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Then, they all looked at Lin Qi and blushed.

Especially the two women standing on the left, who had extremely hot bodies and curly wine-red hair. They looked straight at Lin Qi.

They looked at him as if they wanted to eat Lin Qi up.

Both of them were wearing extremely sexy gowns, revealing half of their snow-white breasts, only covering the most important parts.

The hem of their skirts was split open, and as they walked, they had two firm and slender legs, making it difficult for people to move their eyes off them.

In short, these two beautiful women gave people the feeling that they were beautiful and being able to arouse the desire of any male creature in the first place.

The two women next to them were much better.

Although they were a little absent-minded the moment they saw Lin Qi, they quickly withdrew their gazes.

They were more conservative in terms of dressing. However, their appearances were prettier than the two gorgeous women on the left. They gave others the impression of a lady from a wealthy family.

Xu Hui only frowned when he saw the scene.

He subconsciously stood in front of Lin Qi, deeply afraid that these women would disturb Lin Qi.

Xu Hui seemed to turn a blind eye to the two gorgeous women who possessed fatal attraction towards men. His will did not waver at all.

He was a Foundation Establishment Realm warrior and had received professional training from the Martial Arts League.

Beauty couldn’t affect his will.

On the contrary, Lin Qi’s expression changed slightly when he saw the four women who came in.

It was because he knew one of the four women.

However, the woman who gave off the feeling of a lady from a noble family did not recognize Lin Qi.

When she saw Lin Qi, she was a little surprised, but she quickly retracted her gaze.

“I didn’t expect Lin Xiaoxue to be reincarnated into this world.”

Lin Qi looked at the lady and was a little surprised.

He was already an Earth Immortal, and his emotions were gradually dissipating. Normally, nothing could affect his mind.

Lin Qi would not feel anything even when he was facing life and death.

That was a state that transcended all things and life and death.

But at that moment, there was a ripple in his heart.

Because that woman was Lin Xiaoxue.

He did not expect it to be such a coincidence.

Normally, the probability of turning around in the same reincarnation world was not high, unless she bought a Reincarnation Tracking Token like Song Tianming.

Although Lin Xiaoxue stood up for him, their relationship was not good enough to let Lin Xiaoxue buy a Reincarnation Tracking Token to follow him to this world.

Therefore, Lin Qi thought that meeting Lin Xiaoxue here was just a coincidence.

In his perception, Lin Xiaoxue was also a warrior. Her talent and strength were not bad, and she had already reached the Qi Absorbing Realm.

Since he had become an Earth Immortal, and Lin Xiaoxue had stood up for him before, Lin Qi did not mind helping Lin Xiaoxue improve her martial arts.

In this way, Lin Xiaoxue could easily achieve something in this world. It was no problem for her to become a reincarnator, and she could also get a large number of points.

“I’m Zhang Ling, and I’m Li Ying.”

“Nice to meet you. Can we exchange contact information?”

The two gorgeous women next to Lin Xiaoxue said to Lin Qi.

They looked at Lin Qi with burning eyes and even stuck out their pinkish tongues to lick the corners of their lips.

They were full of fatal attraction to men.

They were very confident in their charm. Although Lin Qi was handsome, he wouldn’t be able to resist their charm. He would be excited to exchange contacts with them.

They would be able to have a wonderful date with Lin Qi in the evening.

It was the first time they had seen such a handsome man. When they thought of being able to taste such a young and handsome body, a numbing warmth flowed through their bodies.

The charm and desire in their eyes seemed to be about to drip out. It was a pity that they had to be responsible for guarding the Tang family’s young lady. Otherwise, they would have wanted to go to a secret small room with Lin Qi right now and have a good talk.

The gorgeous woman stuck out her chest and stretched out her delicate wrist at Lin Qi.

It instantly pulled the gorgeous woman back to reality.

Xu Hui, who was standing in front of Lin Qi, had a livid face. he shouted coldly, “Who are you?”

“Do you think you’re qualified to know my commanding officer?”

The moment the elevator door opened.

The four women appeared in the sight of the two of them. Xu Hui noticed that Lin Qi had a trace of disgust on his face when he saw the two gorgeous women on his left.

Although it was fleeting, Xu Hui caught it.

Naturally, he could see Lin Qi’s attitude toward the two women.

That was why he was standing in front of Lin Qi.

He did not expect these two gorgeous women not only did not notice Lin Qi’s expression, and even wanted to get to know him?

Xu Hui obviously would not let anyone disturb Lin Qi.

The two gorgeous women were stunned, and anger appeared on their fair faces.

One of the women pointed at Xu Hui angrily.

“How dare you! Do you know…”

Before she could finish her sentence.

The force of the slap was so strong that several of the woman’s teeth fell off, and blood dripped from the corner of her mouth.

Xu Hui didn’t care who she was.

Even if it was the Song family that offended the Martial Arts League, he would still dare to attack them.

The existence of the Martial Arts League was above the local government.

Both the gorgeous women were also warriors.

Their cultivations weren’t low. Both of them were warriors at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

They were much higher than the delicate young girl beside them.

Xu Hui could feel that the atmosphere they saw wasn’t quite right.

These two gorgeous women should be warriors who were in charge of keep watch over the two pretty girls.

Although he did not know the reason, since they dared to offend Lin Qi.

They were courting death.

That slap immediately made the other women widen their eyes.

They could not believe their eyes.

Especially Lin Xiaoxue and the pretty girl next to her.

The gorgeous woman was from the Song family.

And she was Song Tianming’s personal secretary.

Not only that, but these two gorgeous girls were also warriors at the peak of the Qi Absorbing Realm.

The reason why they were here was that Song Tianming had ordered them to monitor their whereabouts.

And today was the engagement ceremony organized by the Song family.

The entire Nancheng City Hotel was booked by the Song family.

Unexpectedly, that person was so bold.

He didn’t care about their reputation and directly slapped them.

However, the surprise in their eyes soon disappeared.

They had gloating expressions on their faces.

Especially the pretty girl next to Lin Xiaoxue, she sneered.

The slap on the gorgeous girl’s face made her feel delighted.

Because she was Tang Yurou.

The lady of the engagement ceremony that day.

These two women were sent by Song Tianming to keep an eye on her.

They were the Song family’s followers, and they also had an unclean relationship with Song Tianming.

Tang Yurou naturally felt happy seeing them being slapped.