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That round of Taiji diagram crushed all the lightning and destroyed the stone emperor’s shining golden lightning technique. However, the Taiji diagram itself was not affected. Instead, it became stronger and stronger.

What did this mean?

This Taiji diagram originated from a spell that was even more powerful than the shining golden lightning technique!

And the shining golden lightning technique was already the stone emperor’s ultimate move.

His ultimate move was easily crushed by someone else.

The difference between the two was already obvious.

The stone emperor was naturally terrified.

He knew that he was likely to lose.

And once he lost this battle, even his life would be at stake!

“At such a young age, not only has he reached the pinnacle, he even belongs to the pinnacle amongst the Pinnacle?”The stone emperor’s pupils constricted rapidly, a fear that he had not felt for a long time welled up in his heart.

Looking at the Taiji diagram, the pressure it brought to him made the stone emperor’s body break out in cold sweat as he shivered.


These two words only surfaced in the stone emperor’s mind to evaluate the opponent he was facing.

He turned around and fled the battlefield at full speed without the slightest bit of hesitation.

What Heavenly Secrets Painting.

What Stone Crystal Mahayana stage cultivation was crippled and imprisoned at the bottom of the sea.

Compared to his life, it was not important!


This was the only thought left in the stone emperor’s mind.

“Where are you going?”

This faint voice sounded in the stone emperor’s ear.

The stone emperor’s expression changed drastically.

He was a pinnacle cultivator. If he could not beat him, could he not escape? He was actually being chased!

“Don’t go too far!”

Black light burst out from the stone emperor’s body, dispersing everything around him. Even the air was forcefully pushed out. He said, “I lost this battle. I’m not fighting anymore. Let Me Go, don’t force me!”

After circling around for a few times, the stone emperor finally saw where Lin Qi was.

After the fusion of the Yin and Yang forces, Lin Qi’s strength had soared. He was more than twice as strong. And this was the strength that the Taiyi spiritual master should have after he had cultivated the divine technique to the great success stage.

“You took the initiative to look for me, but you say that I forced you? You are so unreasonable.”Lin Qi smiled faintly and said, “Today, I want to take the scroll of heavenly secrets, and I also want to take your life.”

The stone emperor cursed Lin Qi a hundred times in his heart.

Then, he secretly regretted it.

He should have known that this trip was very deep.

Previously, in Canglan City, the stone emperor opened his heaven’s eye but could not see through the bay. The heavenly secrets here were concealed. The stone emperor should have known that the water was very deep. How could an ordinary heaven immortal conceal the heavenly secrets to the extent that even he, the stone emperor, could not see through it.

He should have known that he could not grasp it.

However, the stone emperor had been invincible in the Zixia great world for a long time. He had long forgotten what caution was. He had rashly come over and placed himself in a desperate situation.

It might be a little too late to regret now.

“Fellow Daoist, do you really want to fight to the death with me? !”The Stone Emperor said sternly.

“It’s not that I want to fight to the death with you. It’s that you are making things difficult for yourself. The evil force that you have accumulated over the long years is destined for you to have this day. If It’s not me, it’s someone else,”said Lin Qi.

“Fine, fine. Since you insist on fighting to the death with me, then I’ll perish together with you! ! ! I, the stone emperor, am not so easy to bully! ! !”The stone emperor roared.

The aura around his body suddenly changed, and the black light on his body naturally dispersed outwards. He had used all his strength. Regardless of the outcome of this battle, the stone emperor would be heavily injured after it, leaving behind serious aftereffects.

The stone emperor’s strength continued to rise. It was like a person who was forced into a desperate situation and intended to die together with others. Then, he would no longer be afraid of pain and injury. If he were to die together, his battle prowess would be completely different.

“Take this punch of mine!”The Stone Emperor roared as he attacked.

“Good!”Lin Qi did not Dodge. He gathered the power of yin and Yang on his fist and met it with a punch.

Boom! ! !

With a collision, the void around the fist seemed to be torn apart. Many cracks that seemed to be in the void appeared and healed back and forth. The air here was distorted from the attack, and finally, with a loud boom, it exploded.

The aftermath spread out, forming a hurricane. It stirred up countless sand, rocks, grass, and trees, as if it was the end of the world.


The stone emperor grunted and quickly retreated. His fist that collided with Lin Qi’s had already turned red and purple. It was burning with pain, and he was defeated by the collision.

His eyes were filled with shock. Lin Qi was not that strong just now. How could a casual punch now have such power?

The stone emperor was sure that if every punch had such power, if he could not withstand three punches from Lin Qi, he would lose his life within five punches.

“Again! !”The stone emperor had no choice but to bite the bullet. “I don’t feel good. I don’t believe that you will be fine. If you want me to die, at least peel off a layer of my skin! !”

Lin Qi was really fine. The power of yin and yang negated all the damage. Now that he saw the stone emperor coming again, Lin Qi was satisfied and went up to meet him again.




The three fists collided rapidly, but it was not as powerful as the first one. After all, it was a punch that accumulated strength. This was a punch during the battle.

The earth shook violently in this battle. The two of them fought from the gulf to the inland, and then to the desert and the Snow Mountains. Everywhere they went was a mess. The mountains were flattened by the aftermath, and the ground was cracked, creating a big canyon.

“I’ll fight you to the death!”

The stone emperor was already covered in blood, and nearly half of his bones were broken. His fist strength was not as strong as before, and the Mana in his body was almost dry. However, he had no choice but to fight.

Lin Qi was fine. Under the huge difference in strength, Lin Qi was not injured. He suppressed the stone emperor one-sidedly, and when he saw the stone emperor coming again, Lin Qi met him again.


The stone emperor fell from the sky like a kite with a broken string. He cried out in pain, and the bones in his entire arm were broken. The aftermath transmitted into his body, causing his internal organs to churn and his blood to surge. With a “Pu”sound, he spat out a large mouthful of blood, leaving an arc in the air.

He crashed into a snowy mountain, causing an avalanche to shake. He rolled down the mountain, and a large amount of snow flooded down. The stone emperor was swallowed by the Avalanche.

A handsome youth’s figure fell from the sky. With a wave of his hand, the snow after the Avalanche automatically parted, revealing a wretched figure covered in blood below.

“Do you think that killing me will make you feel better?”

The stone emperor was on his last breath, and he used his last bit of strength to speak, “There are still nine people like me at the Pinnacle. We have a peace agreement, and we don’t fight each other. You Killing Me is breaking the pinnacle peace agreement that we decided on together. There’s only one way to deal with people who break the rules.”

“I know. I have long heard of the Ten Emperors’great fame. I came here because of it. You Go first. They will arrive soon. You will not be alone on the road to the Netherworld,”said Lin Qi.

“You want to fight the Nine Emperors alone? Hahaha… Should I say that you are ignorant or arrogant?”The stone emperor laughed, but halfway through his laughter, his five internal organs stirred. His expression suddenly changed and he coughed up large mouthfuls of blood.

Any movement he made now would cause his five internal organs to bleed.

He was already in a situation where he was certain to die.

Unless someone at the pinnacle saved him.

“Are the nine emperors very strong?”Lin Qi asked.

“Six of them are not as strong as me. Two of them are on par with me. The other one is absolutely invincible over a long period of time. Among the ten emperors, no one has ever been his opponent, and he calls himself the Holy Emperor. Even if you can kill me, I’m still certain that your strength is far inferior to his. It will be easy for him to kill you,”said the emperor.