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The eight Emperors looked at the white-haired child all at once. This self-proclaimed Holy Emperor was the strongest of them all, the strongest in the Realm. He was invincible.

The advice he gave was never wrong.

He was an absolute leader in all aspects.

Naturally, he became the leader of the ten emperors.

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to invite this person.”

The white-haired child was silent for a moment before he spoke, “Emperor Shi is a cautious person. It is rare for him to be able to fight with Emperor Shi. Moreover, he killed Emperor Shi! Emperor Shi’s ability to protect himself was strong. He was even unable to escape and killed within the territory. That showed that the enemy’s killing intent was strong and blocked off all paths of survival for Emperor Shi. I’m afraid that such person will not join us.”

“Fighting among the Heaven Immortals violates the rules set by our Ten Emperor’s Palace. Just this reason alone is enough to make a move against that mysterious person and kill him.”

“Let’s work together and kill him!”

The nine emperors quickly reached a consensus.

“Set off to Emperor Shi’s territory?” The middle-aged woman looked at the white-haired child sitting on the throne, waiting for him to give a plan.

The white-haired child shook his head, “I used my Heaven’s eyes to look at Emperor Shi’s territory just now and saw a large area of fog. I’m afraid that danger lurks everywhere within Emperor Shi’s territory, so it’s not suitable for us to head there.”

“Then what should we do?”

“Won’t we be unable to do anything to that mysterious person?”

The white-haired child looked at the middle-aged woman and said, “Ask your subordinates to bring that Scroll of Heaven’s Secret over. We’ll keep track of the mysterious person’s movements at all times.”

“Alright.” The middle-aged woman immediately teleported the message.

Someone sent the scroll into the Ten Emperor’s Palace.

A Heaven immortal with the head of a toad among the Nine Emperors stared unblinkingly at the woman who had sent the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret.

The middle-aged woman noticed the toad’s gaze and immediately waved her hand. The Scroll of Heaven’s Secret flew towards the white-haired child, while the woman flew towards the Toad’s head in terror.

“Emperor He, I’ll give her to you since you like her. The mortal is my slave. You can eat her or kill her at your will.” The middle-aged woman said with a smile.

The woman who delivered the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret was cut into a few pieces in the air and flew into the mouth of the toad head man.

Emperor He swallowed the dismembered woman and said helplessly, “Emperor Yun, you have misunderstood. I’m not looking at her, but the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret that she brought.”

Emperor He knocked on the jade table. A few beautiful women who Emperor He brought along to serve him were placed on the table and returned to the middle-aged woman called Emperor Yun.

“Oh? Emperor He, you know about the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret?” asked Emperor Yun.

Emperor He flipped his hand, and a Scroll of Heaven’s Secret appeared in his hand. However, everyone realized that it was an incomplete scroll when he opened it.

There was only half of it.

“A Scroll of Heaven’s Secret? Emperor He, you have the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret as well?” Emperor Yun said in surprise.

The white-haired child was also surprised. What exactly was this Scroll of Heaven’s Secret? Why did everyone encounter it?

It had to be a treasure for someone at the Heaven Immortal Realm to encounter it. But it must be more than a treasure if so many Heaven Immortals encountered them.

“This is a treasure that I obtained after killing a group of Spirit Clan. I don’t know what it’s used for, but it must be a treasure seeing how the Spirit Clan was protecting it with all their might. I’ve kept it until now,” Emperor He said.

“It’s not complete,” the white-haired child said.

“I roughly know where the other half is. I would have found it today if I wanted to find it. I just haven’t been in the mood to look for it,” said Emperor He.

“I’ll get someone to collect the other half of the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret right now. We’ll take it and see what’s so special about it.”

There were very few things in the Great World of Zixia that could attract the Heaven Immortal’s attention. They couldn’t enter the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret, and wouldn’t take it seriously for sure if they couldn’t discover any secrets.

“Let’s collect it first.”

The white-haired child agreed, “As for what it is useful for, we don’t need to study it too much. Someone will tell us.”

“The mysterious person who killed Emperor Shi?”

The white-haired child nodded and said, “He didn’t hesitate to kill Emperor Shi, an outstanding person among the strongest to seize the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret. I won’t believe that he doesn’t know what its purpose was.”

“That’s right. He must know the big secret inside. That’s why he did not hesitate to kill a Heaven Immortal! Otherwise, there would be no reason to fight and kill between the Heaven Immortals.”

The white-haired child tried to study the secret of the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret, but he was also unable to discover it. He put it aside and did not continue to study it, mainly using it to sense Lin Qi’s location.

Emperor Yun suddenly discovered something and said, “That mysterious person has left Emperor Shi’s territory and is rushing towards Ten Emperor’s Palace.”

The white-haired child was stunned. He hurriedly tried to sense the location, then laughed.

“It seems he doesn’t know where we are.”

The white-haired child laughed coldly. “He probably thinks that this Ten Emperor’s Palace was refined by another Heaven Immortal. He wants to kill the person who holds this Ten Emperor’s Palace, just like he did with Emperor Shi.”

“He wouldn’t expect that there are nine Emperors here” Emperor He laughed coldly.

“I was still thinking about how to kill him, but now, he has come knocking on our door.”

“I want to see his reaction when he finds out that there are nine Heaven Immortals here.”

“He would be shocked then.”

The nine Emperors were all spirited up, waiting for that mysterious person to walk right into their trap.

Lin Qi was riding on a cloud.

Lin Qi could see the scale of the battle power of the Ten Emperor’s Palace through Heaven’s eyes. He was not reckless or ignorant when he went to the Ten Emperor’s Palace. Instead, he was cautious.

He soon saw the magnificent Ten Emperor’s Palace. Everything was calm on the surface, but in fact, the nine Emperors were all in the halls, waiting for Lin Qi to walk into their trap.

Lin Qi landed on the clouds and stood in front of the Ten Emperor’s Palace.

Many Mahayana Realm or lower realm guards were surrounding and attacking the intruder of the Ten Emperor’s Palace.

Lin Qi waved his hand, and his power swept them all away without even looking at them.

Lin Qi slowly pushed open the gate of the Ten Emperor’s Palace.

The nine Emperors were right in front of him.

The leader was a white-haired child, the Holy Emperor.

On both sides were eight Emperors in different forms.

“You are the one who killed Emperor Shi?”

The white-haired child sat on a high seat and looked at Lin Qi, who was standing at the hall entrance. His voice boomed over with an imposing manner.

The other eight Emperors sneered.

They were sure that Lin Qi was now shocked. After all, anyone would go crazy from fear if Nine Heaven Immortals showed up at the door.

However, Lin Qi did not lose control as they had imagined. He did not even show any shock or surprise. He slowly walked into the hall and came to an empty seat.

That was Emperor Shi’s seat, and it was empty.

“You guys are quite smart. You guessed it so quickly.”

Lin Qi looked from left to right. Food filled the table, but every dish made Lin Qi frown. “Can’t you eat something normal? Why are all your dish mortals?”

The nine Emperors frowned.

Why was he not afraid and calm instead?

Only then did they carefully observe Lin Qi.

Then, they were surprised.

Lin Qi’s young appearance did not seem to be from other reasons. He was indeed a young man.

Could it be that he was a teenager… Heaven Immortal?