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Lin Qi looked at the nine-tailed white fox gratefully. He asked, “Which stage can I comprehend my mind of Dao in the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret? The Mind of Dao of a Gold Immortal?”

The nine-tailed white fox shook its head like a human. It spoke in human language and said, “I can only make you comprehend the mind of Dao of a Heaven Immortal.”

“Just a Heaven Immortal?”

Lin Qi was surprised by this answer. “Isn’t this the place where Gold Immortals come to comprehend?”

“That’s right. But this is only the space of the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret. It can provide some help during the few critical moments when you gain enlightenment of your mind of Dao or even critical help, but it can’t help you completely construct your mind of Dao.”

The nine-tailed white fox explained, “The mind of Dao above the Heaven Immortal Realm still needs to be accumulated in reality. Reality is the best place to gain enlightenment.”

“It’s time for me to leave this space then,” said Lin Qi.

The nine-tailed white fox said, “The Scroll of Heaven’s Secret can not only provide you with some help in terms of mind of Dao, but it can also improve your combat experience. Based on your accumulated combat experience during this period, you can still be ranked at the top even if you are facing someone who also has a Heaven Immortal with the mind of Dao.”

“As expected of the treasure left behind by Senior Zixia,” said Lin Qi with a sigh.

The place of enlightenment left behind by a Taiyi Immortal had allowed Lin Qi to be at the top of the Heaven Immortals in such a short period.

“The Scroll of Heaven’s Secret is just a help. To be honest, your talent is the best I have ever seen,” said the nine-tailed white fox.

“Others will need at least a million times more time than you if others want to reach your stage from the beginning, even if they had the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret.”

Was the difference so obvious?

“If they are not in the painting of Heavenly Secrets and do not have supreme treasures of the same level, they will need even more time.” The nine-tailed white fox praised, “There is a reason why Daoist Spiritual Master asked you to come to the Great World of Zixia, which only Gold Immortals come to when you are at the Heaven Immortal Realm.”

“I guess I was lucky.” Lin Qi felt a little embarrassed because he did not feel that he was great.

His gaze shifted to the bright moon in the night sky of the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret. Entering the world in the scroll was through a whirlpool, leaving was through this bright moon.

“I’m looking forward to the next time we meet. I wonder what stage will you be then?” The nine-tailed white fox said at this moment.

“I’m looking forward to it too.” Lin Qi smiled.

Lin Qi aimed at the bright moon and extended his hand. The moment his power entered the bright moon, a suction force brought Lin Qi off the ground. After flying into the bright moon, Lin Qi returned to the real world.

The wind and snow whistled around him. Lin Qi entered the world in the scroll on the great snow mountain, so he was naturally still on the great snow mountain when he left.

Lin Qi counted with his fingers.

“It has only been less than a day?” Lin Qi was stunned.

Lin Qi felt that a long time had passed when he was training in the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret. He even thought that it had been decades or even hundreds of years, but in the end, it had only been less than a day.

“So, the nine emperors still weren’t here for me yet?” Lin Qi muttered to himself.

Lin Qi’s deep eyes shone when he looked at the sky. It was as if his eyes contained the entire world.

But, even Lin Qi’s Heaven’s eyes were different from before after he awakened his mind of Dao of the Heaven Immortal Realm.

He could see every inch of the Great World of Zixia.

Moreover, it was even more detailed and difficult to discover.

The original heaven’s eyes were equivalent to an ordinary person seeing the world from ten thousand miles up in the sky. Although it contained the world within the eye, it was very superficial and could not see the details.

He could not see people, nor could he notice the curling smoke. He could not even see houses or fields.

He had to look carefully if he wanted to see all that.

And once he looked carefully…

Heaven’s eye would be discovered by other Heaven Immortals.

Things were different now.

Awakening a Heaven Immortal’s mind of Dao was equivalent to seeing the entire world from a hundred meters in the air. It was detailed, and others would not easily discover him.

It would be impossible for a Heaven Immortal to notice him peeping if that person did not awaken a Heaven Immortal’s mind of Dao.

“As expected, they have gathered together.” Lin Qi opened his Heaven’s eyes and inspected the Ten Emperor’s Palace.

Nine Heaven Immortals entered the Ten Emperor’s Palace.

None of them noticed that a pair of Heaven’s eyes were watching them.

Only a man with white hair and a child-like appearance frowned. He looked around the Ten Emperor’s Palace and didn’t notice anything strange, so he didn’t pay any more attention to it.

Nine Heaven Immortals gathered in front of an extinguished life lamp.

The jade plate in front of the life lamp had the words ‘Emperor Shi’ written on it.

He was in the top four amongst the ten Heaven Immortals.

Heaven Immortals lived as long as the Heavens and Earth lived. How could they die if Heaven and Earth had no lifespan?

“He might have been killed if he did not die because he had cultivated into a berserk state,” said a middle-aged man with a woman-like appearance solemnly.

The others didn’t say a word.

“Let’s enter the banquet first,” the white-haired child said.

The atmosphere at the banquet was intense. The death of Emperor Shi had a tremendous impact on them.

“Are there no clues?” The white-haired child asked.

Naturally, they had searched for clues.

Some among them activated their Heaven’s eyes to check out Emperor Shi’s territory, but they did not find anything.

Emperor Shi’s body returned to nature after he was dead. All the scars had already been smoothed over. It was difficult to see any clues with Heaven’s eyes at their stage of cultivation.

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman spoke.

The others looked at her.

“What clues?” The white-haired child hurriedly asked.

“I just found something strange. I don’t know if it has anything to do with Emperor Shi’s death.”

The middle-aged woman spoke, “There is a force that resists me in my territory. They search the world for treasures to arm themselves, to resist me. I can use them to search for treasures. Recently, a Mahayana Realm rebel found a Scroll of Heaven’s Secret. It is suspected to be a supreme treasure, but I do not know how to use it. So, I handed it over to my subordinates to help me study it.”

“And then?” The white-haired child asked.

“Just now, my subordinates told me that the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret suddenly sensed the location of another Scroll of Heaven’s Secret. It is in Emperor Shi’s territory!”

The middle-aged woman said, “The Scroll of Heaven’s Secret can only sense each other after being refined. He did not sense the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret within Emperor Shi’s territory before the Emperor died. That means that someone refined the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret after the stone emperor died. I think this person might be the person who killed Emperor Shi.”

The hall was silent for a moment.

There were many voices of agreement.

“That should be the case. It can’t be such a coincidence. Emperor Shi just died, and the supreme treasure was coincidentally collected and refined by someone else.”. Emperor Shi must have fought with the mysterious person because of the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret, and was killed by the mysterious person!” A Heaven Immortal said.

“He killed someone to steal the treasure.”

“That person must not be simple to be able to kill Emperor Shi.”

The hall was noisy because of the discussion.

“Holy Emperor, what should we do? Please make the decision.”

The middle-aged woman looked at the white-haired child, “Kill him and avenge Emperor Shi, or invite him to join us? He must be an expert to be able to kill Emperor Shi.”

“He must be the most powerful person after Holy Emperor to be able to kill Emperor Shi,” said another Emperor.

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