasp it.”

The black light around the stone emperor’s body suddenly became resplendent and exploded with a deafening sound. This was the external reaction caused by the magic power in the stone emperor’s body starting to roil.

The fact that the magic power in his body was roiling like this indicated that he was angry.

“Fellow Daoist, do you really think that I am easy to bully?”

A cold glint flashed in the stone emperor’s eyes, “We are both at the pinnacle, but there are also differences in strength. You have stepped into the pinnacle at such a young age, so it is normal for you to be arrogant. However, it is best to bring some wisdom. Don’t cut off your own path of survival and end up regretting it for the rest of your life!”

“Lin Qi will remember your kind words. I only pity that your path of survival has long been cut off by yourself. You did not listen to a single word of your own words,”Lin Qi said with a smile.

The stone emperor frowned and asked, “What do you mean, fellow Daoist?”

“You have committed so many evil deeds that you have no way out. Today is your Doomsday,”Lin Qi said.

The Mana in the stone emperor’s body churned even more furiously.

Then, he burst into an angry laugh.

“Fellow Daoist, are you really going to make an enemy of me for half of the scroll of Heavenly Secrets?”After the stone emperor laughed angrily, he said with a dark face.

“The Scroll of heavenly secrets is just a passing opportunity. Killing You is my true purpose of this trip.”

Lin Qi said faintly, “Your brother Shi Jing, his Mahayana stage cultivation has already been crippled by me. I think that we have already reached the point where we won’t rest until one of us dies.”

The stone emperor was stunned.

He immediately opened his heavenly eye and explored this area.

He easily captured the location of Shi Jing. He was being imprisoned in the underwater prison, and the aura of the Mahayana stage on his body had already dissipated. He was now only a mortal.

The stone emperor withdrew his heaven’s eye. He could no longer suppress his anger.

The stone emperor began to circulate the mana in his body crazily. “Originally, the relationship between you and I was just a fortuitous encounter. Since you’re anxious to die, I’ll fulfill your wish! !”

He could no longer suppress the restless mana in his body and allowed it to be released outwards. The earth shook violently under the mana, and the ocean churned as if it was going to hang upside down into the sky. Even the sky seemed to be trembling.

The black gas and black light surrounding the stone emperor began to gather towards the center, gradually condensing into a giant python that seemed to be able to destroy the world. A mountain several hundred meters tall was like the difference between an adult and an infant in front of this giant python condensed from black gas.., the entire sky was occupied by this giant python.

The stone emperor waved his hand forcefully, and the entire giant Python was pushed towards Lin Qi. Along the way, the air was distorted, and the world became blurry, as if the end of the world was coming.

Lin Qi no longer sat cross-legged on the peak of the mountain. He soared into the sky and gradually came to the same height as the head of the Python. In front of the Python, Lin Qi was as small as an ant. Even 100,000 Lin Qi’s were not enough for the python to swallow him whole.

He stretched out his hand towards the python that was getting closer and closer to him. With a gentle clench of his palm, the Python seemed to be held by an invisible hand, and pressure that it could not withstand gathered from all directions, under the pressure, the head of the Python was squeezed, twisted, and deformed. Finally, with a rumble, the python exploded into pieces in the sky.

However, the battle had just begun. The Python was only the first move of the stone emperor. His entire body instantly darted out from the exploded python. His cold eyes were already locked onto Lin Qi within a distance of less than ten meters. With a sudden punch, Lin Qi had already noticed him, he calmly blocked it.

A simple confrontation actually caused the color of heaven and earth to change. The seawater within a hundred miles of the Great Bay was swept back into the deeper ocean by the airwaves. Until the ocean at the end of the horizon no longer had seawater, turning it into a dry desert.

The stone emperor circulated his mana and used spells. Lin Qi lifted his hand and dissolved all of them. A simple counter-attack had already caused a large area of mountains in the Great Bay to be razed to the ground. Large areas of the ground collapsed, as if the sky was about to be pierced through.

“Golden Lightning Spell!”

The stone emperor took a deep breath and raised a large amount of mana. He quickly formed a seal and used a trump card-level spell.

This world instantly became a world of lightning. Every bolt of lightning was able to kill a Mahayana stage expert, and the lightning here seemed to be endless.

“This is a spell that once killed an early-stage heaven immortal. Although I didn’t kill it, I can still see its power. After fighting me for half a day, I want to see how you can block this spell!”The stone emperor looked at Lin Qi coldly and said.

The shimmering Golden Thunder spell turned this place into a world of thunder and lightning. It was indeed a heaven immortal-level spell.

Lin Qi retreated a distance.

He found that there was also endless thunder and lightning behind him.

There was thunder and lightning in all directions, and there was no way out.

“Hahaha, you might still be able to escape in the early stage of the spell. As for now, you can only hope that your vitality is strong enough.”

The stone emperor sneered, “I gave you a chance to settle this peacefully with you. You’re seeking your own death, so you can’t blame me now.”

The Yin and yang energy in his body suddenly rose.

Lin Qi had been purely using Yang energy to fight with him because Lin Qi had yet to practice yin-yang fusion.

It seemed that he could only try now.

His left hand was Yang while his right hand was Yin. His two hands were wrapped in a ball in front of his body. Immediately, the yin-yang Fusion Taiji pattern appeared faintly in Lin Qi’s hands.

With the fusion of the two powers, the power was more than doubled. Lin Qi unleashed the tai chi pattern.

When it came into contact with the stone emperor’s shining golden thunder spell, the explosion caused the ground to sink hundreds of meters. The originally mountainous area became a wasteland.

“HMPH, you’re already heavily injured, right?”The stone emperor kept retreating. He had already retreated tens of thousands of miles before he retreated out of the explosion’s coverage area. He looked at the large patch of fog created by the explosion.

The corners of the stone emperor’s mouth curled up into a smug smile, but soon, that smile froze.

The dense fog dispersed, and a huge taiji diagram stood brazenly between heaven and earth. The power of yin and yang circulated.

“This is impossible! !”The stone emperor turned pale with fright.

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