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Lin Qi’s voice was emotionless.

It was as if he was announcing something.

It was cold and indifferent.

However, this simple sentence was enough to decide the fate of the Song family.

From today onwards, the Song family would be removed from the list.

Xu Hui’s body trembled, and his pupils constricted.

The Song family was a local gangster in Nancheng City. They had been established in Nancheng City for countless years and had connections in the imperial court.

Although the Song family had caused a disaster, Xu Hui had thought that the most he would do was to punish the Song family. He had not expected that the officer would directly remove the name of the Song family.

That was completely different.

Xu Hui gulped and agreed.

However, his heart was heaving violently, and he was extremely shocked.

Lin Qi was assigned to him by his superior. He had been ordered by his superiors to do his best to comply with whatever Lin Qi requested.

However, that request was too dificult to fulfill.

Unexpectedly, he wanted to uproot the Song family and remove their name from Nancheng City.

At the same time, Xu Hui immediately reported this matter to his superior.

Initially, Xu Hui thought that his superior would never agree to this matter.

After all, although the Song family was a disaster, they were still a powerful family in Nancheng City. Song Tianming’s father was also the current mayor. Removing the Song family from the list would cause a huge uproar and cause unimaginable consequences.

Xu Hui did not expect that the superiors would agree in their reply.

There was only a simple word in the reply which was agreed.

And it was an immediate reply.

Furthermore, the superiors were able to make this decision.

They must have reported this matter to the imperial court.

The imperial court agreed as well.

Those people in the imperial court who interacted with the Song family did not stand out to oppose and speak up for the Song family.

Moreover, no one dared to inform the Song family.

Xu Hui was completely dumbfounded. What was the background of this young officer?

A word from him was enough to decide the life and death of the Song family.

Xu Hui could not help but look at Lin Qi in the rear-view mirror.

Lin Qi casually leaned against the leather chair and looked out of the window. His eyes were deep and full of brilliance.

He could not see through Lin Qi at all.

Warriors trained in martial arts. Their Qi and blood were vigorous like the scorching sun.

The powerful warriors’ Qi and blood were even more powerful. When one walked a few meters beside them, they would feel the scorching heat.

Unless one deliberately restrained themselves, anyone could immediately tell if they were a warrior or not.

Lin Qi’s body did not have any Qi and blood fluctuation. At first glance, he looked like an ordinary person.

However, Lin Qi’s bearing and appearance could not be an ordinary person no matter how one looked at it.

Moreover, Lin Qi was able to make his superior take him so seriously.

Xu Hui immediately withdrew his gaze and did not dare to look too much.

As a Foundation Establishment Realm warrior, he understood that if Lin Qi was a powerful warrior, his perception would be incomparably sharp.

He would be able to detect that he was secretly observing him. A moment of carelessness would enrage him.

That was because Xu Hui was driving the exclusive vehicle of the Martial Arts League of the Dragon Country.

No one dared to stop him.

Some people directly drove aside when they saw their car.

Therefore, the drive was smooth.

Soon, they arrived at the Nancheng City Hotel.

Xu Hui even brought Lin Qi to change into a tuxedo for the banquet.

After changing into the tuxedo, Lin Qi was even more handsome and dashing, making others not dare to look at him directly.

It seemed that taking a glance at Lin Qi was a form of blasphemy.

What surprised Xu Hui was that Lin Qi, who originally had long black hair, changed his hair into dashing short hair after putting on the formal attire.

An Earth Immortal could perfectly control his body. Not to mention making his black hair shorter, he could regenerate a limb even if he lost one.

A waiter immediately came up and asked respectfully.

“Good day, are you here to attend Young Master Song’s engagement ceremony?”

The engagement ceremony that day was for the engagement between Young Master Song Tianming and Tang Yurou.

The Song family had already booked the Nancheng City Hotel.

This waiter was sharp at judging people. Seeing Xu Hui driving a luxurious car, the license plate was even terrifying. The two people in the car were wearing expensive tuxedos. They must be here to attend the engagement ceremony.

Xu Hui did not answer immediately.

Instead, he turned to look at Lin Qi.

He was waiting for Lin Qi to decide.

He was a little uncertain about Lin Qi’s intentions.

“I’m a classmate of Young Master Song.”

“I’m here today to attend Young Master Song’s engagement ceremony.”

He and Song Tianming were indeed classmates.

Even Song Tianming could not deny that if he came over personally at that moment.

The waiter was filled with respect and had a smile on his face.

Lin Qi did not look like an ordinary person just by his appearance and bearing, as well as being Young Master Song’s classmate.

“So you are Young Master Song’s classmate.”

“Please show me your invitation card.”

The waiter was respectful.

Of course, Lin Qi did not have the invitation card.

However, he didn’t need to worry at all.

Since he had told Xu Hui that he was coming to look for Song Tianming.

He believed that Xu Hui could solve all of this.

Or rather, the Martial Arts League of the Dragon Country could solve it.

Xu Hui took out his cell phone.

When the waiter saw the electronic invitation card displayed on Xu Hui’s cell phone.

His eyes immediately widened.

He had been informed by the supervisor a long time ago.

The electronic invitation was the highest-quality invitation of the Song family.

Only a few people had the Song family’s electronic invitation.

All of them were high-ranking officials and dignitaries!

“I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

“Please come in. Young Master Song is already waiting for you two in the building.”

The waiter’s face was filled with a respectful smile as he extended his hand to welcome them.

He did not dare to take another look at him.

If he took another look at such a person and made him dislike him, he wouldn’t be able to bear the blame.

“Oh right, I want to give my former classmate a surprise.”

“So, don’t tell him about me coming over.”

“I want to appear at the beginning of the engagement ceremony.”

“Give him a surprise and send him my sincerest wishes.”

Lin Qi casually said that to the waiter.

His attitude was very casual.

But the waiter nodded his head and agreed very seriously.

Although he did not know Lin Qi’s identity.

But for a high-ranking official like Lin Qi, their words were orders.

He had to do it honestly.

“I will not tell Young Master Song about your arrival.”

“Young Master Song will be extremely surprised by your arrival.”

After saying that, the waiter tactfully left.

Originally, Xu Hui had planned to tip the waiter.

But the waiter did not dare to take it.

Xu Hui drove his car to the underground garage.

That kind of hotel used to have a waiter who parked the car for the guests.

But Xu Hui refused the service.

He didn’t like others to touch his car.

Moreover, there were many confidential items in his car.

He was a member of the Martial Arts League of the Dragon Country, and the organization was mysterious.

Sometimes, in order to carry out a mission.

The car had to contain items that would be used in the mission.

There were many dangerous weapons among them.

After Xu Hui parked the car, he took the elevator with Lin Qi.

Song Tianming’s engagement ceremony was held on the 18th floor.

Just as the elevator reached the 10th floor.

The elevator stopped for a moment.

The elevator door opened.

Four beautiful women in gowns walked toward them.