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“How do they know about your death?”Asked Lin Qi.

The stone emperor laughed coldly, “Do you want to cover up the news after killing me, or pretend to be me? “Give up. When our ten emperors agreed to peace, each of US left a life lamp in the ten emperors palace. “As long as someone dies, the life lamp will be extinguished immediately. At that time, the other nine emperors will immediately gather and deal with this matter.”

“So, as long as you don’t die, they won’t Know?”Lin Qi asked.

“HMPH, you can defeat me and kill me, but you absolutely can’t stop me from committing suicide. Why? Are you afraid of being taken revenge by the Nine Emperors Now?”The stone emperor sneered.

“That’s not it.”Lin Qi shook his head.

The sneer on the stone emperor’s face became even more obvious. “If you’re afraid, then just admit it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Now that you’ve rescued me, I can consider letting this matter go and forget about our enmity. You Don’t have to worry about being attacked by the nine emperors anymore. How about it?”

“There’s a chance, right?”Lin Qi said.

The stone emperor frowned.

What did he mean by a chance?

In the next moment, the stone emperor understood the meaning of this sentence. Lin Qi meant that if they could meet again in the next life, and it was still the same situation, Lin Qi would consider it.

The power of yin and Yang was dazzling.

“Ah!”The stone emperor turned into nothingness amidst a miserable scream.

A heaven immortal-level expert had fallen. Everything he had taken from the world over the years was returned to nature, causing a large area to suddenly be filled with vitality.

Large areas of vegetation had grown up after the stone emperor’s death. The devastated land was recovering, the chaotic climate was returning to normal, and the sky was once again bright.

All life was enjoying the vigorous vitality that had spread out after the stone emperor’s death, and it was brimming with life.

“The nine emperors are working together?”

Lin Qi killed the stone emperor directly. Clearly, he was not worried about this matter. “You can find me first.”

Looking at the place where the stone emperor died, half of the scroll of heavenly secrets rolled out. As the stone emperor died, the master-identifying mark on it was disappearing.

The scroll of heavenly secrets, which had become ownerless, would no longer have any restrictions on its use.

Lin Qi stretched out his hand and used a small spell to take something from the air. Half of the scroll of heavenly secrets flew into Lin Qi’s hand and spread out the half scroll of heavenly secrets. There was a huge fiery-red fan on it. This huge fan was half or even sixty percent of the height of a tree drawn in the scroll of heavenly secrets, probably bigger than a man.

Then take out Lynch from the Big Bay to get half a scroll, above is nine-tailed white fox, half is nine-tailed fox, half is the fan, this is the complete scroll.

He put the two paintings together, an invisible force of nature to attract the two paintings together, they are actually self-integrated into one.

The two halves of the scroll became a complete scroll of heavenly secrets. When he opened his heavenly eye, he could see that the light vortex on it was even bigger and different. The profundity of the Vortex gave people the feeling that they could pass through it.

“The complete scroll of heavenly secrets is even more mysterious, but what is its function? And how should I use it?”Lin Qi observed the scroll of heavenly secrets.

In the end, he still looked back at the light vortex on the scroll of heavenly secrets. It seemed that all the mysteries were still in this vortex, and he had to learn through it.

“I hope this vortex is the right path,”Lin Qi muttered to himself.

With a thought, Lin Qi entered the vortex. This vortex was indeed as perceptive as one could enter. After a series of bumps, Lin Qi came to a cliff. A full moon hung in the sky, and there were no stars in the night sky, a white figure flashed past Lin Qi’s line of sight.

Lin Qi, who was at the level of a Heaven Immortal, could not see the white figure clearly. This meant that the figure was not simple. Lin Qi hurriedly floated in the air.

He was shocked to find that he was at most three feet above the ground. Flying here would put him under tremendous pressure. Even if he was three feet above the ground, he could only maintain it for a while. It was not worth it.

“The thirty-two tribulations have passed, and finally, another person has come. However… why is he a Heaven Immortal? Are you a native life form?”A furry nine-tailed white fox slowly came into Lin Qi’s line of sight and spoke in human language.

“I am a disciple of Mount Qianyuan. On the orders of my master, Daoist Taiyi, I have come to the Zixia great world to train,”said Lin Qi.

“Daoist master actually sent a heaven immortal to the Zixia Great World? Even if he is not a gold immortal, he should at least be a mystic immortal, right?”The nine-tailed white Fox’s face was filled with human-like shock.

“I don’t dare to Guess Daoist master’s intentions,”said Lin Qi.

The nine-tailed white fox did not dwell on this matter and said, “Since you have come and obtained the scroll of heavenly secrets, it is all the same to me. Do you know the use of the scroll of Heavenly Secrets?”

“When Daoist Zixia attained the DAO, he left behind three scrolls of the heavenly secrets, recording all of Daoist Zixia’s insights. The training in the Zixia great world is, in the end, the training in the scroll of the heavenly secrets,”said the nine-tailed white fox.

Lin Qi suddenly understood.

When he first came to the Zixia great world, he felt strange. Why did he not feel anything special after seeing the entire Zixia great world.

Within the Three Heaven’s secrets paintings.

“How exactly do I comprehend it?”Asked Lin Qi.

He looked around this painting space. Could it be that he wanted to comprehend the dao here?

The nine-tailed white Fox slowly moved, its nine furry tails gently swaying. “I am the comprehension left behind by Reverend Zixia. You will naturally gain something from fighting me.”

“All the Enlightenment is contained in the battle?”Lin Qi suddenly understood.

“That’s right. I will suppress my strength to the same level as yours. You should carefully experience it,”said the nine-tailed white fox.

Lin Qi nodded and immediately circulated the power of yin and yang.

A Taiji diagram condensed in front of him.

But, it was only for an instant.

The Taiji diagram shattered, and Lin Qi fell off the cliff.

His vision slowly turned black.

Then, Lin Qi suddenly woke up as if he was in a dream. He was still on the cliff, as if he had never fallen.

“This… What happened just now?”Lin Qi asked in disbelief.

The nine-tailed white fox said, “If this was a real battle in the outside world, you would have already died. “Your power circulation is too slow, your control of your power is too lax, and your use of power is too immature. Everything is too immature, and you are too weak. “Even if I suppress myself to the Mahayana stage, I can still kill you in an instant.”

Lin Qi was certain that what it said was true.

When the nine-tailed white Fox attacked just now, Lin Qi did not even see the process and was defeated directly.

They were clearly at the same realm and level.

Yet, he could not see the opponent’s movements clearly!

Putting aside the differences in other aspects for the time being, just in this aspect alone, Lin Qi had already suffered a crushing defeat.

“Can you do it again?”Lin Qi asked.

“Yes. With the scroll of Heaven’s secrets, you can fight me unlimited times,”said the nine-tailed white fox.

Before he had even shouted to start, the nine-tailed white Fox had already moved. This time, Lin Qi had already lost before he could even mobilize the power of yin and yang.

A very human-like smile appeared on the nine-tailed White Fox’s face, “I have suppressed myself to the Mahayana stage, but you are still unable to withstand a single blow. This is because your strength is too lax. You have ten powers, but you can only use one at a time. I only have five powers, but I use five at a time. How Can You Fight Me?”

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