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Tang Yurou was indeed very beautiful.

No wonder Song Tianming would force the Tang family to marry Tang Yurou to him.

Compared to those two gorgeous women.

Tang Yurou and Lin Xiaoxue’s facial features were even more exquisite and beautiful, and they also had the temperament of a lady from a prestigious family.

Compared to Lin Xiaoxue, Tang Yurou appeared more delicate, similar to the delicate and pitiful Lin Daiyu in the “Dream of the Red Chamber”.

She looked at Lin Qi like a frightened rabbit.

“You don’t have to be nervous.”

“I’m here to get rid of the Song family’.”

“You’ve seen my strength. I’m not joking.”

“I want you to put on a show with me.”

“If you agree, I promise you that you will be the head of the Tang family from now on. The Tang family will be the top family in Nancheng City, and you can decide your marriage!”

Lin Qi revealed a faint smile.

After stepping into the Earth Immortal, Lin Qi could see through a person’s heart with a glance.

The Tang Yurou in front of him was a fair and sweet lady.

Her personality was a little weak.

She didn’t want to marry Song Tianming at all.

But, she had no choice but to agree to this marriage for the Tang family.

Therefore, Tang Yurou was a person who valued friendship and loyalty.

Moreover, it seemed that Tang Yurou was Lin Xiaoxue’s good friend in this world.

Lin Qi didn’t mind helping Tang Yurou.

Lin Xiaoxue stood up for him that day.

He still had this matter in his heart.

Tang Yurou could also be of some help to Lin Xiaoxue if she became the head of the Tang family.

It could be considered as him returning the favor to Lin Xiaoxue.

She didn’t doubt Lin Qi’s words.

The scene just now had already shown that Lin Qi could make the Song family’s name disappear from Nancheng City.

But why would he help her?

Put on an act? What kind of act?

She didn’t understand. Lin Qi was so powerful. Did he still need her to act?

“Aren’t you willing to do so?”

Lin Qi frowned at Tang Yurou’s stunned expression.

“No… No, I’m willing to do so.”

Tang Yurou came back to her senses. She shook her head, then nodded. Her eyes widened.

Tang Yurou didn’t care whether or not she could become a member of the Tang family, and whether or not the Tang family could become the top family in Nancheng City.

She would be satisfied as long as she could avoid getting married to Song Tianming.

Lin Qi nodded, then told Tang Yurou what to do later.

Everyone only had one thought in mind after hearing Lin Qi’s plan.

That was, the Song family was doomed.

Song Tianming would become a joke.

In a luxurious suite on the eighteenth floor of the Nancheng City Hotel.

The sound of lustful moans was heard at that moment.

On the bed, Song Tianming was above a woman’s body and vented his desire to his heart’s content.

The woman’s clothes were exposed, and Song Tianming directly tore them apart, revealing the fair skin.

Her face blushed, and she grunted. Lust was in the air.

The engagement ceremony was about to begin at that moment.

The woman kept panting, and her eyes were blurred. Her tender legs hooked around Song Tianming’s muscular waist. Obviously, she had lost her mind under Song Tianming’s thrust. However, she muttered, “Young… Young Master, um… The engagement ceremony is about to begin. Ah… Old Master and the guests are still waiting for you…”

“What’s wrong with making them wait a little longer?”

“Is there anyone in the entire Nancheng City who dares to disobey me?”

“Who should be blamed for being so seductive?”

Song Tianming was sweating profusely. How could he possibly stop? Instead, he increased the intensity of the impact.

The woman on the bed was panting. She was just an ordinary person. How could she withstand Song Tianming’s extraordinary physical strength?

“What’s the point of being seductive? Young Master, I’m afraid you won’t like me anymore after you marry the Tang family’s young lady.”

The woman pouted her cherry lips and acted as if she was wronged.

“After today’s engagement, Tang Yurou will be my woman.”

“She will do whatever I tell her to do.”

“When the time comes, we’ll let you have a good look at the Tang family’s young miss’ seductive looks.”

Song Tianming laughed loudly. The more he spoke about it, the more pleased he became.

He still did not care much before the engagement ceremony.

Even after getting engaged to Tang Yurou, he was still unbridled.

Because he didn’t take the people of the otherworlds seriously at all.

That was why he dared to challenge the taboos of this world constantly.

In any case, no matter what he did, he would leave this world when the time comes.

As for the origin world, there were strict laws and regulations.

Even though he was a member of the Song family, there were still many things that he couldn’t do.

That was why he kept releasing himself in the otherworld.

It wasn’t just Song Tianming.

Many reincarnators had this kind of mentality.

Song Tianming relaxed under the fierce sprinting.

Song Tianming suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart under this kind of state.

“Help me put on my clothes.”

The woman helped Song Tianming put on an exquisite tuxedo.

“I have something to do. You leave first.”

Song Tianming immediately closed his eyes after the woman left.

That strange feeling just now made him feel uneasy.

Song Tianming concentrated his mind and planned to sense the situation.

After using the Super Serum, he had already become a Precelestial warrior.

He could be considered one of the top experts in the entire Dragon Country.

His senses were powerful, and he could even avoid danger.

A vague feeling surged into his heart.

A figure appeared in Song Tianming’s mind.

Song Tianming suddenly opened his eyes and was shocked.

The figure in his mind was Lin Qi.

According to Song Tianming’s sense, Lin Qi was in Nancheng City at this moment.

“What’s going on? Lin Qi appeared in Nancheng City?”

Song Tianming had asked someone to inquire about Lin Qi beforehand.

But there was no trace of Lin Qi in Nancheng City.

Therefore, Song Tianming decided to wait until he dominated Nancheng City and then use a large amount of manpower and resources to find Lin Qi.

After all, if Lin Qi wanted to become a reincarnator, he would have to make great achievements in this world. It was impossible to hide it from him.

But now, Lin Qi appeared in Nancheng City unexpectedly.

Although Song Tianming was arrogant and despotic.

He was not a brainless playboy.

On the contrary, he was very meticulous and vicious.

Otherwise, the Song family would not have become the number one family in Nancheng City without Song Tianming’s help.

Song Tianming was slightly surprised by Lin Qi’s sudden appearance, and a hint of wariness rose in his heart.

Song Tianming’s eyes flickered, and he was somewhat uncertain.

His name in this world hadn’t changed, and Lin Qi could know of his existence with just a little inquiry.

Then why did Lin Qi still dare to come to Nancheng City if he knew his existence?

Lin Qi was not like Song Tianming, who bought the identity of a noble family.

He awakened more than ten years later than Song Tianming.

Even if he knew about Song Tianming, he should hide somewhere and develop his strength in secret.

There was no reason for him to come to him. He was courting death.

“Hehe, I’m worrying over nothing.”

Song Tianming chuckled, and a self-mocking expression appeared on his face. “It’s just a mere Lin Qi. It just saves me some effort. The Dragon Country is so big. If Lin Qi were to hide, it would be hard for me to find him.”

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