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The nine Emperors looked at Lin Qi seriously.

They were carefully identifying him.

They even opened their Heaven’s eyes, Dharma eyes, and wisdom eyes.

No matter how they tried.

They couldn’t find any signs of youth retention.

There were two possibilities.

One was that he was a teenager.

The other might be he was so powerful that these people couldn’t see through him at all.

“It should be the latter.”

Thoughts filled the white-haired child’s mind. “However, it’s his youth-retaining technique is so powerful that we can’t see through it. It’s not because his overall strength is so powerful.”

The nine Emperors each had their judgments.

No matter how they judged…

They all look at Lin Qi calmly in the end because they had nine Heaven Immortals while he was alone.

He couldn’t fight one against nine even he was powerful.

“Why did you kill Emperor Shi?” asked one of the Emperors.

“He committed suicide. It has nothing to do with me,” Lin Qi said calmly.

The atmosphere in the Ten Emperor’s Palace changed obviously.

Then, they realized that he might have fooled them.

They all knew Emperor Shi. He would not commit suicide.

Emperor Yun glared at Lin Qi angrily, “Do you think we’re so gullible?”

“I’m not deceiving you.” Lin Qi looked around, picked up a vegetable, and put it into his mouth to chew, “But he committed suicide slowly. Very slowly.”

The nine Emperors looked at Lin Qi with disbelief.

They would have fought impatiently long ago if it weren’t for the fact that they couldn’t find the face-retaining spell on Lin Qi’s body suspected the mysterious reason behind it.

“He started killing himself a long, long time ago. He might be in the Qi-Cultivation Realm or the Foundation Establishment Realm. He killed people, and then he was plagued with evil energy. In the end, it was still committing suicide no matter how he died.”

Lin Qi’s gaze moved over to the nine Emperors one by one. “Just like you guys. I’ll kill all of you later. But it’s not that I killed all of you, but the result of your many years of slow suicide.”

The Nine Emperors’ patience was worn out.

Emperor He’s aura suddenly changed, and the entire jade table was sent flying and exploded into countless powder in the air. Emperor He opened his mouth wide and rolled out his tongue.

“You must be tired of living!”

Emperor He’s gaze was cold. He was the first to make things difficult for Lin Qi as the person closest to Lin Qi among the nine emperors and the first to have his patience worn out.

Lin Qi laughed and stretched out his hand toward the tongue. “I was just worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat something that suited my appetite. Little frog, I’ll make you into a boiled frog!”

“He’s courting death.” Emperor Yun took two steps back,

“Emperor He’s tongue is not only tough, but it’s also extremely sticky and contains lethal poison. No one would be able to break free touching it. You’ll find that it’s impossible to cut off the tongue and could only remain in such a position. The countless fine barbs on his tongue would send poison into the human body once you’re stuck there. Those barbs were small, and they would be injected through the pores. There was no need for him to break through your body. You would either be dead, or you would have to cut off your arm to protect yourself. This person is ignorant. He dared to be arrogant and directly grabbed Emperor He’s tongue!”

“Getting rid of Emperor Shi made his confidence swell. Little did he know that every Heaven Immortal has their trump card. Perhaps they would be restrained by weaker people. He is still too young.”

“It seems that it has already ended when it just started.”

The other eight Emperors were watching.

Emperor He’s tongue stuck to Lin Qi’s arm as they expected. He immediately rolled his tongue and wrapped Lin Qi’s entire arm with his tongue.

Countless toxins were being sent to Lin Qi’s body.

These lethal toxins could kill a Mahayana Realm cultivator with just a little bit of poison. Even a Heaven Immortal Realm cultivator would lose their life if they allowed these toxins to do whatever they wanted.

Emperor Yun sneered, “He will die unless he cuts off his arm now.”

“Go and help. Take this opportunity to kill this kid!”

The other eight Emperors were ready to take advantage of Lin Qi being controlled to kill Lin Qi in one go or cripple him and interrogate him strictly.

Lin Qi did not panic. The power in his body circulated at will, and the deadly poisons were dispersed out of his body. They could not do anything to Lin Qi at all. Lin Qi suddenly exerted his strength.

Emperor He was shocked to find that his body was rising into the air. Then, Emperor He felt the world spinning.

He was lifted by Lin Qi’s tongue and smashed at the people around him like a meteor hammer. Emperor He wanted to resist, but he was shocked to find that Lin Qi’s power was following his tongue and locking his power!

Emperor He could not use a single strand of power. Lin Qi had sealed them!

Emperor Yun suddenly retreated as he was just about to approach them. He was horrified to see that Emperor He, a Heaven Immortal cultivator on the same level as Emperor Shi, was tossed around like a meteor hammer.

Emperor He, Emperor Yun, and Emperor Shi were the strongest after the Holy Emperor. The three of them were on the same level.

Emperor He was being toyed with like a real little frog.

The other Heaven Immortals cultivators were weaker and could not avoid Emperor He, who was spun around. Waves of power were transmitted into their bodies when they were hit.

Their internal organs immediately churned, and their extraordinary meridians and eight meridians were all distorted.

Someone could not withstand it and exploded on the spot.

Lin Qi, who had awakened his mind of Dao, could kill them at ease. Not to mention them, he needed to use one move, at most, to kill himself who did not attain the mind of Dao.

There were already three Heaven Immortals who exploded.

There was also one with a strong physique who forcefully dispelled the turbulent power in his body and saved his life. However, his meridians were chaotic, and his five organs were displaced. He fell to the ground and lost his battle strength.

“Emperor He! Are you alright?”

Emperor Yun was shocked by the three bodies which exploded. Then, his eyes filled with horror as he looked at Emperor He, who was being swung by Lin Qi like a hammer.

Emperor He laid on the ground. Lin Qi pulled his tongue, making it looked more like a meteor hammer.

“Quickly take back your tongue!” Emperor Yun reminded him.

Emperor He took back his tongue.

Lin Qi held his tongue tightly.

“I haven’t had enough. Stay with me for a while,” said Lin Qi.

Emperor He wanted to cry, but he couldn’t.

Emperor Yun was more shocked.

It had always been others who couldn’t get rid of their tongues. Now, it was Lin Qi who didn’t want to let go of Emperor He and toyed with Emperor He.

“Does anyone have any ultimate moves? Let me take a look,” said Lin Qi.

Currently, only the Holy Emperor, Emperor Yun, and Emperor He were left at the Heaven Immortals. The other two were ordinary Heaven Immortals, and one of them was on the verge of death. While the other three had already exploded and died.

The two ordinary Heaven Immortals were scared out of their wits. Three of them who were on the same level as they had only been hit once and died.

Emperor He, who was stronger than them, was like a doll that Lin Qi held tightly.

Who could withstand this?

That was no longer a battle that they could participate. These Heaven Immortals could only be considered cannon fodder at most.

The two ordinary Heaven Immortals looked at each other.

They turned into two streaks of light and flew out of the Ten Emperor’s Palace.

“You’re leaving without saying goodbye?” Lin Qi suddenly swung Emperor He.

The two supreme experts turned into two clouds of white mist in the air, and they turned into dust.

Emperor Yun’s body trembled, and she took two steps back before falling to the ground.

It turned out that Lin Qi exploding of the three Heaven Immortals wasn’t his true strength. He was playing around!

His true strength was unfathomable.