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In the Dragon Country, or the entire world.

No other warriors could withstand the bullets apart from warriors of Saint Core Realm.

Even if Lin Qi were extremely powerful, he would die being shot at such a close distance.

They subconsciously thought that Lin Qi could not be a Saint Core Realm warrior.

After all, there was only three Saint Core Realm warrior in the entire Dragon Country.

Each Saint Core Realm warrior was aloof from the world and extremely prominent. How was it possible that such a man appear in the Nancheng City Hotel?

It was even more impossible for him to come after the Song family.

The Song family would not dare to offend a Saint Core Realm warrior. They would suffer a disaster at once if they accidentally offend a Saint Core Realm warrior.

He couldn’t be there that day to take revenge, and it was also impossible for him to just let the Song family develop. The Song family had been doing well and prospering day by day in these years, leaping to become the number one family in the Nancheng City.

Since he was not Saint Core Realm warriors, there was a possibility that he would be shot to death when he was unprepared.

They had never thought that Lin Qi was not a Saint Core Realm warrior at all.

They had never thought that the young man in front of them was an Earth Immortal with their view of the world.

The moment these two gorgeous women took out their guns…

Xu Hui and Lin Xiaoxue’s expressions changed immediately.

Especially Xu Hui, his realm was higher than Lin Xiaoxue’s.

The eyes of a Foundation Establishment Realm warrior were extremely sharp.

Moreover, from the beginning to the end, he had been paying attention to these two gorgeous women.

It wasn’t because he adored their beauty, but because he wanted to pay attention to their movements at all times to prevent any accidents from happening.

He always wanted to ensure Lin Qi’s safety.

Although Lin Qi’s methods had proven that he was much stronger than him, and it was very likely that he was an Earth Immortal Realm expert, it was his responsibility to protect Lin Qi.

Moreover, he must not let anything happen.

That was a death order from his superior.

Therefore, once Xu Hui saw the two gorgeous women taking out their guns, he wanted to pounce on them.

However, he heard Lin Qi’s voice in his heart.

That was the effect of Lin Qi’s spirit speaking in Xu Hui’s heart.

It was a martial art that was even more profound than secret sound transmission.

Xu Hui’s strongly-built body suddenly froze.

However, before he had time to think, the two gorgeous women had already pulled the trigger.

An ear-piercing explosion sounded.

The bullets shot straight at Lin Qi.

The two beautiful women had already smiled triumphantly.

The speed of the bullets was faster than the speed of sound.

In such a narrow terrain and taking advantage of Lin Qi’s unguarded situation.

It was definitely enough to kill Lin Qi.

However, what happened next completely shocked everyone.

There was no expression on Lin Qi’s face at all.

He only stretched out his palm and gently clenched it.

Two bullets shot from different angles were absorbed into his palm like magnets.

The speed was so fast that the naked eye couldn’t catch.

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked at Lin Qi in shock.

Lin Qi was still standing in the same spot unharmed, not even moving a single step.

Facing everyone’s shocked gazes.

Lin Qi opened his palm, and two bullets fell.

The two gorgeous women were stunned.

Their faces were filled with shock as if they had met a ghost.

Their backs were drenched in a cold sweat.

Lin Qi was able to catch bullets with his bare hands?

That kind of reaction speed was already beyond everyone’s imagination.

Perhaps, a warrior facing a handgun would be able to dodge the bullets.

But in that kind of lightning-quick sneak attack situation.

Lin Qi was able to remain unharmed, which was a bit terrifying.

Moreover, Lin Qi didn’t dodge the bullets.

Instead, he casually grabbed the two bullets in his hands.

Bullets that still posed a fatal threat to warriors.

Lin Qi seemed to have grabbed the two marbles casually.

The expression on his face didn’t change at all.

Even though he was a soldier with a firm will and wasn’t moved by materialistic things.

He was still extremely shocked upon seeing that scene.

What was the background of the officer?

His strength was too terrifying.

Lin Xiaoxue and Tang Yurou also looked at Lin Qi in a daze with disbelief.

They originally thought that Lin Qi would die in the ladies’ hand, but in the end, he was fine.

He could even catch bullets with his bare hands.

Could he be a Saint Core Realm warrior hidden in the Dragon Country?

The two gorgeous women slumped to the ground. Their faces were pale.

They dropped their guns and fell to the side.

They had lost their chance missing the first shot.

Moreover, Lin Qi had the strength to kill them. They wouldn’t even have the chance to escape.

“I…beg you, don’t kill me…”

The two gorgeous women were terrified and wanted to beg for mercy.

Lin Qi’s faint voice sounded.

He knew clearly what the two women were thinking from the beginning to the end.

He didn’t even need to look to know what they were thinking.

When the two women had the thought of killing him, Lin Qi had already caught their thoughts in the void.

That was the ability of an Earth Immortal.

There were no secrets in front of him.

Nothing could escape his mind as long as Lin Qi subconsciously went to investigate.

He looked up, and lightning was formed in the void.

The two gorgeous women who were slumped on the ground suddenly screamed.

The intense pain in their minds made them cover their heads with painful expressions.

Then, the two women looked dazed, as if they had lost their memories. Their eyes were looking around blankly.

When their gazes shifted to Lin Qi, they instantly revealed a happy expression. They got up from the ground and bowed towards Lin Qi.

They even respectfully called out, “Master!”

Lin Xiaoxue and Tang Yurou were stunned.

Weren’t these two girls from the Song family.

Why would they call this man master?

Lin Xiaoxue was completely in a mess.

The ability this man displayed had completely broken her understanding of this world.

She had to find a suitable opportunity later to acknowledge him as her tutor.

As long as she could reach the man’s level.

She would be able to obtain an extremely high evaluation from the reincarnated world and obtain even more reincarnated points.

Tang Yurou’s gaze towards Lin Qi also had a little change. Her eyes were shining brightly.

Even though Xu Hui was also a bit surprised.

But after seeing Lin Qi display his miraculous methods.

Xu Hui had already started to get used to it.

Seeing the two girls’ respectful attitude towards him.

Lin Qi’s face didn’t have the slightest expression.

He used his violent mental energy to directly destroy their will and plant a memory in their minds just now.

To them, Lin Qi was their master.

They had to listen to Lin Qi’s orders completely.

Lin Qi knew very well what kind of a person Song Tianming was.

These two women were good-looking, and they had dirty relationships with Song Tianming.

Song Tianming would fly into a rage if he saw his women fawning over Lin Qi in front of him.

That was why Lin Qi didn’t kill these two women on the spot.

Lin Qi’s gaze landed on Tang Yurou, “Are you the Tang family’s eldest daughter, Tang Yurou?”

Tang Yurou’s beautiful eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. She was startled by Lin Qi’s sudden question, “Yes, I am.”

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