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The two gorgeous women looked at Lin Qi in shock.

Lin Qi’s methods were beyond their comprehension.

He wasn’t human. He was a god.

Song Tianming wasn’t even a match for Lin Qi in their hearts.

But it didn’t mean that they would surrender.

As Song Tianming’s women, these two gorgeous women were used to being superior and dominating others’ lives.

Today, they were slapped in the face by a strange man in public and even made a fool of themselves in front of everyone.

If it weren’t because Lin Qi’s strengths were far beyond their imagination, they would make Lin Qi pay a painful price.

The two women looked at each other slightly, revealing a trace of resentment. However, it disappeared in an instant, replaced by a look of flattery and fawning.

“We were blind to disturb you, sir.”

“You are a big guy. Please don’t get angry with a little girl like us.”

One of the women crossed her fingers in front of her chest and kept begging for mercy. At the same time, she lowered her chest, revealing her dazzling snow-white breast.

Although they were not as powerful as Lin Qi, they did not believe that Lin Qi would be able to resist their enchanting bodies.

In the entire Nancheng City, no man was unmoved when they saw her. Even people like Song Tianming were reluctant to let go of her body and had specially assigned them to be his secretaries.

It was a secret. A secretary helps her boss, and a secretary had to ‘help’ her boss. Anyone who knew it would understand it.

She smirked lightly as if she had already seen Lin Qi’s desire for her body. She was confident that she could arouse Lin Qi’s desire.

But soon, she was disappointed.

Lin Qi was not moved at all. He looked at her with no evil thoughts in his eyes. On the contrary, there was mockery and pity in his gaze.

Under Lin Qi’s gaze, she seemed to be a pitiful woman, weak and incompetent. She even had to sacrifice her body to achieve her goal.

What kind of gaze was that?

Shouldn’t he like her because of her body?

Usually, every man’s eyes would be filled with desire when they saw her in such a posture.

But this man’s gaze was filled with mockery and pity?

The beautiful woman felt extremely awkward facing such a gaze. Her entire body froze on the spot, not knowing what to do.

However, these two women were not simple. They had carried out countless secret missions for the Song family, so their mind was not weak. They quickly came back to their senses.

They had already made a judgment about Lin Qi in their hearts.

That man must be in a high position and used to being above all living things. That was why he was disdainful of their behavior and would not even take a glance at them.

Although they did not know Lin Qi’s identity, they knew that there were very few people in the entire Dragon Country who could do what Lin Qi just did.

Such a figure must have an unimaginable status in the Dragon Country. What kind of beauty had he not encounter?

Beauty was almost no different from air in front of such a man. They had already gotten rid of the lowest level of human physiological desires. No one would be able to touch their hearts if they did not take the initiative to release their desires.

Their hearts were like ten-thousand-year-old glaciers, forever maintaining a calm, but also like the eternal universe, full of mystery.

Their attempt to seduce Lin Qi with their beauty was extremely laughable in his eyes. It did not have any effect at all.

“You’re from the Song family?”

At that moment, Lin Qi slowly spoke, breaking the awkward atmosphere.

From the moment the four women walked into the elevator, Lin Qi could tell that these two gorgeous women were not with Lin Xiaoxue.

And that day was Song Tianming’s engagement ceremony. The entire Nancheng City hotel was reserved by the Song family. They were either guest invited by the Song family or people from the Song family for them to be there.

These two were not ordinary people. They were Qi-absorbing warriors. Their actions exuded a fierce and sinister style. Their eyes had been fixed on the woman next to Lin Xiaoxue since they came in. It was obvious that they were in charge of keeping an eye on that woman.

On a day like that day, there was only a possibility that the delicate and pretty girl was Tang Yurou, the eldest daughter of the Tang family, who was engaged to Song Tianming. Those two gorgeous women should be the warriors sent by the Song family to keep an eye on Tang Yurou.

Before Lin Qi came, he already knew that Tang Yurou and Song Tianming’s engagement was not consensual. It was only under Song Tianming’s coercion that they agreed to the engagement.

Although Song Tianming was conceited, he was also worried that Tang Yurou would escape. That day was his engagement ceremony. Song Tianming would lose his reputation if the bride-to-be escaped.

Thus, he sent someone to keep an eye on the Tang family’s eldest daughter.

The two beautiful women recovered from their awkwardness and respectfully replied, “We are from the Song family.”

When they spoke of the Song family, the two women’s tone became a little higher, obviously emphasizing that they were from the Song family.

In Nancheng City, the Song family had the power to control everything. Whoever dared to offend the Song family would meet a terrible end.

It seemed that these two gorgeous women thought that he would be afraid of the Song family’s name.

If they were ordinary people, or even most of the people in the Dragon Country, they might not dare to offend the Song family.

However, he, Lin Qi, was an Earth Immortal.

A mere Song family was nothing more than an ant to him.

Lin Qi raised his eyes and looked at the two women.

The glance seemed nothing to the onlookers.

However, it was completely different in the eyes of these two gorgeous women.

His gaze was extremely cold.

It made their bodies shiver.

“I came here to get rid of the Song family’s name from now on!”

A cold killing intent emanated from Lin Qi’s body.

The two gorgeous women seemed to have fallen into the eighteenth layer of Hell. Countless chilly winds howled, and evil spirits roared.

They were so scared that they knelt on the ground. Their bodies trembled violently.

The man wanted to get rid of the Song family?

“Sir, we have nothing to do with the Song family.”

“We are only forced to do things for the Song family. We are not willing to do so.”

“The Song family has the power to control everything in Nancheng City. We are just two weak women. We have no chance to resist the Song family.”

“That’s right, sir. We have no choice. It has nothing to do with us if you want to deal with the Song family.”

“We can help you deal with the Song family. We have evidence of the Song family’s crimes over the years. I can give it all to you, as long as you let us go…”

Sensing the intense killing intent from Lin Qi, the two gorgeous women knelt on the ground and kowtowed desperately for mercy.

They lowered their heads in fear and walked towards Lin Qi, looking like two begging bitches.

“We are willing to submit to you!”

When they climbed to Lin Qi’s side, the two women even opened their mouths and stretched out their pink tongues, wanting to kiss Lin Qi’s shoes.

It seemed like they were submitting to Lin Qi.

But in reality, the two women were looking at each other with a vicious look in their eyes.

Their hands reached upwards to their thighs, and each took out delicate guns.

Both of them smiled at the same time when they took out the gun.

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