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That mountain peak was directly destroyed by the Lightning Dragon summoned by Lin Qi.

The mountain peak that was hundreds of meters tall was directly shattered and collapsed.

Fortunately, the mountain peak was usually not open to tourists. Otherwise, it would cause a large number of casualties.

Lin Qi just casually summoned a Lightning Dragon, and it was able to destroy a mountain peak that was hundreds of meters tall. It was reduced to ashes in a blink of an eye.

Xu Kai’s body was trembling violently, and his back was drenched with sweat.

“This… isn’t this too terrifying? The abilities of an Earth Immortal could be so powerful.”

“Moreover, a mountain that was hundreds of meters tall was shattered without any sign.”

“And I didn’t even notice it just now.”

“In other words, if he wanted to kill me, I wouldn’t even know how I died.”

“The difference of one realm is like the difference between a God and a mortal!”

“Is this the power of controlling Heaven and Earth and reversing life and death?”

Xu Kai finally understood.

The difference between him and this young man couldn’t even be described as far removed as heaven from earth.

They were only two realms apart.

But he couldn’t even withstand a single move from Lin Qi.

However, Xu Kai didn’t know that.

Lin Qi had done that on purpose.

The power of that method was shocking, but it also consumed a lot of energy.

Even if Lin Qi was an Earth Immortal, he couldn’t use that method endlessly.

But Xu Kai didn’t know that.

He left with respect for Lin Qi.

Xu Kai appeared again and handed a phone and ID to Lin Qi.

Then, under Xu Kai’s terrified gaze, he flew down the building.

The gravity seemed to have lost its effect.

He was clearly in the air at such a high altitude.

However, Lin Qi landed gently like a feather.

In the end, he blended into the crowd.

No one knew where he went.

“An Earth Immortal is terrifying.”

“This person is an expert who has been in seclusion for more than a hundred years. After reaching the Earth Immortal level, he can reverse life and death, and he can still change from old to young. That can explain why he needs an identity.”

Xu Kai guessed about Lin Qi secretly.

Lin Qi was not as young as he looked.

“Sigh, it’s hard to be an Earth Immortal!”

He knew that the world in the future.

It was destined to be more exciting and unpredictable because of Lin Qi’s appearance.

On the plane from the capital to Nancheng City.

Although Lin Qi had become an Earth Immortal.

He would not run to the Nancheng City.

Moreover, flying consumed a lot of energy.

The most convenient transportation was naturally the plane.

And buying a plane ticket was even easier.

Xu Kai gave Lin Qi a mobile phone.

It had all kinds of super-access software.

Lin Qi only did a simple search for the plane ticket.

Soon, the software for choosing a plane ticket popped out.

It was a one-click ticket purchase for any tickets.

With the Martial Arts League’s identification card.

It was very convenient to go through all kinds of procedures, and he took the super VIP channel.

So, in the early morning of the next day.

Lin Qi arrived at Nancheng Airport.

After walking out of Nancheng Airport.

A luxurious business car.

It had been waiting for him for a long time.

That was the exclusive vehicle of the Martial Arts League.

Not to mention the value of the car.

Just the license plate alone made the people of the superior level in Nancheng city show some courtesy.

Although Nancheng City was also a first-class city of the Dragon Country.

The mayor here also had a good position.

But, after all, that was a country in which warriors were at the top of the pyramid.

Even the mayor of Nancheng City couldn’t afford to offend the Martial Arts League, which specialized in the management of warriors.

“Sir, my name is Xu Hui. I’ll be in charge of everything for you from now on.”

“Of course, if you don’t need me, I’ll leave directly. If there’s anything, you can contact me directly.”

Driver Xu Hui introduced himself to Lin Qi.

“Take me to the Song family!”

Lin Qi wouldn’t refuse, of course.

It was more convenient to have a local to take him.

“Yes, sir. Is it the biggest family in Nancheng City, the Song family?”

Xu Hui couldn’t help but ask.

In Nancheng City, there were too many families with the surname Song.

But the mayor’s Song family was the most famous.

He quietly observed Xu Hui.

He was a Major General who was dressed in military uniform.

Lin Qi had noticed that before he got into the car.

That was someone who knew the news and came to contact him on purpose.

A Major General who came to be his chauffeur.

He had to obey his arrangements the entire time. He had to at least give the man some benefits.

That was probably their plan.

What caught Lin Qi’s attention was.

The Major General Xu Hui.

He was a person at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

He was around twenty-five years old.

His aura was restrained and collected.

That was very rare, and his talent could be considered extremely outstanding.

He couldn’t escape Lin Qi’s perception at all.

“Sir, today is the engagement between Song Tianming and Tang Yurou.”

“Their whole family is at the Nancheng City International Hotel.”

“Should we go there instead?”

Xu Hui was a local officer in Nancheng City.

Naturally, he was very clear about things happening in this place.

Song Tianming and Tang Yurou engagement.

Had long spread throughout Nancheng City.

So he knew about that matter.

“The engagement is today?”

“Since it’s such a coincidence, we should prepare a big gift for them!”

How could he not know who Song Tianming was and what kind of character he was?

He was reincarnated into this world.

Especially the women from Nancheng City, they were naturally in trouble.

“Xu Hui, this Song Tianming isn’t a good person, right?!”

After Lin Qi knew that Xu Hui was a local.

He planned to get some information from him first.

Xu Hui wanted to say something but hesitated. He didn’t know how to put that matter.

“It’s okay. Just say it. I have a grudge on him!”

Lin Qi was very straightforward.

He was almost going to say that he was here to revenge on Song Tianming.

Xu Hui heaved a sigh of relief.

Only then did he feel relieved.

“Song Tianming is just a scumbag. The girls that he ruined has already exceeded a hundred.”

“He is gifted and has terrifying talent in martial arts. He is now a Precelestial Realm expert, comparable to the team leader of our Martial Arts League. The Song family became stronger and stronger under his help, but the process was bloody.”

“Although Nancheng City has become more and more developed under the Song family’s rule.”

“But more people have suffered unfair grievances because of this.”

“The Tang family’s eldest daughter, who is engaged to Song Tianming today, was forced to do so!”

Xu Hui gave a rough description of Song Tianming’s situation.

According to Xu Hui, Song Tianming might have awakened at least ten years earlier than him.

During these ten years, he had been able to do as he pleased.

He had helped the Song family expand continuously.

Although it had also brought a certain level of improvement to Nancheng City.

However, their methods were extremely cruel, causing the deaths of countless people.

However, the people of Nancheng City were angry but did not dare to speak out due to the strength of the Song family and Song Tianming’s martial arts ability. They could only swallow their anger.

“I understand. Looks like you will have to elect a new mayor for this city.”

“Huh, the Song family will be removed from the list from today onwards!”