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The voice sounded calm and gentle.

The voice sounded very pleasant and clear.

It was as if Buddha was reciting scriptures by his ear.

It was as if an immortal was talking loudly by his ear.

It was as if God was explaining profound meanings by his ear.

He was like a bomb that exploded directly in Xu Kai’s heart.

It formed a feeling that could not be described with words.

“Above the Saint Core Realm is an Earth Immortal who can reverse life and death and control the Heaven and Earth.”

“That is the legendary realm!”

“Saint Core Realm Warriors can face light firearms. Their lives could be spared if they dodge the heavy firearms in time.”

“But once they were hit by heavy firearms, such as mortars and missiles, they cannot escape death.”

“Although the Saint Core Realm is strong, it doesn’t mean that they are invincible. Let’s not talk about being besieged by warriors of the same level.”

“Even if they are directly targeted by missiles or suppressed by thousands of troops.”

“There is the possibility of killing the Saint Core Realm Warriors.”

“Therefore, the Saint Core Realm Warriors are not invincible.”

“Only the Earth Immortals!”

“Under the premise that they can reverse life and death, control the Heaven and Earth, and does not encounter with nuclear weapons, they can be considered invincible.”

This world had nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons were also the world’s most powerful weapons.

Even if it was an Earth Immortal.

To be able to reverse life and death and able to control Heaven and Earth.

It was only to a certain extent.

It could not contend against nuclear weapons.

But nuclear weapons would not be easily used.

The consequences would be too severe.

So if someone became an Earth Immortal.

Then he would be invincible.

However, that was impossible.

The environment between Heaven and Earth had changed.

According to scientific research, the amount of spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth had decreased by at least 80% compared to a thousand years ago.

For hundreds of years, not a single warrior had become an Earth Immortal.

The Earth Immortal had long disappeared from the world.

Xu Kai did not believe that the young man in front of him was an Earth Immortal.

It was as if a poor man had told him that he had a trillion dollars in wealth.

How could anyone believe it!

“The environment of the world has changed. It’s impossible for an Earth Immortal to appear.”

Xu Kai could not help but shout.

If the young man in front of him was an expert at the peak of the Saint Core Realm, he might still believe it.

Under such a Heaven and Earth environment…

An Earth Immortal was a legend.

It was impossible to realize.

“Fine! I’ll let the legend descend into reality!”

Lin Qi’s aura was fully unleashed.

The terrifying pressure directly turned into an invisible life magnetic field.

It directly enveloped Xu Kai.

In Xu Kai’s mind, images of gods and demons dancing, Gods fighting, and prehistoric giant beasts appeared.

That rapidly consumed his spiritual energy.

It caused his spirit to fall into a state of listlessness in a short period.

“No, this is all an illusion!”

Xu Kai was not simple after all.

He was the team leader of the Martial Arts League of the Dragon Country and was very knowledgeable.

He immediately recognized that everything in front of him was an illusion.

After being suppressed by his spiritual energy.

Xu Kai decisively bit the tip of his tongue.

He originally thought that he would be able to break free from an illusion like this.

However, everything just now was still vivid in his mind.

Immortals, demons, gods, giant beasts.

It was as if he was in the primeval continent from a million years ago.

The world was in chaos at that time. Gods, demons, and monsters fought each other. The giant beasts were their vehicle. After a world-shaking and tragic battle, blood flowed like a river, and corpses were everywhere.

“So, reversing life and death and controlling the Heaven and Earth does exist!”

Lin Qi’s attack not only caused his spirit to collapse.

It also allowed him to see the way forward.

It was extremely difficult to achieve.

Cultivation was difficult. It was harder than reaching the sky.

He did not understand why this man could become an Earth Immortal in such a world.

But at least Lin Qi’s existence pointed out a path.

The path of martial arts was not completely cut off.

“Immortal Lord, your cultivation was unparalleled and invincible in this world!”

“I hope you will accept to be our Supreme Elder of the Martial Arts League of the Dragon Country!”

“Please give me half a day, and I will help you prepare the documents you need!”

“At that time, you can use the power of the Martial Arts League of the Dragon Country and even the governments of various places.”

Xu Kai’s emotions could no longer be described as excited when facing such an Earth Immortal.

He directly gave Lin Qi great power and hired him to become the Supreme Elder of the Martial Arts League of the Dragon Country.

In the future, he might be able to transmit the mystery of how Martial Arts League Warriors could step into the Earth Immortal Realm.

In short, he had given him everything he could.

He hoped that the young man would be moved.

“I’ll wait for you only for half a day.”

He didn’t refuse Xu Kai’s request.

Although he was a reincarnator.

He didn’t mind becoming a member of this world’s mysterious department.

Martial Arts League of the Dragon Country.

It sounded like a powerful organization.

The organization should be powerful since they were able to let him use the power of the government. It was very likely that it would directly affect the leadership of the country.

“Sir, I hate to ask you this.”

“But can you let me see your power?”

They had talked about the formal matter.

Xu Kai wanted to talk about private matters!

Besides being the leader of the Martial Arts League, Xu Kai was also a warrior.

As a warrior, he naturally wanted to see how powerful the legendary Earth Immortal was.

Just now, he had seen Lin Qi’s terrifying spiritual power.

He wanted to see Lin Qi’s combat ability.

An Earth Immortal could control Heaven and Earth and reverse life and death.

He raised his head to look at the sky.

A few muffled thunder sounds came from the sky.

The sky that was still clear just now had turned into dark clouds. The dark clouds piled up, and countless electric snakes were swimming in the clouds.

The sky was dark, and a strong wind was blowing.

The sound from a thunderbolt.

Several bolts of lightning struck down.

They interweaved into a Lightning Dragon and exploded in an instant.

Xu Kai was drenched in sweat, and his eardrums felt as if they were being torn apart.

As expected of an Earth Immortal, he could control Heaven and Earth.

These few bolts of lightning struck down under Lin Qi’s control.

Fortunately, it was just a demonstration.

He would probably be smashed into pieces if that struck him.

He wasn’t even able to have the thought of defending himself before the lightning struck, and he might have died because of it.

An Earth Immortal was extremely terrifying.

“I’ll take my leave now and prepare the things you need.”

Lin Qi showed him what Earth Immortal was.

However, just as he was about to turn around and leave…

His body suddenly trembled, and his movement paused.

His pupils constricted. He had clearly seen something that he thought was impossible.

Or rather, something that was impossible.

There was a scenic spot not far away. A mountain cliff that was hundreds of meters tall stood in the scenic spot.

But now, that mountain peak collapsed with a rumble.