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The nine Emperors had been waiting for Lin Qi to walk into their trap.

Only now did they realize that they were the fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered!

Emperor Yun channeled all her power, but she was trembling. She knew that it was useless. It would be amazing if she could live a little longer.

The white-haired child spoke at this time.

She immediately saw hope and hid behind the white-haired child. The Holy Emperor had spoken. Perhaps Lin Qi was not as strong as she had imagined. It was just that she was too weak.

He looked at Lin Qi and said, “Let go of Emperor He. I’m willing to accept you. The few of us will divide and rule the entire world.”

“Yes, let go of Emperor He. We’ll turn enemies into friends.” Emperor Yun immediately followed the white-haired child’s words and said, “The few people you killed are not important. Their territories can all be given to you.”

Lin Qi still held Emperor He’s tongue and said, “What if I don’t agree?”

“Then, you’ll have to go to Hell and regret it.”

The white-haired child sat there, calm. His gaze was cold as he stared at Lin Qi, as though he was looking at a lamb being slaughtered, “You are strong. Your cultivation level is at the late-stage Heaven Immortal Realm or even the peak of the Heaven Immortal Realm. But it would be effortless for me to kill you even if you are a peak Heaven Immortal.”

Lin Qi grabbed a jade chair across the air with great interest. The chair weighed over a thousand pounds, and it landed on the ground with a rumble. Lin Qi sat on it. “You are a True Immortal?”

“No, no one can cultivate the True Immortal Realm in this world. The laws of this world have a limit, and unless one creates their laws, it is impossible to create True Immortal laws,” said the white-haired child.

Lin Qi raised his eyebrows.

This white-haired child knew quite a bit. That was the place where Daoist Spiritual Master Zixia had attained the Dao, and it could even be said that he had created the Great World of Zixia.

The laws created by Taiyi Immortals could at most be trained to the peak of the Heaven Immortal Realm.

Only the peak of the Taiyi Immortal Realm, or Quasi-Saints, should be able to create a True Immortal World.

The white-haired child knew that the laws here had a limit. It seemed that he had already trained to the peak of the Heaven Immortal Realm, and had touched the limit of those laws.

“How can you easily kill a Heaven Immortal if you are not a True Immortal?” asked Lin Qi.

“Because of this.” The white-haired child did not hide anything. Power flowed through his body, and a red light instantly appeared on his chest. Then, the red light condensed and transformed into the shape of a heart.

The white-haired child had comprehended a mind of Dao!

No wonder he was invincible amongst the ten Emperors. Not only was his realm higher, but he had also comprehended a mind of Dao that was as important as his realm.

However, Lin Qi realized when he took a closer look.

Although it was a mind of Dao.

It was only a mind of Dao at the Soul-Formation Realm.

It was a mortal-level mind of Dao.

Unlike Lin Qi, who had a mind of Dao at the Heaven Immortal Realm.

However, such a mind of Dao was enough for him to possess superior strength among his peers.

It would indeed be easy for him to kill a peak Heaven Immortal without a mind of Dao.

“You might not recognize this.”

The white-haired child spoke at this moment. He explained, “This is my Dao. I am different from you. You only focus on cultivating power, while I focus on comprehending the Dao, comprehending the limits of Heaven and Earth! I have pursuits that you cannot imagine. I have heights that you cannot reach. I will open this world and enter an even larger world sooner or later. I will rise rapidly until I am invincible as long as I enter a bigger world with my comprehension of the Dao and my talent in comprehending the Dao!”

He was confident and thought highly of himself.

“Both of you are Heaven Immortals. You are nothing but ants to me.” the white-haired child looked at Lin Qi with great confidence.

“Follow me and submit to me. You will be the first servants to follow me in the future when I open a world and become the king of the outside world, ruling over billions of worlds and conquering all the enemies in the world. You will receive supreme glory.”

Emperor He, whose tongue was grabbed, was admiring the Holy Emperor.

They knew that the white-haired child was not boasting. He was someone who had attained Dao.

The white-haired child had suppressed his strength to the Mahayana Realm, but he could still easily defeat them before that. Emperor He and Emperor Yun could not defeat the white-haired child at the Mahayana Realm if they worked together.

Everything he said was not boasting but describing the truth!

“Fellow Daoist, don’t doubt it.”

Emperor Yun looked at Lin Qi. He said, “You are only at a high realm no matter how strong you are. As for the sacred emperor, he is someone who has attained Dao! We are on the same level, but we are two different existences. No matter how strong we are, we are not even a tiny bit comparable to the Holy Emperor!”

“Let go of me and submit to the Holy Emperor. You still have time. You will be able to enjoy supreme glory in the future!” mumbled Emperor He.

“It sounds wonderful.” Lin Qi smiled faintly.

Emperor Yun and Emperor He both felt relieved. It seemed that the Holy Emperor’s strength had convinced Lin Qi. He would submit to the Holy Emperor, and the two of them would be saved.

The white-haired child was still calm. He was not excited at all as if he had invited in a dog.

“Quickly let go of me and submit to the Holy Emperor. We will divide up this world,” said Emperor He.

Lin Qi exerted his strength and pulled Emperor He before him. Emperor He was terrified. Wasn’t he already planning to submit?

Was he planning to submit to the Holy Emperor and not let go of him?

“Holy Emperor, please save me…” said Emperor He hurriedly.

“Emperor He is my loyal right-hand man. I don’t want any internal strife to happen to my subordinates.” The white-haired child had already tacitly acknowledged that Lin Qi had submitted to him.

“There won’t be any internal strive.”

Lin Qi stood up and looked directly at the white-haired child. “Because you and your subordinates will die soon. There won’t be any possibility of internal strife.”

“You don’t intend to submit to me?” The white-haired child’s gaze on him turned cold.

Emperor Yun was in a rage. “Holy Emperor, this person is extremely audacious. He’s courting death!”

Emperor He was shocked. It turned out that the young man hadn’t submitted to the Holy Emperor at all. He was embarrassing himself by saying so much.

“You don’t deserve it,” said Lin Qi calmly.

“It seems that you still don’t understand my power. Fine, I’ll let you see my strength with your own eyes. However, you’ll have to pay the price with your life.” The white-haired child slowly stood up.

“You have a wild imagination.”

Lin Qi still said the same thing, but this time, there was a follow-up. “But the reality doesn’t comply with your imagination. The evil force you’ve accumulated over the years has made it impossible for you to live past today. How are you going to imagine your future?”

The white-haired child laughed disdainfully.

“I’ve lived for more than a hundred tribulations, and I’ve already seen through everything in the world. What do you know?” The white-haired child’s hair grew longer, dancing wildly without the wind.

“You have no idea how terrifying this mind of Dao is. I pity you, and I will let you see the power of this mind of Dao before killing you. I gave you a chance, but you choose to die.”

The white-haired child’s aura, razing the entire Ten Emperor’s Palace to the ground.

His aura alone was like a storm.

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