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“It turns out that having power isn’t enough. I still need to be able to use it well…”

Lin Qi was guided in a brand new and clearer direction. “It seems that I immediately gained enlightenment and improved.”

It was like enlightenment.

Once his train of thought was opened up, he would be able to find countless ways to improve without needing anyone to teach him.

Lin Qi changed the way he used his power.

His entire aura suddenly changed.

The nine-tailed white Fox’s slightly swaying furry tail suddenly stopped. It looked at Lin Qi with interest. “He understood so quickly. No wonder the perfected one allowed him to come to the Zixia great world at the Heaven Immortal level.”

The nine-tailed white Fox did not give Lin Qi too much time to comprehend. This was because Lin Qi had not yet comprehended enough. If he had been comprehending himself for too long, it would be very easy for him to make mistakes. Only in dense battles could he comprehend the true dao.

He was in the middle of comprehending when he was suddenly ambushed. His comprehension was interrupted.

“You are too slow. Who would give you so much time to gather strength? Your comprehension has deviated from the right path. Be quick! Be Natural!”The nine-tailed white Fox said.

“Thank you for your advice.”Lin Qi said gratefully.

“Again. I will lower another realm. Let’s see if you can keep up.”The nine-tailed white Fox said.

The nine-tailed white Fox’s snow-white figure flickered back and forth.

Now, the nine-tailed white fox was three levels lower than Lin Qi. It had suppressed itself to the level of a mortal, but even so, it could easily insta-kill Lin Qi, a celestial immortal.

Because of the difference in the use of power!

Even if it was three levels lower than Lin Qi, the nine-tailed white fox could perfectly use the power of this level to defeat Lin Qi, who could not use the power of a celestial immortal.

“Do you want to know what kind of power this is?”The nine-tailed white Fox asked after killing Lin Qi once again.

“Control Power?”Lin Qi speculated.

The nine-tailed white fox explained, “The perfect use of the power of this realm is control power, but it is not just control power. It also includes many aspects. All aspects combined, there is a collective name, called ‘Dao’!”

“You should have heard of Dao Enlightenment, right? Do you think that is the prerequisite for raising one’s realm? “No, realm is power, and Dao is not power. Dao is the comprehension and use of power.”The nine-tailed white fox said, “Your Dao Heart is too bad, you don’t even have a dao heart. “When you have a DAO Heart, you will understand how power should be used, and what is power.”

“So, condensing a dao heart is my current direction of growth?”Asked Lin Qi.

“That’s right. You Need a DAO heart. At the same level, the DAO Heart is the deciding factor for strength.”

The nine-tailed white fox said, “There was once a mortal who, after decades of bitter cultivation, managed to comprehend a dao heart at the primordial immortal level. He clearly did not have a realm, but with a mortal body, even a gold immortal had to fear him. In fact, not to mention a gold immortal, even a heaven immortal could kill him in one strike, but they would instinctively fear him. “This is the pressure of a dao-heart. “You can see how important a dao-heart is.”

“It’s more than important, it’s simply tyrannical… and I haven’t even condensed a heaven immortal-level dao-heart yet.”Lin Qi nodded slowly, finally understanding where he was lacking.

“What you’re doing now is precisely to condense a dao-heart,”said the nine-tailed white fox.

It could be simply understood that all comprehension was an important part of forming a dao heart.

In fact, everything that was experienced, seen, heard, heard, touched, and so on were all things that formed a dao heart.

Everything was condensing a dao heart.

It was an important part of condensing a dao heart.

No matter what it was, as long as one faced it, it was condensing a dao heart.

“My strength is very strong, but it is too lax. Its strength is very weak, but it is very concentrated. This causes it to win against the strong with the weak, and I am reversed.”

Lin Qi closed his eyes slightly and seemed to be in deep thought. “But, is lax strength also valuable? Can My strength be like the vast ocean?”

Lin Qi’s entire body was emitting a golden light.

The nine-tailed white Fox had already arrived by Lin Qi’s side. Its claws were only a finger’s distance away from Lin Qi. Under the sudden appearance of the resplendent golden light, the nine-tailed white Fox stopped its posture. Its nine furry tails swayed as it turned around and dashed dozens of meters away, looking at Lin Qi from afar.

The nine-tailed white Fox looked at Lin Qi from left to right. “Although he hasn’t condensed his Dao Heart, he has comprehended a divine ability. Amazing, amazing. This person is indeed not simple.”

Divine abilities were not spells.

Spells could be learned and taught.

Divine abilities could only be comprehended by oneself.

Once one comprehended it, one would be able to learn it.

If one could not comprehend it, no one would be able to teach it.

After a long time, Lin Qi slowly opened his eyes. His aura had changed greatly. The flow of Mana in his body was no longer the same as before.

“Let me see what this newly comprehended divine ability of yours looks like.”The nine-tailed white Fox spoke in human language, and then it turned into a shadow.

He was shocked to find that he had already caught up with the nine-tailed white Fox’s speed!

“This divine ability isn’t very strong, but it can be used,”said Lin Qi.

“Any divine ability is precious, because divine abilities are products that reference the laws of the world. Comprehending a divine ability is equivalent to comprehending a part of the world, and they are all extremely powerful,”said the nine-tailed white fox.

After saying that, the nine-tailed white fox approached Lin Qi from the side.

He immediately reacted and gathered the power of yin and Yang before throwing a punch at the nine-tailed white fox.

With a muffled sound, the power of the nine-tailed white Fox’s attack on Lin Qi disappeared. It was like throwing a stone into a river. The power was completely dissolved and swallowed.

“Ocean? Although it is very young, it is indeed a divine ability in this aspect.”The nine-tailed white Fox was stunned and quickly launched a second round of attacks.

Lin Qi reacted and neutralized them one by one.

Finally, he found the right opportunity and gently struck out with his palm.

The nine-tailed white Fox flew backward.

The nine-tailed white Fox landed steadily and said, “Now, you can fight with me, who is in the Mahayana stage.”

Lin Qi was full of hope for the experience in the scroll of heavenly secrets after he had comprehended the divine ability so quickly. Although Lin Qi had failed time and time again, he had gained something every time.

The more he fought, the braver he became.

Time flew by like an arrow.

Lin Qi did not know how much time had passed. He had forgotten about time, fatigue, pain, and everything else. He was completely devoted to the battle.

Finally, at a certain moment, Lin Qi had the illusion that he had broken the window paper. When he came back to his senses, Lin Qi’s way of looking at himself, the world, and everything had changed.

“You have condensed a Heaven Immortal Level Dao Heart.”

The nine-tailed white Fox immediately gave an explanation and said, “The current you can only be considered to be at the Heaven Immortal level. Outside of the physical level, the spiritual level is also very important, and you have already solved the problem of the spiritual level.”

“The change of the spiritual level will also change the physical level. I am now much, much stronger.”

Lynch sensed himself. “Now, I can easily defeat me before I entered the scroll of heavenly secrets. One move… No, maybe not even one move.”