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“A bunch of good-for-nothings!”

Song Tianming’s face was gloomy as he shouted coldly.

Two men wearing formal clothes stepped out from the crowd.

They had sharp eyes and a strongly built body. Their movements were vigorous, which were two warriors.

Both of them were not from this world.

They were reincarnators, Song Tianming’s men.

Both of them successfully mastered martial arts and became Foundation Establishment Realm warriors With Song Tianming’s help.

They had always helped Song Tianming solve some unspeakable things, and their attacks were vicious and bloody.

The two of them had solemn expressions and locked their gaze on Lin Qi.

Lin Qi’s aura was restrained, and he looked like an ordinary person.

How could an ordinary person be able to send so many bodyguards flying at a distance of two to three meters?

These bodyguards didn’t look like they were faking it. Instead, they looked like they had been hurt and were wailing.

That made the two of them feel a little nervous.

However, they had no choice but to charge since Song Tianming had demanded them.

Zhang Peng and Chen Qi looked at each other. A hint of viciousness flashed in their eyes, and they looked like two ferocious tigers charging forward.

Lin Qi stood with his hands behind his back, looking at Zhang Peng and Chen Qi indifferently.

Zhang Peng and Chen Qi were surprised to find that the air in front of them had become sticky. Their sharp movements became extremely slow like they were stuck in the mud.

Suddenly, Zhang Peng and Chen Qi held their throats tightly. It was as if an invisible hand was strangling their throats, lifting them bit by bit, and making them float in the air.

It was pointless no matter how they struggled. They could not break free from Lin Qi’s spiritual energy control at all.

Song Tianming’s entire body trembled, and a sense of unease filled his heart.

Song Tianming’s pupils constricted, and his eyes were filled with shock as he stared fixedly at Lin Qi.

That man was capable of telekinesis?

Telekinesis was something only a Saint Core Realm warrior could do.

Could this man be a Saint Core Realm warrior?

Song Tianming was suddenly shocked, and his back was drenched in a cold sweat.

A Saint Core Realm warrior could be said to be above all living things. Even the high-ranking officials of the Dragon Country government had to treat them with courtesy.

If a Saint Core Realm warrior wanted to destroy a family, they didn’t even need to do it themselves. The government would do it for them, no matter what the reason was.

That was the ability of a Saint Core Realm warrior.

One person was equivalent to a million male masters. To a certain extent, a Saint Core Realm warrior was even more powerful than a million male masters.

He had barely stepped into the Precelestial Realm by using the Super Serum, and yet he was able to dominate the Nancheng CIty. Of course, he could understand how powerful a Saint Core Realm warrior was.

However, why would a Saint Core Realm warrior attack the Song family?

Song Tianming was dumbfounded.

“Song Tianming, do you recognize me?”

Lin Qi’s figure moved and turned into an afterimage, appearing directly in front of Song Tianming.

Zhang Peng and Chen Qi, who was held mid-air, fell heavily to the side and spat out blood.

Song Tianming was shocked and subconsciously took a few steps back.

However, no matter how Song Tianming retreated, Lin Qi was still standing in front of him. However, he didn’t see Lin Qi take a single step.

In the end, he had no way to retreat as he was at the edge of the stage. He would fall off the stage if he backed further.

Song Tianming could only face Lin Qi directly. His eyes flickered, and he said word by word, “Who exactly are you, sir?”

“Why did you attack our Song family?”

Song Tianming couldn’t recognize Lin Qi at all.

After Lin Qi became an Earth Immortal, he had changed too much, although there was still a faint shadow of his previous appearance on his face.

Even his voice had changed. It was cold and emotionless.

Lin Qi restored his voice to its original state.

Lin Qi’s lips curled into a mocking smile. “You disappoint me, classmate?”

Song Tianming was in disbelief. He recognized Lin Qi’s figure, and at the same time, Lin Qi’s figure appeared in his mind.

Two different figures gradually overlapped in front of his eyes!

Song Tianming was stunned on the spot as if he was struck by lightning. His gaze was filled with fear and disbelief.

The man in front of him was Lin Qi?

Lin Qi was a Saint Core Realm warrior?

According to the time of awakening, Lin Qi should have awakened not long ago.

And his identity of reincarnation would be at most an ordinary family.

No matter how lucky Lin Qi was, he couldn’t become a Saint Core Realm warrior in such a short time, even if he turned out to become a genius warrior.

As far as he knew, two of the three Saint Core Realm warriors in the Dragon Country were almost a hundred years old, and the other one was already in his middle-age.

How could Lin Qi possibly become a Saint Core Realm warrior?

He had planned for fifteen years and even used a super serum.

Only then did he become a Precelestial Realm warrior.

He was powerful enough to dominate a region in Nancheng CIty.

How come Lin Qi was more powerful than him?

Although he didn’t know why Lin Qi could become a Saint Core Realm warrior, he quickly realized that what happened today was very likely Lin Qi’s doing.

It was obvious that Tang Yurou and Lin Qi knew each other from the gaze on her.

No wonder Tang Yurou dared to reject him.

Song Tianming stared at Lin Qi, gazing like a poisonous snake.

At that moment, unwillingness, anger, and doubt replaced fear and occupied his feelings.

He had planned for fifteen years. As long as he was given another ten years.

Song Tianming would be able to shake the entire country’s machinery. At that time, the entire Dragon Country would have to listen to him.

That way, he would be able to achieve great achievements.

But, Lin Qi appeared at such a critical moment.

And he even became a Saint Core Realm warrior.

It completely disrupted his plan.

Lin Xiaoxue, who was in the crowd under the stage, exclaimed in surprise, covering her mouth with her hand.

She also heard Lin Qi’s voice.

But she couldn’t believe that the man in front of her, who was like a fallen immortal, was Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was very outstanding. He was one of the top students in the entire Nancheng CIty first high school.

He was also very handsome.

Lin Xiaoxue had always had an inexplicable feeling for Lin Qi.

But now, that man with a heaven-defying ability was Lin Qi?

Even Lin Xiaoxue could not help but feel a surge of emotions in her heart.

On the stage, the flesh on Song Tianming’s face was shaking violently, and his eyes turned scarlet.

Lin Qi’s sudden visit had completely disrupted his plan.

Moreover, it was obvious that Lin Qi was there to seek revenge that day.

“I don’t believe that you’re a Saint Core Realm warrior!”

“Stop playing tricks, or I’ll crush all the bones in your body.”

Song Tianming lost his mind due to the intense anger.

Song Tianming didn’t believe that Lin Qi was a Saint Core Realm warrior.

A poor guy couldn’t even afford a Reincarnation Identity.

How could he suddenly become a Saint Core Realm warrior?

How was Song Tianming supposed to accept that?

Song Tianming swung both his fists at Lin Qi with great force.

Blue veins like green dragons appeared on his thick arms. It was enough to show the power contained in this punch.

“I am indeed not at the Saint Core Realm.”

The strong wind from the punch blew against his face.

Lin Qi was not moved at all. He said indifferently, “I’m a god in this world!”

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