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The intense fluctuations caused Emperor Yun, who was watching the battle from the side, to be unable to maintain his stability. His expression changed as he circulated his power to protect himself. However, he was still like a leaf in the waves, dancing in the air along with the fluctuations. He collided countless times against various obstacles that were flying away.

“Such strong fluctuations…”

Emperor Yun was horrified. That feeling was like a mortal watching a fight of the Heaven Immortals. They were both at the Heaven Immortal level, but the gap between them was so huge?

Emperor Yun’s face turned red as she spat out blood. She had been swept away by the undulations just now, causing her internal organs to churn.

She had only been watching the battle, but she had suffered such injuries.

It was hard for her to imagine what kind of power the person involved in the battle had exploded and endured.

The mist from the explosion slowly dissipated, and Emperor Yun could faintly see three figures appear.

A normal-looking figure, as well as a figure with a long tongue and a toad-like head.

“It’s a tie again?” Emperor Yun was in disbelief. “The Holy Emperor has already used so many techniques and is so serious in his attacks, but that guy still hasn’t lost?”

She had already tried her best to overestimate Lin Qi.

In the end, she had still underestimated him.

“Although the Holy Emperor will be able to defeat him… Should I help the Holy Emperor?” Emperor Yun began to panic. She was worried that she would lose all of her protection and die if the Holy Emperor.

She took a deep breath and flew toward the Holy Emperor. She was going to help him this time whether or not he needed it.

She passed through the thin mist.

She saw the Holy Emperor clearly and couldn’t help but be startled when she was dozens of meters away from them.

She saw the Holy Emperor’s right arm hanging down in a strange posture.

His body was covered in blood.

His body was covered in wounds.

His white hair was dyed red.

The scariest thing was that those wounds weren’t cut out because of the sharpness. Instead, they looked more like wounds caused by the bursting of flesh and skin. It was as if the Holy Emperor couldn’t withstand the transmission of power, and his flesh and skin had exploded.

Her heart immediately sank.

Despair appeared in her eyes.

It was the first time in her life that she had seen the Holy Emperor beaten to such a state. He was beaten to such a pathetic state, as if… he was going to die.

Although she was unwilling to admit it, she had to admit that the Holy Emperor might not be a match for the person opposite her.

That had overturned her understanding.

It had brutally destroyed her deeply rooted worldview and rebuilt a new system, making her feel like she was about to collapse.

“I can’t accept this…” Emperor Yun’s body trembled as if she had fallen into an ice cellar.

She flew toward the Holy Emperor. “Holy Emperor, are you… alright?”

The white-haired child suddenly raised his head to look at her.

He reached out his hand to her, and Emperor Yun’s body flew toward the white-haired child uncontrollably. Then, Emperor Yun’s face suddenly turned pale. The white-haired child absorbed the power in her body into his body forcefully.

“Lord Holy Emperor?” She turned pale with fright.

“Aren’t you loyal to me? Give me your power! I wanted to raise you for a few more tribulations before eating you, but now I’m letting you enjoy this glory in advance,” said the white-haired child coldly.

She was shocked, and she fell into despair.

The Holy Emperor had established the Ten Emperor’s Palace to protect them, but he wanted to eat them just like raising livestock!

Just like how they ate mortals.

She instantly thought of many things.

No wonder the Holy Emperor was so much stronger than all of them, yet he lived in peace with them. They would naturally live in peace until the last moment of slaughter in the relationship between master and livestock. He would even treat livestock well, making them fat and strong.

“So we are all just your rations…” Emperor Yun laughed bitterly.

“You trash, do you think that you can get along with me as equals and share the world with me?” The white-haired child’s eyes filled with faint mockery.

“I curse you to go to Hell! You damn thing! You can’t defeat that young man. He will soon bury you. We will meet in Hell.” Emperor Yun no longer respected the white-haired child in front of her. Her eyes filled with mockery as she mocked.

The white-haired child’s gaze turned cold. He twisted Emperor Yun’s neck and killed her.

She quickly turned into white bones. Not even white bones remained in the end.

The white-haired child’s skin and flesh gradually recovered to normal. He had returned to his peak strength.

The fog between him and Lin Qi had dispersed.

Emperor He looked at the white-haired child in shock.

Emperor He was naturally aware of the fact that he had swallowed Emperor Yun.

So that was the true relationship between them and the white-haired child!

“Die!” The white-haired child roared. His long red hair floated in the air as he pounced at Lin Qi with bared fangs and brandished claws.

He could only fight Lin Qi with his life.

Lin Qi flew over and punched the white-haired child.

The flesh on his body bloomed again.

Countless pieces of flesh flew out.

The white-haired child could not keep flying. His body slanted and fell to the ground. Finally, he landed heavily on the ground, raising a large amount of dust with a bang.

Lin Qi landed beside him.

“Can you tell me why you are so strong?” asked the white-haired child, who was on his last breath, but he looked at Lin Qi unwillingly.

Lin Qi didn’t say anything.

The shadow of his mind of Dao condensed on his body.

It was a mind of Dao that was far stronger than the white-haired child’s. It was like the difference between a bright moon and a firefly. The white-haired child’s pupils rapidly contracted.

He finally understood why Lin Qi would crush him so easily before he died.

Lin Qi had an incredible mind of Dao.

The so-called mind of Dao of the white-haired child was like a joke in front of him!

“I thought that I was the only one comprehending Dao and that I had extraordinary talent… it turns out that I’m just humiliating myself in front of you…” the white-haired child laughed bitterly.

He would not have fought Lin Qi even if he had ten thousand guts if he had known this would happen.

“I don’t want to see you again in my next life!” The white-haired child gritted his teeth.

“Don’t do evil in your next life after you repay your sins in Hell,” said Lin Qi.

The white-haired child slowly closed his eyes.

There was a muffled sound.

His life force was cut off.

It was not Lin Qi who made a move, but the white-haired child who cut off his life force. He knew that there was no way out, so he might as well find his way out.

There were ten beings at the top in the Great World of Zixia.

Now, only the Emperor He was left.

Lin Qi was still grabbing his tongue, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

Emperor He was scared out of his wits by the unfathomable handsome young man beside him upon seeing the Holy Emperor commit suicide and did not even try to escape.

“Sir… I am willing to pay for my sins. Please spare my life, sir, I will never do evil again!” Emperor He pleaded.

“You won’t be able to pay it back. Your sins are too grave, you can only slowly return to the underworld. I will help you,” said Lin Qi indifferently.

Emperor He’s expression changed drastically.

His current expression had appeared on countless mortals that he had eaten.

In the end, it was his turn.

Emperor He’s eyes were empty and lifeless. Lin Qi had cut off his life force.

The Ten Emperor’s Palace had all fallen.

There were no more Heaven Immortals in the Great World of Zixia other than Lin Qi.

The life force and power of the ten Emperors returned to nature, and the entire Great World of Zixia was brimming with life force.

Lin Qi suddenly raised his head and felt an endless amount of fate and merit added to his body.

Two Scroll of Heaven’s Secret appeared before Lin Qi.

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