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“I am a God in this world!”

The man on the stage who dared to attack Song Tianming claimed that he was the god of this world!

Everyone gasped. They were shocked by Lin Qi’s arrogance.

Although Lin Qi had just threw Song Tianming’s subordinates flying through the air, and such a method was indeed terrifying. However, Lin Qi was not Song Tianming’s match in the eyes of these guests.

Song Tianming’s punch would kill that man on the spot.

However, the scene that they had imagined did not happen.

In the next second, a scene that left them dumbfounded appeared.

Song Tianming’s raised arms suddenly stiffened and stopped in midair. Then, he directly knelt in front of Lin Qi with a thumping sound.

Song Tianming was dumbfounded.

Those guests were even more dumbfounded!

That was Song Tianming, the Overlord of Nancheng CIty!

Judging from his stance just now, wasn’t he going to attack Lin Qi?

Why did he suddenly kneel in front of Lin Qi?

Song Tianming roared. He felt an invisible force suppressing him.

It was as if a thousand-pound cauldron was pressing down, directly making him lose the ability to resist and knelt on the ground.

His gaze was as if he was looking at an animal waiting to be slaughtered.

“You never thought that we would meet in such a way?”

“Do you think that you can defeat me just because you bought things such as Reincarnation Identity and Super Serum?”

“We’re former classmates. I should attend since it is your engagement today.”

“This is my surprise for you.”

“I’ll give you a chance.”

Lin Qi looked at Song Tianming, who was kneeling on the ground, and said coldly, “As long as you kneel and lick my shoe and acknowledge me as your master, I’ll consider letting you go!”

“Otherwise, I’ll let you know what regret is.”

“I can make your life worse than death with my current ability.”

Lin Qi’s voice reverberated in the banquet hall.

Everyone was silent, not daring to even breathe loudly.

Even Song Tianming was not Lin Qi’s match.

Moreover, they were just guests, who attended the wedding banquet to curry favor with the Song family.

Now that the Song family had met such a ruthless person, they could not wait to run away. How could they dare to stand up for the Song family?

Moreover, they had long-held grudges against the Song family, especially Song Tianming. They couldn’t stand what Song Tianming had done.

Song Tianming struggled to raise his head, and the bones on his neck made cracking sounds.

His angry eyes were bloodshot, and his expression was crazy.

“If you have the ability, then kill me!”

He already understood that Lin Qi’s strength was difficult to reach.

It was very likely that he had reached the level of a Stage Two Reincarnator.

But how would he, the son of the Song family agree to lick Lin Qi’s shoes?

The Song family he cared for was not the Song family of the otherworld.

It was the Song family of the origin world.

No matter how strong Lin Qi was in this world, he was still trash in the origin world., There were countless ways to kill Lin Qi as long as he returned to the origin world.

Even if Lin Qi became a Stage Two Reincarnator, it didn’t matter. The Song family was one of the top families in Jiangcheng City. Not to mention Stage Two Reincarnator, even Stage Three, Stage Four, and even higher reincarnators existed.

What did Lin Qi have to fight with him?

That was why he wanted to anger Lin Qi and make him kill him.

Although he would lose the opportunity to become a reincarnator, he didn’t care.

If others lost this opportunity, they were destined to be unable to become reincarnator.

That was because they could not afford the high cost of reincarnating.

But he was different. Even if he failed this time, he could do it again.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill you.”

“I will not kill you, and I will also let you live nicely in this world.”

Song Tianming’s pupils contracted. He did not understand what Lin Qi meant.

However, from Lin Qi’s tone, he could tell that it was not something good.

Soon, he understood what Lin Qi meant.

Under the control of Lin Qi’s spiritual energy.

Song Tianming let out a series of screams. All the bones in his body were crushed.

It was a real crush. With a series of crackling sounds, the bones in Song Tianming’s body were crushed into pieces. Even the world’s top surgeons would cry when they saw it and would not be able to treat it.

His hands and feet were twisted into a mess, and he fell to the ground like a pile of mud.

There was even a pool of yellow liquid flowing out of Song Tianming’s body.

The intense pain could make people lose control of their bodies. Moreover, the bones in his body had been shattered, and he could not control the reactions in his body at all.

Song Tianming, whose face was full of pain, could only let out a sound. His throat was also crushed, and he could no longer speak. The gaze he looked at Lin Qi was no longer filled with resentment from before but was filled with shock.

At that moment, Lin Qi was the devil in front of him!

Lin Qi could make him cripple by using his spiritual energy to destroy all of Song Tianming’s nerves. However, only such kind of method could make Song Tianming feel more terrifying.

Lin Qi looked at Song Tianming, who had been crippled.

He activated his spiritual energy again.

It pierced into Song Tianming’s mind like a steel needle.

The expression on Song Tianming’s face suddenly froze, showing a dull expression.

Lin Qi had destroyed Song Tianming’s sensing ability just now.

Song Tianming could no longer feel the outside environment.

But his consciousness was still clear. Song Tianming’s consciousness was even stronger than the others because he was a reincarnated being.

In other words, Song Tianming was like being locked in a dark secret room at that moment.

He could not feel the environment outside at all.

No matter how strong a person was, they would collapse under such circumstances. They would not be able to endure the loneliness and would soon go crazy.

“I said that I would not kill you. I will let you live well.”

Lin Qi reached out his hand and pressed on Song Tianming’s head, inserting a powerful life force into him.

Song Tianming’s injuries were completely healed under the life force. Even his hidden injuries from before had recovered.

However, he was still crippled.

An Earth Immortal could reverse life and death.

Previously, Lin Qi had made Daoist Master Qingxu of the Divine Firmament Temple regain his youth.

Now, Lin Qi had injected a life force into Song Tianming.

That life force was enough to cleanse Song Tianming’s marrow, heal any injuries, and even extend his life.

After Song Tianming used the Super Serum, his physical fitness far exceeded that of an ordinary person. His life expectancy was at least more than a hundred years.

Now, with Lin Qi’s life force transformation, Lin Qi estimated that Song Tianming could live for at least a hundred and fifty years in this world.

That meant that Song Tianming would have to maintain the vegetative state for nearly a hundred and fifty years.

During these one hundred and fifty years, he could not feel anything in the outside world. He could only lay on the bed, break down, and being crazy because of it again and again.

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