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Tang Yurou took the microphone.

Instead, she looked at Lin Qi.

Tang Yurou believed that Lin Qi could get the Song family’s name removed after seeing his ability.

But she was still a bit apprehensive at that moment.

After all, if she failed, the Tang family would suffer the crazy revenge of the Song family, falling into a place of eternal damnation.

She wasn’t afraid of death.

But she was worried about her parents.

Actually, Tang Yurou’s parents didn’t force her to marry Song Tianming. On the contrary, they asked her to escape. After all, they only had one daughter, Tang Yurou.

Tang Yurou chose to stay and agreed to marry Song Tianming for the sake of her parents.

Shifting her gaze to her parents, Tang Yurou saw the guilt and apology in their eyes.

Especially her father, Tang Tianhe, who had a worried expression on his face.

Although Tang Tianhe was the head of the Tang family, he wasn’t the only one in charge of the Tang family. He was controlled by the elders.

His daughter was forced to marry a scumbag like Song Tianming, but he could not do anything about it as her father. He had a painful feeling about that.

He didn’t even dare to raise his head facing Tang Yurou’s gaze at that moment.

Tang Tianhe clenched his fists tightly, gritted his teeth, and continuously sighed.

Tang Yurou turned her gaze towards Lin Qi.

He could see the nervousness in Tang Yurou.

With a slight smile, Tang Yurou immediately felt a mysterious power enter her body.

That nervousness and worries were away at once.

Tang Yurou understood that Lin Qi was helping her.

Thus, Tang Yurou raised her head.

She said into the microphone with a firm gaze, “No, I don’t.”

Her voice was firm, without a tint of fear.

The emcee subconsciously took Tang Yurou’s reply as agreement.

Taking back the microphone, he continued: “Since that’s the case, then… Hmm? Wait, Young Lady Tang, you…?”

Very quickly, the emcee realized that Tang Yurou had said no.

All the guests were shocked and looked at Tang Yurou in disbelief.

Tang Yurou rejected Song Tianming?

Tang Yurou could have rejected Song Tianming’s before all these.

But now it was the engagement ceremony, and Tang Yurou was reluctant to engage with Song Tianming’s at the engagement ceremony.

Song Tianming was also stunned.

This woman dared to reject him.

She wouldn’t possibly be ignorant of the problems the Tang family was facing.

Once she was refused, not to mention the Tang family, even Tang Yurou and her parents would have to face the crazy revenge of the Song family.

How would she dare to do so?

Rejecting him at the engagement ceremony was as if slapping his face in front of everyone.

The corners of Song Tianming’s eyes twitched. He gritted his teeth and said, “You, say it again!”

She wasn’t scared by Song Tianming at all.

Her smile was very natural and happy.

“I said I don’t want to. The reason is simple. You are too ugly. Just looking at you makes me sick.”

These words were like a bomb that exploded among the guests.

Everyone’s expressions changed, and their eyes widened.

Not only did she reject Song Tianming’s engagement, she even publicly said that Song Tianming was ugly.

Of course, he wasn’t ugly.

Although he wasn’t the most handsome man, his appearance was also very outstanding.

Moreover, he was born into the Song family and had been pampered since he was young. Every move of his had a noble temperament.

Especially that Song Tianming had directly become a Precelestial Realm warrior after he used the Super Serum.

His entire body was constantly emitting a shocking domineering aura.

However, it was that exact Song Tianming.

And it was also the reason why Tang Yurou refused the engagement!

They immediately thought that Tang Yurou had gone crazy.

Then they looked at the Tang family with pity.

The Tang family was going to be finished!

Tang Yurou’s parents had shocked expressions on their faces. They couldn’t believe that their daughter would say something like this.

As for the other members of the Tang family, their faces were ashen as they stared unhappily at Tang Yurou on stage.

What was Tang Yurou doing?

And on stage, Song Tianming’s anger had already reached an extreme.

He knew that Tang Yurou was only speaking out of anger.

He also knew that Tang Yurou would show some other signs of resistance.

But he never expected Tang Yurou to say that he was ugly.

He knew his appearance very well.

And he had absolute confidence.

But people’s words were terrifying.

Tang Yurou had publicly said that he was ugly during the engagement ceremony and had rejected the engagement because of that. That matter would spread throughout Nancheng City.

That time, words could spread real even all of these were fake.

He would become the joke of the entire Nancheng City.

Did this woman think that he wouldn’t do anything to the Tang family?

Song Tianming took a deep breath and held back his anger.

After all, that was his engagement ceremony.

The matter would be taken as true then if he directly threw out his anger.

Even if he controlled the entire Nancheng City then.

People would still talk about this matter behind his back.

“Everyone, I’m sorry. Recently, Yurou’s mental condition hasn’t been very good. It should be that her illness is acting up again.”

“Quick, someone, bring the medicine over.”

His gaze was gloomy as he fiercely looked at the Tang family.

The Tang family members immediately reacted and rushed onto the stage, wanting to control Tang Yurou.

An elder from the Tang family even stood up and apologized, “Everyone, I’m sorry. Yurou isn’t feeling well. She has made a fool of herself.”

Only a few smart people could tell.

Song Tianming was indeed not simple.

He had changed the situation with just two simple sentences.

Most people would think that Tang Yurou was mentally ill and had suddenly fallen ill today.

After all, the Tang family had already come forward to confirm it.

If word got out, they would only think that Song Tianming was a lovesick person.

The Tang family’s young lady was mentally ill, and Song Tianming was still willing to marry her.

It was time for him to go on stage.

He appeared on the stage with just moving a step.

“Who are you? What are you doing!”

The Song family’s bodyguards, who were around the stage, immediately rushed up when they saw Lin Qi.

But, they were directly crippled before they could get close to Lin Qi.

They fell heavily to the ground.

Song Tianming’s expression was serious as he looked at Lin Qi in shock.

These bodyguards were at least two meters away from Lin Qi from others’ view, but they suddenly flew out.

Those who didn’t know would think that they were putting on an act.

Even Song Tianming found it hard to believe that his bodyguards couldn’t even get close to Lin Qi’s body.

He was a Precelestial Realm warrior, even though he had cheated a little…

He still couldn’t be underestimated.

His bodyguards had gone through hell-like training, and every one of them had the strength of the Qi-Absorbing Realm.

The group of Qi-Absorbing Realm warriors was blown off when they were two meters from that man before they could touch him.

Wasn’t that putting on an act?

He could not even send someone flying from two meters away from himself.

Song Tianming shouted angrily and called out the name of one of the bodyguards.

The bodyguard replied weakly.

He wanted to struggle to get up from the ground, but he could not get up at all.

At least three of his rib bones were broken.

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