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“Do you know what this place is? How dare you hurt us!”

“You’ll regret it. How dare you offend the Song family.”

Another gorgeous woman shouted.

At the same time, she took a few steps back.

She could see that the person who had attacked was a powerful warrior.

That slap was not powerful, but it was extremely fast.

She and the other woman were warriors specially trained by the Song family, so they were not weak.

However, they could not even block this slap.

Her companion was slapped, so how could they let the person leave just like that.

They could only call out loudly and let this matter blow up.

The Song family would send someone to help them!

Her eyes flashed with hatred.

Song Tianming doted on them because of their beauty.

Although they were only warriors trained by the Song family.

Their status in the Song family was very high.

Usually, those men would be respectful to them and let them play with them.

Now, this unknown man attacked them.

Xu Hui was wearing a formal dress.

Not the military uniform from before.

Therefore, these two women could not recognize Xu Hui’s identity.

Subconsciously, they thought that Xu Hui was Lin Qi’s bodyguard.

Lin Qi looked at these two gorgeous women.

He did not want to make a big fuss. He planned to give Song Tianming a surprise.

He walked in front of Lin Xiaoxue and the others.

Then, he raised his handsome face and looked at the two women.

The two women’s minds were in a daze.

When they woke up, they were shocked to find that they were no longer in the Nancheng City Hotel.

Instead, they were standing in a desolate desert. The wind and sand were in the air, and the scorching sun scorched the earth.

“This must be an illusion!”

The woman with blood flowing from the corner of her mouth covered her face, and her eyes were filled with shock.

They did not believe it and assumed that the desert before them was just an illusion.

However, they soon felt that their mouths and tongues were dry, and the water in their bodies was constantly evaporating.

The feeling of dehydration was real, and it made them feel extremely painful.

They began to run in the desert, trying to find a water source. However, this desert was extremely vast and endless. They would not be able to walk out of this desert even if they ran till their legs cripple.

The wind and sand were getting stronger and stronger. The sun above their heads was like a huge furnace, constantly roasting the earth. Their physical strength was being used up crazily, and they no longer could run.

They sat on the hot sand and struggled weakly. “No, I don’t believe it. This is an illusion.”

“I want to drink water, drink water…”

“I was wrong. We were wrong.”

“I can’t take it anymore. Let us go.”

They no longer cared if what they were seeing was an illusion.

If this continued, they would soon die from lack of water.

They started to wail and beg for mercy, kneeling in the desert and begging for mercy.

They sat on the floor of the hotel.

The desert, the sun, and the wind and sand all disappeared.

The cold air in the hotel instantly woke them up.

“So, it was an illusion just now…”

However, the memory of the hot and dry feeling was still fresh in their minds, making their lives worse than death.

The two women’s eyes were filled with shock as they stared at Lin Qi.

Lin Qi stood with his hands behind his back, looking like a fallen immortal.

His gaze was calm, and his entire body was emitting a terrifying pressure.

It made everyone present feel that it was difficult to breathe.

The two gorgeous women came to their senses. The man in front of them was simply inhuman.

He had subdued them with just a glance, leaving them without the slightest ability to fight back.

Even Song Tianming was unable to achieve such a method.

After using the Super Serum, Song Tianming had become a Precelestial Realm warrior. He was one of the top powerful men in the entire Nancheng City and even in the Dragon Country.

However, Song Tianming did not give them the feeling that he was as terrifying as this man in front of them.

That man could kill them with one look.

They would have died on the spot if he had not stopped just now.

That was the effect on souls.

The person’s martial arts were so powerful that he could control the souls of others.

Although they were still in the Nancheng City Hotel, Lin Qi could control the souls of others and make them believe that they were in the desert in their minds.

When their minds fully accepted this idea, the damage in their minds would directly appear in their bodies. If they were short of water in the mental illusion, their bodies would be short of water.

If they did not replenish their water in time, they would die of thirst or be burned to death by the hot sun.

They looked at Lin Qi with fear.

That man was too scary. He could decide their life and death just by one look and one thought.

A God, who stood high above and could control life and death.

Mortals had no resistance against a God.

Since when did such a powerful figure appear in Nancheng City?

Lin Xiaoxue’s eyes widened when she saw this scene.

Her heart was like a raging wave, incomparably shocked.

“How is that possible? This place is just an ordinary modern urban world!”

“Although there are warriors, it’s impossible for such a powerful existence to appear.”

“A single glance can create an extremely realistic illusion and control the life and death of others.”

“He’s no longer an ordinary warrior. He’s at least comparable to a Stage 2Two Reincarnator.”

Lin Xiaoxue looked at Lin Qi’s back and was secretly shocked.

Lin Qi’s existence had broken her understanding of this world.

That man in front of her was an existence comparable to a Stage Two Reincarnator.

In the main world, reincarnators could obtain cultivation methods in the other world and thus embark on the path of cultivation.

Reincarnators who embarked on the path of cultivation were called Stage One Reincarnators.

For example, the Beginner Magic Apprentice, the Beginner Qi-Cultivator, the Beginner Ghostbuster, the Beginner Summoner, and the Beginner Mech Master.

In terms of martial arts, one had to be at least at the Saint Core Realm. Only by cultivating inner energy could one be called a Stage One Reincarnator.

As for Stage Two Reincarnators, their levels were higher and had stronger strength, with more terrifying power. Such as Intermediate Magicians, Foundation Establishment Cultivators, and so on.

These types of reincarnators could truly be called cultivators.

Before that happened, she thought that this world was just a modern urban world where martial arts flourished.

Although martial arts were powerful, it was still within an acceptable range. Only the best warriors could break the potential of the human body to a certain extent.

Although there were records of the existence of Earth Immortals in ancient books, they were just more powerful warriors in Lin Xiaoxue’s point of view.

In the past hundreds of years, the environment of the world had changed drastically. There was not a single Earth Immortal left in the world.

Moreover, Lin Xiaoxue did not think that the Earth Immortals of this world were that magical. It was a bit of an exaggeration to say that they were immortals. At most, they were equivalent to the existence of Qi Refinement Stage Cultivators.

However, the strength of the man in front of her had already exceeded her imagination.

Was that person a reincarnator or a warrior from this world?

If he were a warrior from this world, then she would have to re-evaluate this world.

At the same time, Lin Xiaoxue wondered if she could make this man her master.

With the guidance of an expert from another world, her martial arts would improve drastically.

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