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Emperor Yun quickly flew into the air and looked at the white-haired child with admiration.

“The Holy Emperor’s strength has improved a bit compared to last time!”

Emperor Yun worshiped him fervently, and then she looked at Lin Qi with pity. “This arrogant guy doesn’t know how terrifying the Holy Emperor is. He’s seeking for death.”

Emperor He, who was caught by Lin Qi, worshipped the Holy Emperor a lot too.

“Holy Emperor, kill this guy who dares to offend you!” said Emperor He excitedly.

He looked at Lin Qi, looking forward to seeing the shock and regret on Lin Qi’s face.

Everything was so terrifying after the Holy Emperor’s aura exploded. He believed that this arrogant guy was already stunned.

Lin Qi was calm and didn’t show any response.

“You’re still holding on. Let’s see how you beg when you’re beaten up by the Holy Emperor later!” sneered Emperor He.

The white-haired child’s feet left the ground, and he floated in the air. His loose robes fluttered in the wind, and his white hair grew longer and longer. The hair fluttered, even though there was no wind. He looked like a god that had descended.

“I’ll give you one last chance to submit to me. I’m benevolent, after all.” the white-haired child looked down on everything, and spoke in a voice that was indifferent to all living things.

“The Holy Emperor is too kind!”

Emperor Yun sighed. “That fellow is really lucky to have met such a benevolent existence like the Holy Emperor. I would have killed him long ago if it were me!”

“Why aren’t you thanking the Holy Emperor? That is your last chance!” Emperor He’s tongue was grabbed, and he spoke in a muffled voice.

“It’s better to just make a move.” Lin Qi said indifferently.

Emperor Yun and Emperor He was shocked.

The young man still did not take the chance to join them after the last chance was given when he saw the terrifying aura of the Holy Emperor!

Should he be said to be confident or ignorant?

“Since you insist on seeking death, I’ll grant you your wish.” The white-haired child shook his head.

The white-haired child had already exchanged a move with Lin Qi when the deafening explosion sounded. His speed far surpassed the speed of sound.

It was the sound of the first punch when they had already punched for the second time. Both of their speeds were faster than sound, and the sound could not keep up with their movements.

Countless explosions sounded like firecrackers. Lin Qi and the white-haired child had exchanged dozens of blows in a blink of an eye.

And less than two seconds had passed.

A figure flew out in a pathetic state.

“Not dead? No wonder he dared to challenge the Holy Emperor. Take this!”

Emperor Yun’s eyes turned cold. She wanted to kill that pathetic figure.

But Emperor Yun froze in the air the next second. Shock appeared in her eyes.

It took her half a second to see the figure.

White-haired, short, and dressed in loose robes.

How was that pathetic figure possibly Lin Qi?

The person who had fallen into a pathetic state in the short exchange of blows was not Lin Qi, but the Holy Emperor!

Emperor He felt dizzy. He had almost been killed by the blow. Lin Qi had been using it to fight, and Emperor He was on the verge of death. However, the Holy Emperor would win as long as he endured it. He was forcing himself to see the outcome of the battle.

The handsome young man who was holding him did not even have a slight scratch on his clothes. He was not injured. His breathing was steady. Everything was normal.

However, the Holy Emperor flew out in a pathetic state.

Could it be that the Holy Emperor was not a match for this young man?

“You… how could you…” the white-haired child took deep breaths to calm his agitated power. He looked at the unhurt young man in disbelief.

The white-haired child knew best what had just happened as he was involved. He had used all his strength to fight Lin Qi with each of his subsequent punches except for the first two punches. Lin Qi had neutralized all of them. The white-haired child had taken the initiative to strike first. Instead, he had quickly fallen into a passive position. No one knew better than him how unfathomable that young man was.

The shock was greater than what Emperor Yun and Emperor He were experiencing.

“He hasn’t activated his mind of Dao, which means he doesn’t have a mind of Dao.”

The white-haired child quickly analyzed the strength of both sides. “But he’s able to fight against me so easily. One possibility is… he’s a True Immortal, but it doesn’t seem like it. He’s a Heaven Immortal. The other possibility is… he has some special treasure on him.”

His mind of Dao was at the Soul-Formation Realm.

Mortal-level mind of Dao.

Therefore, he would condense a projection of his mind of Dao outside his body if he wanted to use the power of it.

As for Lin Qi, he had a mind of Dao at the Heaven Immortal Realm, which could be restrained. Therefore, Holy Emperor couldn’t truly judge Lin Qi’s condition.

“He didn’t hesitate to kill Emperor Shi to seize the Scroll of Heaven’s Secret. That means that he knows how precious this item is. Knowing so much inside information, he must have had a great opportunity to obtain a supreme treasure. He must have a treasure that can increase his strength!”

The white-haired child analyzed for a moment and found it more and more believable. “Fortunately, I would have lost right now if it was three hundred years ago. But, it’s different now.”

He stabilized his body and took out an item from his storage bag.

This item was the size of a palm and in the shape of a golden bell. It was flowing with golden light.

“I admit that you dare to oppose me. It’s not because you’re reckless, but because you have some strength.”

The white-haired child injected power into the golden bell, and its light became increasingly bright. “But unfortunately, you met me. Do you think that you can be invincible with a magic treasure as your support?”

He threw the golden bell in his hand forward, and the golden bell kept growing in the sky, quickly covering this endless territory under the golden bell.

Lin Qi sensed the golden bell.

It didn’t have any defensive power.

Even mortals could leave the range of the golden bell.

What was the use of this thing?

“Are you puzzled about its function?”

The white-haired child sneered, “That’s right. This thing can’t trap people. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to cover such a large area in an instant. The energy it requires is terrifying. It has one function, which is to cut off the connection of all the magic treasures within the range. You will find that you can no longer control your magic treasure.”

“So powerful?” Lin Qi was surprised.

“It won’t work if you’re a True Immortal,” said the white-haired child.

If it could only suppress at Heaven Immortal and below, then it was indeed a magic treasure within the normal range. Otherwise, it would be terrifying.

“Did you discover that your magic treasure is no longer effective?”

The white-haired child sneered, “Did the magic treasure that you relied on to fight against me suddenly malfunction? Hahaha… I obtained this three hundred years ago. You’re unlucky. The person who would have died today would have been me If you had come three hundred years earlier. As for now… It will be you!”

“So that fellow relied on his magic treasure to fight against the Holy Emperor?” Emperor Yun came to a sudden realization and then sneered. “Relying on external items to become strong, yet he dares to be so arrogant. His luck has come to an end now.”

The white-haired child used all his strength to throw a punch at Lin Qi.

Lin Qi did not dodge. Instead, he faced it head-on.

“His magic treasures are malfunctioning, yet he still dares to face it head-on. He is fearless.” The white-haired child laughed coldly.

The two collided. Ripples swept across the entire territory, with the two of them as the center.